What does it take to be reckless? Showing a lack of consideration for what you are doing can lead to severe problems. Most of the activities listed below are ones that people do on a regular basis. Although some are less popular than others, the majority of the activities listed below can cause harm to the people doing them. It's impossible to stop people from participating in these activities, and they aren't all bad.

Unlike what most people would assume, gliding through clouds isn't like touching a soft pillow. Skydiving through most clouds is banned by the USPA and other skydiving organizations. One reason for why diving through clouds is banned is because how painful it can be. Puncturing a rain cloud is as painful as a hundred bee stings. Skydiving is just one of the dangerous acts that are found below.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that these acts are dangerous. From base jumping to rolling in a bubble, the photos below are action shots of some of the most hazardous activities on Earth. These photos are on edge and depict acts that should only be attempted by professionals. Here are 25 photos that border on reckless.

25 Mountaineering

If rock climbing wasn't already dangerous enough, another favorite activity involves scaling icy mountainsides. It's called ice climbing, and it's hazardous in all cases. At any given moment, ice could break from the mountain, falling on a climber. Also, ice can break during the climbing process, and a climber could fall. Unlike rock climbing, which can be prepared for indoors, ice climbing preparation is challenging. You'll want to start early in the day to avoid nightfall. Indeed, ice climbing should be attempted for the first time with a trainer. Despite the risks, people try to ice climb with little experience.

24 Queensland, New Zealand

She deserves kudos for a near-perfect diving pose. After a short moment, the speed at which you fall during a bungee jump will exceed 100 miles per hour. Those who are risk-averse avoid participating in reckless sports like base jumping. You'd have to be foolish to jump like the person in the above photo. According to skydivecarolina.com, "The United States Parachute Association (USPA) gathers data on all skydives in the US and their stats show that you’re more likely to die being stung by a bee than you are in a tandem skydive – with the odds of a fatality in skydiving being 1 in 500,000 jumps in the past decade."

23 A Real Life Lara Croft

If you've played 2013's Rise of the Tomb Raider video game, you probably played the mission near the beginning that allows you to ice climb. Lara Croft makes it look easy, but in reality, ice climbing is challenging and dangerous.

Judging by the type of ice in this photo, it doesn't seem like a safe place to be climbing. Yes, this person is attempting to scale the wall despite risks. Using rope and anchors helps mitigate the possibility of falling, yet it seems like a better idea to hike up the mountain instead of climbing ice. You'd have to be daring to try this hazardous activity.

22 From Above The Clouds

Many of us have been passengers on planes that flew through the clouds, but few could imagine ignoring their every instinct to jump out of an aircraft in a skydive. You can fly like a bird and soar through the clouds, but people who recall their experience of dropping through a cloud say that they are not as soft and fluffy as one might assume.

Jumping through most clouds is forbidden by the USPA. Skydiving into a rain cloud will feel like a hundred bee stings—maybe worse. Diving through clouds is not smart since divers can become disoriented, or worse, crash into other divers.

21 Free Fall Bungee Jumping Is Borderline Dangerous

This gorgeous picture is of one of the few bungee jumpers contained on this list. It's a beautiful photo full of vibrant color and breathtaking scenery. His confidence shows that he is either fearless or is an experienced bungee jumper.

Most likely, this person didn't fall into the water since it would be too impactful for a diver at this height. It would be interesting to see what happened to this jumper after this photo was taken. We see a glimpse of this diver's descent into a free fall. At least the diver chose a spot free from obstructions.

20 Zorbing- Rolling Down A Hill In An Orb

According to the website of familyfuncanada.com, "There are two kinds of Zorb: wet and dry (or hydro zorb and harness zorb). In a wet zorb, you are fully enclosed inside a bubble, and floating, or travelling on water."

Zorbing is becoming increasingly popular. People seem to like the idea of a person standing in a bubble. Maybe everyone should have their own bubble. They would be protected from diseases and possibly injury. It's like rolling down a hill in a giant hamster ball. Sounds a little reckless since one can fall off the track, but at least the bubble will absorb some impact.

19 Base Jumping In Shanghai

Taking time to base jump in Shanghai is a thrilling adventure for those who are unafraid of heights. To many people, the high dive of a swimming pool is frightening. When base jumping in Shanghai, the winds are strong, and you'll notice it right away.

This photo represents a group of base jumpers who jumped from the Jin Mao Tower platform on October 5, 2004. Among the jumpers was Gary Cunningham, a base jumping expert who has jumped off of buildings more than 1,450 times! Even with experience, however, base jumping is risky, which is why it's considered one of the top ten most dangerous sports by listaka.com.

18 Gutsy Diving With A Wingsuit From Squirrel

Wingsuits were invented in the 20th century and had become popular in recent times. Especially with cameras like GoPro and TomTom, and wingsuit companies like Squirrel, wingsuit diving has never been more attractive. The speed at which someone falls in a wingsuit is fast. You'll likely drop at a rate of 120 - 140 miles per hour. Some intelligence is needed to do wingsuit diving as you'll have to make quick decisions to avoid colliding with objects and landing correctly. Wingsuit diving is a slightly riskier sport than tennis. The above photo shows a long distance that would deter most from leaping off a cliffside.

