Oreo fans of the world, it's time to rejoice - because there's now an Oreo Cafe that's serving up all things Oreos, in all manner of ways. Fans of this sandwich cookie in the U.S. have every reason to be excited, specifically those on the East Coast. The Cafe has opened up in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and it's the very first of its kind.

The Cafe is offering a myriad of Oreo-themed food options (all sweets, of course), as well as special merch that fans can purchase when they visit. There's no telling when that classic cookies and cream mood is going to strike but for those within the vicinity of this cafe, there's now a new way to satisfy them. So, is it worth visiting for anyone who doesn't live in New Jersey? Is it worth visiting, at all? And if fans do visit, what can they expect that they can't just recreate at home? Here's everything to know about the new Oreo Cafe.


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A Unique Oreo Endeavor In East Rutherford

The location of this new Oreo Cafe was not necessarily happenstance and is located near where the old Nabisco factory once was (now Chelsea Market), roping some history into its new iconic home. Specifically, the Cafe can be found in the American Dream Mall, on the top floor of the department store IT'SUGAR, which is a candy shop.

So now, not only can fans who visit take part in one of the largest waterparks in North America, visit LEGOLAND, and stop by the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park, but they can also live out their wildest Oreo dreams, as well. IT'SUGAR takes up roughly 22,000 square feet and now, custom Oreo treats are part of that space.

First Impressions Of The Oreo Cafe

Upon first walking into the Cafe itself, guests will be greeted with the familiar black and white colors of their favorite cookie in some unique ways. Not only are the shelves on the store floor lined with various limited editions of Oreo cookies, but the merch along one side of the store is specific to the Oreo brand, itself. Fans will have the chance to indulge their every shopping need at this Cafe, all while sporting that trademark Oreo flair.

Merch ranges from gear to clothing and while some of it can be purchased through the Oreo website and IT'SUGAR, it's so much more fun to shop the racks (or shelves, in this case!) and see what surprises await Oreo fans. The Cafe is the perfect balance of retail therapy and food therapy, and the menu alone has everyone wondering just how much more they could love this popular sandwich cookie.

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The Oreo Cafe Menu

Now, for the juicy details. The Oreo Cafe menu is broken down into three different sections, specifically: the Oreo desserts, the Oreo drinks, and the 'Twist Your Oreo' portion of the menu.

Oreo Desserts

The Oreo desserts include an Oreo twist on three modern classics. Those who are fans of cheesecake, waffle sundaes, or brownie sundaes will be thrilled to know that all three of these have made the cut.

Just when you thought that these desserts couldn't get any better, Oreo went and put its own twist on them - just in time for fans to order them at the Cafe Oreo counter. The Oreo Waffle Sundae has cookie pieces baked into it, while the cheesecake is cookies and cream-flavored and topped with Oreo cookie mousse.

Oreo Drinks

The sweet drinkable treats at the Oreo Cafe include an Oreo 'smoothie' as well as a cold brew. Coffee and tea will also be served (perfect for dunking, if you know what we mean).

Some are topped with whipped cream and more crumbled Oreo cookie pieces.

Twist Your Oreo

The fan-favorite at the Oreo Cafe has been the option to 'Twist Your Oreo.' This customizable Oreo cookie bar allows guests to start with a base of a waffle, cone, ice cream sandwich, or milkshake, with a choice of more than a dozen toppings to add.

All the toppings are Oreo-inspired, and supposedly, there are more than 200 different combinations that can be had.

So, Is The Oreo Cafe Worth Visiting?

In short, the answer is yes. Fans of Oreos will be psyched to shop all of the Cafe's merch but will also have the chance to try their favorite cookie in new treats that have never been seen before. It's a decadent trip but one that's sure to please, especially with an option to customize any Oreo-inspired treat.

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