Summer is almost over, which means fall festivities are quickly coming our way.

While Canadian Thanksgiving is the nearest in our future, there’s one holiday that always seems to overrule all the rest. Something that is up there in “must-celebrate” status along with Christmas and Easter.

You probably already know the answer: it's Halloween! Halloween is a time of the year where everyone seems to get into spirit. From Halloween-inspired movies to epic and fun costumes, people tend to go all out for Halloween - which is why this haunted attraction in Ontario is the ultimate place to honor the holiday.


Located in Bright, a community between Kitchener and Hamilton, Fear Farm calls itself the “biggest and best” haunted attraction in the region. With 6 terrifying haunts that operate in their 100-acre farm, it isn’t exactly hard to believe them.

The six haunts that will be featured at Fear Farm this year are: Hiller House, The Stalking Dead, Carnevil, The Hayride, Hillbilly Hike, and The Visitors. Hillbilly Hike definitely seems like the scariest - is there such thing as a scary story that doesn’t start with a sentence like “her car broke down in the middle of a country road...“

The six haunts are made up of haunted houses, hayrides, and hikes - so don’t expect a typical fright night experience when coming here. They also have food and drink trucks to choose from when you begin to get hungry, though if you’re easily scared, stuffing your stomach with food may not be the best idea.

The farm also has a beer tent to make the experience a lot more easier, because liquid courage doesn’t always have to be for telling someone you like that you actually like them.

An hour and a half drive from Toronto, Fear Farm is the haunted attraction that has to be added to your bucket list. Even if you’re not in the region - get in the region. An Ontario native, I know how special this place is; so come for Fear Farm but stay for a vacation.

Running from September 28th until October 28th, Fear Farm is only open on weekends. For more information, check out their official website.