Planning to drive around the USA? Now you can follow the ultimate foodie road trip and make sure to enjoy the best local dishes from every state, thanks to the Ultimate US Foodie Road Trip! Going by car is an amazing way to travel; wandering down highways and byways, seeing where the open road takes you, listening to music and getting to know the US from the ground level... but even the most devoted road-tripper can admit that sometimes, the food leaves a little something to be desired.

Most road trips involve copious amounts of junk food, stopping at fast food joints along the way and arriving home feeling ten pounds heavier than when you left (at least). However, there is a better way to travel the roads of the US and experience local cuisine - not just the local take on burger and fries at the drive-thru. Real foodies can now follow a route around the entire contiguous US, sampling the best of the best in every state.


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The Ultimate US Foodie Road Trip was created by Orbitz, the travel aggregate site, and charts a journey through the best restaurants in the United States. Some of the states have only one stop, while others have multiple restaurant options. On the website, foodies can follow the route from any stop (as it is roughly circular), or search by state.

Each stop focuses on a kind of food that the state is known for, whether that is bagels in New York (at the Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co), Boston Cream Pie in Boston (at Omni Parker House) or Peach Cobbler in Georgia (at Mary Mac's Tea Room). Most options are also in big cities, giving roadtrippers a chance to take in all the sights of each state.

Of course, completing the entire road trip would take quite a while, but it's not necessary to do the entire thing in one go (unless, of course, you really want to!). It's also possible to use this map to sample some of the best food in each state whenever you happen to be there, or to choose to drive shorter sections of the route at a time. However, whether you want to take in the entire US and its best dishes in one go, or spread it out to really savor everything that the country has to offer, this is definitely a great starting point!

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Source: Orbitz