The Oreo cookie has been around for over 100 years and still retains the title of "milk's favorite cookie." The two chocolate wafers with a sweet creme filling are iconic and loved by people young and old. However, the Nabisco company wanted to give cookie lovers something different and over the years, have created numerous different filling flavored Oreo's that may or may not have been a huge hit with fans of the original cookie.

Would a Swedish Fish creme Oreo sound delectable to you? Or, how about a Peeps creme Oreo that's basically pure sugar sandwiched between two golden Oreo cookies? While the people at Nabisco may have come up with these creative creme fillings for their popular cookie, its fans aren't really sure why these flavors were even suggested.

Of course, we can't shame Oreo for trying to experiment with odd flavors because they have also produced some amazing tasting cookies. From a delicious red velvet creme filling that makes you feel like you're eating a mouthwatering slice of cake to a cinnamon bun flavored cookie with a delicious icing flavor, we didn't forget to mention the flavors fans can't get enough of.

Here are 5 Oreo flavors that are downright disgusting and 10 we can't get enough of.

15 Swedish Fish And Oreos Don't Mix

The chewy berry-flavored Swedish fish should have never been an Oreo option because the two just don't mix. One person who reviewed the Swedish Fish flavor creme Oreo mentioned that the creme had a "potent" pop of candied cherry and a "sightly off-putting finish of waxy gelatin."

14 Hot And Spicy Cinnamon Oreos Don't Sound Like An Appetizing Snack

Hot and spicy are words that should never come into an Oreo mixture, but somehow the people at Nabisco believed this limited-edition flavor would be a hit. This has to be one of the weirdest Oreo combinations ever created, and if you're looking for a spicy cookie, look no further.

13 Why Ruin An Oreo With Candy Corn Filling?

There are people who love candy corn and people who despise the sweet tri-colored treat. Nabisco decided to give those who love the sugary candy an Oreo filled with the candy corn flavor, but unfortunately, one Amazon review read that the cookie tastes nothing like candy corn.

12 Nabisco Takes On The Pumpkin Spice Trend And Fails

You can't go shopping anywhere in the Fall without seeing something made of pumpkin spice including candles, coffees, and creamers. Nabisco decided to give pumpkin spice creme flavored Oreo's a go and it was definitely a miss. While people love pumpkin spice, they certainly won't be putting this treat in their Target carts.

11 Good Thing Peeps Oreos Were A Limited Edition

In 2018, Nabisco's Oreo created an Easter-inspired treat by filling their Oreo's with the popular chick-shaped Peep. The end result was two golden layers of sweet cookie followed by a pink-colored marshmallow center that tastes like pure sugar. Oreo fans also noticed that the cookie made their tongue's turn pink.

10 Oreo Pistachio Thins Are A Favorite

Pistachio creme flavored oreo sandwiches are a favorite among people who love the original cookie and making them in a thin cookie just means getting to eat that much more. This particular Oreo cookie received rave reviews with people stating that the filling was rich, sweet, nutty and taste exactly like pistachio ice cream.

9 Golden Oreo Thins Are Great If You Love A Nilla Wafer

Oreo Thins vanilla sandwich is a great combination for cookie lovers who enjoy snacking on Nilla Wafers with an added goodness of vanilla filling. The cookie is a good option for people who want a chocolate-free cookie.

8 Oreo Mint Is Refreshing

Oreo mint cookies are refreshing and if you are a fan of mint in desserts, you'll have to get your hands on these. The hint of mint filling tucked inside two chocolate wafers is really enjoyable especially with a glass of milk.

7 Don't Feel Too Guilty Eating Red Velvet Cookies

So we all know Oreo's red velvet cookie is artificially flavored, but that won't stop anyone from chowing down on a couple of these delicious Oreo's. Fans of red velvet cake will absolutely love this cookie filling tucked between two delicious chocolate cookies. Eat a couple right after dinner to feel like you've ordered your own dessert.

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6 Chocolate Hazelnut Has A Similar Nutella After Taste

Fans of Nutella, the popular hazelnut cocoa spread, will enjoy taking a bite out of Oreo's Chocolate Hazelnut flavor creme cookie. Tucked between two golden Oreo cookies, this limited edition is a fan favorite. Let's hope the people at Nabisco bring this unique flavor filling back on the shelves.

5 Combining Chocolate And Peanut Butter Is Always A Good Idea

Combining chocolate and peanut butter is always a good idea, and Oreo did just that with their peanut butter flavored cookie. The cookie company did come out with a Reese's Oreo, but that was a limited edition cookie you might now find online. However, those who loved those Oreos can now purchase peanut butter creme Oreo's which have pretty much the same taste.

4 Lemon Oreo Didn't Get One Compliant

People searching for a crisp, refreshing and citrusy cookie should look no further than Oreo's thin lemon flavored creme sandwich. Oreo combines the favorite golden thin cookie with a burst of lemon that's pleasant and not too sour. If you're looking for a sweet cookie with a delightful twist, an Oreo thin lemon cookie is the right way to go.

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3 You Don't Have To Go To A Mall For A Cinnamon Bun

Nabisco hit it out the park when they came up with a cinnamon bun flavored filling for Oreo's. Oreo fans get that delicious icing cinnamon bun creme filling between two golden cinnamon wafers that also taste amazing dunked in milk. The cookie came out in 2016, but we're all hoping Oreo brings this flavor back and makes it permanent.

2 Double-Stuffed? Why Not?

Oreo decided that the people needed way more filling in their cookie and came up with the brilliant idea to "double stuff" their original Oreo. The same tasty treat is now stuffed with more delectable creme filling between two chocolate wafers and is even a favorite for celebrities like DJ Khaled.

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Nothing beats an original Oreo no matter what flavor Nabisco comes up with. The original two chocolate wafer's with a sweet creme filling is a favorite among people from all over the world and forever be known as "milk's favorite cookie."

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