Prince Edward Island is an idyllic vacation destination—situated off the coast of Canada’s Novia Scotia, what the small island lacks in size, it certainly makes up for with stunning scenic beauty and a plethora of small towns; adventures, activities, and attractions; and miles and miles of beautiful beaches.

And now there’s yet another great reason to visit the famed eastern coast island: the 435-mile Island Walk. Stretching around the perimeter of scenic Prince Edward Island, the Walk invites visitors to explore the beautiful province on foot—a unique way to see everything the island has to offer, all in one conveniently designated and distinctive trail. With a ton of stops along the way that includes PEI’s most charming small towns, scenic views, and lovely beaches, The Island Walk has something for everyone looking for a picturesque perambulation around one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful spots in Canada.


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About The Island Walk

The Island Walk is a pleasing mix of peaceful coastal trails; and with a variety of sections (32 total!) and potential journeys that are a glorious mix of surfaces and sights for all skill levels—both casual walkers and seasoned hikers alike will delight in the trails’ easy to navigate conglomeration of roads, streets, and historic trails. Though the entire loop would take just over a month to complete (averaging about 15 miles/day); there are plenty of ways to walk the Walk—especially as there are an untold number of stops along the way, perfect for planning a day trip to a week or more long adventure complete with historic haunts, lovely towns, and scenic attractions along the way.

Though exceedingly tranquil and peaceful, The Island Walk does pass through two of the province’s major cities, making it easy for visitors to plan ahead when making their travel itinerary. There’s also a handy trail map listing attractions, accommodations, and nearby transportation, too—making it super easy for vacationers to choose their own adventure along the stunning PEI coastline.

Though there are a number of fun things to do in PEI during the winter, the temperatures do tend to be pretty cold and snowy—not the most ideal time to try the Island Walk. By far, the best time to take a stroll would be during the peak months of May through September, when the weather is warm and delightful. The summer months bring plenty of fun festivals to the island, while the early fall months are a great time to scope some of the best fall foliage around.

Note: The following is just a sampling of some of the best things to see and do along The Island Walk. To plan a walking holiday or customize a vacation trek, check out the Walk’s helpful map.

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The Perfect Mix Of Towns And Trails

The following sections of The Island Walk are a great mix of peaceful, quiet strolls and small, charming PEI towns—an ideal snapshot of what visitors can expect to encounter while walking the wonderful Walk.

Section 1/Section 2: Dunedin To Victoria

  • Enjoy this flat, quiet walk underneath a green and peaceful canopy of trees from the small town of Dunedin
  • Stop for lunch in DeSable at The Blue Goose and try a famous local lobster roll
  • Visit in the small town of Victoria where there’s a theater, a chocolate factory, and some great places to grab a bite like the Landmark Oyster House

Section 14/Section 15: Miscouche To Kensington

  • Though much of this walk is peaceful and secluded, it does take walkers along the well-known Confederation Trail and there are plenty of stops along the way to grab a bite or take in a historic sight like Kensington’s National Historic Site of the Railway Station
  • Start the day with a to-go breakfast at Cook’s Corner in Miscouche, or stop in Summerside for a delish lunch at Gentleman Jim’s
  • End the scenic day trip with a visit to the Anne of Green Gables Museum and a fish and chips dinner at Kensington’s Island Stone Pub

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Get Lost In Nature

Prince Edward Island has some of the most charming small towns around, but for those who want to truly experience the beauty of the island, one of its more secluded nature trails is the way to go.

Note: many of these sections do not have food stops or restaurants; so visitors planning to hike most or all of the day should plan ahead and pack lunch and/or dinner.

Section 12/Section 13: Portage To Northam

  • This section of the Confederation Trail takes visitors along some of the area’s most beautiful red dirt roads
  • Stop along the way in Ellerslie for a visit to the Shellfish Museum
  • End the day in Northam, a historic small town that’s known for taking part in the Oyster Festival every year

Section 21/Section 22: New Zealand To Elmira

  • Take a stroll along the Confederation Trail through a bird sanctuary and visit a spiritual trailside spring
  • End the day in Elmira with a visit to their train museum

Tried And True Water Views

There are plenty of trails along The Island Walk that give visitors the opportunity to walk along PEI’s shoreline and scope some of the best beach views around.

Section 9/Section 10: Christopher Cross to Anglo Tignish

  • There’s plenty to see along this section of the trail: windmills, cliff formations; and many other scenic views await, including the lovely North Cape Lighthouse
  • This section includes the Black Marsh Trail, which takes walkers through various landscapes including forests, bogs, and seascapes. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for flora and fauna along the way (including carnivorous plants!)
  • Enjoy panoramic reef views and super seafood with dinner at the Wind and Reef Restaurant

Section 23/Section 24: Bothwell To Souris

  • Start out in scenic Bothwell at the lovely Basin Head Beach, be sure to check out the museum and nearby Singing Sands Beach
  • Head to Souris along peaceful back roads and have dinner with a view at 21 Breakwater
  • While in Souris, take the Magdalen Island Ferry to check out the red cliffs and white sand beaches of Îles de la Madeleine—there’s plenty of hiking and outdoor activities here, too

There are plenty of reasons to visit the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island—and with the addition of the 435-mile long Island Walk, exploring this beautiful isle is easier than ever. With a distinctive variety of stops and trails along the way, travelers can customize an unforgettable journey along PEI’s coastline for a scenic and peaceful journey perfect for walkers and hikers everywhere.

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