Oreos are a staple of American snack foods. There’s something about an oreo cookie that is hard to resist. While the original might be a classic, there have been many other flavors created over the years. Fans of the cookie can find many varieties on North American shelves from double stuff to mint and more. There are also many different flavors that have been limited edition or released around different holidays. However, the flavors you can get in the United States aren’t the only flavors that have been created.

We’ve put together a list of ten oreo cookies you won’t be able to find in your American grocery store.


Countries like China and Japan are known for having many different varieties of treats that you can’t find here. This includes their own unique sweets as well as different flavors of classic brands. There are many different Oreo cookie flavors that China offers. Matcha, or green tea, is unsurprisingly one of these choices. There are many sweets and foods in China with this unique flavor.

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The filling in this cookie might look like mint but is actually sweet tea.


If you’re looking for unique Oreo flavors, different Asian countries are probably your best bet. From Japan to Indonesia to Malaysia, many of these countries have delicious varieties you won’t find anywhere else. Blueberry ice cream probably isn’t a flavor you’d expect Oreo to include since it’s somewhat specific and random. However, it does sound like a refreshing take and would be delicious to try.


While lemon-flavored Oreos can be found in the United State, this take on the classic flavor is bit different and comes from Japan. You’ll probably have to just try and taste this kind for yourself if you're lucky enough. If possible, it would be an interesting taste test to see if the Lemon Ice flavor is any different from the regular lemon flavor. This is just one of a few different Oreo flavors that are unique to Japan. This is unsurprising as Japan often has unique flavors of sweet brands.


This variety from Indonesia is similar to the blueberry ice cream flavor. The flavor was released around the same time and is just another option. Orange and chocolate are always a classic flavor combination, so it’s no surprise that these two flavors have been put together for a delicious Oreo snack. Of course, the ice cream aspect to this orange flavor gives this cookie a little bit of a spin and goes for a more creamy orange taste.


The Alfajor Oreo from Argentina is definitely one of the more unique Oreos on this list because it’s not the traditional Oreo shape with filling in between two cookies. These cookies were inspired by the class Argentine dessert.

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The cookie has three layers of the cookie and creme. Then, these three layers are covered in chocolate. If you're ever in Argentina or somewhere that carries this special cookie, you’ll definitely want to give it a try.


Argentina has quite a few interesting and yummy versions of the Oreo cookie. This cookie is a duo meaning that it has two different flavors of filling inside. One flavor is dulce de leche and the other is banana. This makes for a fun flavor profile that you might not get many other places. These two flavors come together to complement one another. Intereisntly, Argentina is one of the main countries other than China that have a variety of different Oreo flavors you won’t find in America.


Many people who are fans of Oreos especially love the Double Stuff version. While the original Oreo is great, the Double Stuff gives more of the cream filling that many people love. There has also been a Mega Stuff version of the cookie for even more creme. The X3 from Argentina is different, however.

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It has three layers of the cookie and two layers of the creme filing. This cookie came along before the Triple Double Oreo you can find in the U.S. That version has both regular creme filling as well as chocolate filling, however.


This Oreo cookie gives another delicious duo of flavors in one complete cookie. This option can also be found in China. If you love fruity flavors when ti comes to treats, you’ll definitely be salivating when you read about this option.

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The creme filling in this cookie is half raspberry flavored and half blueberry flavored. This makes this cookie especially appropriate for a light summer flavor to have as a treat during the summer.


When it comes to Oreo cookies, most of the flavors are the traditional style with creme filling and cookies on top and bottom. Of course, there are some subtle variations, but this is the main formula. However, there are also many other treats out there that are Oreo flavored or include bits and pieces of Oreos in them. The cream wafer Oreo from China is a unique middle of the road Oreo treat. These wafers come in vanilla and strawberry flavors and have a completely different texture and feel than the traditional cookie.


Indonesia is also a place that has a few different interests takes on the Oreo cookie. While America does have a coconut version of the cookie, so far that variety comes in a thin Oreo format. The coconut delight from Indonesia is a thicker cookie that has more creme filling that is coconut flavored. If you love the summery, fruity taste of coconut, this variety is definitely a delicious one.

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