The famed Orient Express has long been immortalized in both literature and film, and now, it's making a grand return to Italy. This luxury train will once again be traveling through Italy with the same flair, charm, and vintage decade feel that once made it so famous.

The project, signed by Arsenale S.p.A. in association with Accor, is set to launch in 2023. With it, six trains will follow iconic corresponding routes around Italy's most stunning landscapes. Of these, there will be 14 regions included, some of which even span outside of Italy to give travelers a true taste of Europe.


The 'new' Orient Express will pay homage to La Dolce Vita, a celebratory time period around which each train has been designed and orchestrated.

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The Revival Of The Orient Express

If there's any news that travelers can look forward to in the upcoming year, it's the return of the Orient Express. Although we just recently welcomed in one new year, many are looking still ahead to 2023 and the arrival of this extraordinary train and its new routes. For those who don't know much about its iconic history, allow us to indulge.

The idea behind the Orient Express started 150 years ago with a man named Georges Nagelmackers, who was responsible for first launching it. It quickly became known as a luxury train, taking travelers through the most scenic vistas that, up until that point, were not necessarily appreciated by train. While some may only know this train from Murder on the Orient Express, a famed Agatha Christie mystery novel, that book was based on the true story of the Lindbergh Case back in the early 1930s. And don't worry - the actual train itself has nothing to do with that, nor was any crime ever committed near or on the Orient Express.

Rather, the train, in real life, speaks to just the opposite type of atmosphere: one that is jovial, celebratory, drenched in elegance and opulence, known as La Dolce Vita in Italy. This 1960s-era Italian theme will be evident on each of the line's six new trains, all of which will be artfully and tastefully decorated to reflect a vintage moment, frozen in time. CNN Travel recently referred to the interior design of the Orient Express trains to be more akin to a 'boutique hotel' than a railway car. It's likely that passengers will be so enamored with its charming and ageless decor that they won't even realize they're in perpetual motion. This, alone, has caught the attention of many, as scenic train rides are becoming more and more on-trend lately.

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The Details Of The Orient Express & Its Routes

This revolutionized method of luxury travel is to be run by six new trains, each of which will be carting behind them a mix of suites and deluxe cabins. In total, there will be 12 'deluxe' cabins and 18 'Honour Suite' cabins. In addition to these luxe lodging accommodations, passengers will also find a train car that's home to a five-star restaurant. The menu will include dishes that taste as decadent as they sound, all with a complete award-winning wine list to go with each.

The routes that passengers can expect when boarding the Orient Express will last between one and three nights. Destinations as close as Rome Paris will be on the list, as well as more exotic and far-reaching destinations such as Istanbul and Split, Croatia. In total, the routes will cover 14 different regions with options to pass through 131 cities around Europe.

Those responsible for revealing such an ambitious plan in train travel have also spoken to the fact that it's the perfect way to explore new destinations, all by means of an eco-friendly form of transportation. Whether one is rolling through the breathtaking hills of Tuscany or making their way to the seaside port of Split, the adventure will feel glamorous and luxurious without the impact that other modes of transportation have on the environment. This new form of travel has also been referred to as sustainable, which is now appealing to many people who are looking for more eco-friendly ways to travel the globe.

Interested In Booking A Night On The Orient Express?

Future passengers who are interested in an authentic Orient Express trip should know that the price does not come cheap. It's estimated that for one night, according to CNN, a passenger will pay about $2,255. While this shouldn't come as a surprise, there is the promise that three nights on this train will certainly live up to - and, potentially, exceed - one's expectations.

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