17 Too Close For Comfort

How these two could fly side by side without hitting one another is impressive. Regardless of your skill level, in the sport of wingsuit gliding, there is the potential of crashing into a partner. You want to maintain focus and be aware of your surroundings. At speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour, the possibility for a fatal collision is high. There will be lots of time to converse about the glide afterward, but what about safety? Too many things can go wrong during a wingsuit dive. These two wingmen are asking for trouble—and make it double! This is a photo that borders on reckless.

16 I'm Batman

This wingsuit is like most others, aside from the Batman gadgetry this blithesome diver decided to add. You may have guessed that Christian Bale is under the mask. Actually, his name is Alex Swindle, and he is using the Phoenix Fly Phantom 3. The diver cleverly added a Batman utility belt, wingsuit strap, and mask.

Batman is a winged creature of the night, but apparently, he can fly during the day. It's not the most intricate Batman costume, but its functionality is impressive. It's only a matter of time before someone designs the ultimate Batman glider and makes wingsuit diving commonplace.

15 Taking A Leap Of Faith From A Cable Car In Latvia

Riding a cable car is frightening to many, yet daredevils have no problem bungee diving from one. One has to consider the reliability of the cable car and be confident that staff follows all procedures are followed for safe bungee diving. It isn't significant that this cable car is in Latvia, but it's worth noting that Latvia has beautiful green landscapes, particularly the city of Sigulda. Found near a national park, the diving site provides a panoramic view that is incomparable. Would you jump from a cable car? Let us know on Facebook!

14 Scott James Pyeongchang 2018

Although one of the most challenging stunts on this list, Scott James make it looks as easy as pie. Scott James' level of talent is comparable to Shaun White, an Olympic gold medalist. Scott James finished with a bronze medal in the halfpipe final during the Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics.

"The first thing which people notice about James is his height. It’s assumed that flying around in mid-air doing jaw-dropping twists and turns is more suited to those small in stature," as stated by heraldsun.com.au. Scott James compares snowboarding to "floating on clouds." However, even a professional can injure themselves during a drop like the one in the above photo.

13 Michael Clark Waterfall Kayaking

A vertical dive down a waterfall is borderline crazy. Michael Clark is the master of kayaking rapids, who visits waterfalls like this regularly and dives down them multiple times. It can be challenging to battle the flow of a cascade. Carefully studying the waterfall, planning an approach for the drop, and knowing how to hold a paddle will make the activity easier. Dropping the paddle before the jump is an effective strategy to avoid the paddle whacking you in the face! Keep in mind that there could be rocks and that each river and waterfall moves at a different speed.

12 Unreal Base Jumping

The location has the feel of Cancun, but it shouldn't matter where you are when diving from over 100 meters in the air. The photograph above surely provides a stunning view. We can see Hubert Schober and Kedley Oliveti diving Zakynthos, Greece.

Surely, the people in boats and standing on the beach do not appreciate skydiving from above. With a cliffside nearby, these two need to pull their parachute cord right away. The stunt they are attempting is borderline reckless and should not be performed by anyone. Oddly, an empty landing zone could not be located for this dive.

11 Base Jumping Off A Cliff

Organizations who host base jumping sessions atop buildings have regulations and trained professionals standing by. Purchasing gear and heading to the wilderness to jump off a cliff comes with risks. Firstly, the landing mark needs to be studied thoroughly; you may run the risk of colliding with a tree, or worse. Most people who attempt jumps like the ridiculous one in the photo above have experience with the sport. Jumping off a cliff and pulling a parachute before you land sounds easy. However, complexities such as knowing when to open a parachute and knowing how to land make the act unpredictable. Training for base jumping starts on land, not in the air.

10 Jumping Off The Kuala Lumpur Tower

With so many buildings in the area, there is potential for a day of skydiving to end in tragedy. The Kuala Lumpur Tower is possibly Malaysia's most recognizable landmark. The tower is over 421 meters tall. Jumping off of the Kuala Lumpur Tower is not very different from other buildings.

As stated by malaysia-traveller.com, "the night view is impressive (especially the view of the spectacular Petronas Twin Towers)." There are too many reasons to want to visit the Kuala Lumpur Tower, but avoid skydiving from such a high building. It is borderline reckless to make a jump like this no matter what your level of base jumping experience.

9 Burj Khalifa

For nearly 40 years, the Empire State Building stood as the tallest building in the world. The building's construction began in 1931 and finished 410 days later. Fast forward to 2004, the Burj Khalifa took six years to build, requiring 22 million man-hours.

Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Head to the tallest building in the world for a base jump like none other. Burj Khalifa takes visitors from all over the world. Dubai Skydive is hosting a once in a lifetime experience at the top of the Burj Khalifa. Be sure to check out Skydive Dubai's YouTube channel for the full video of the base jump in the above photo.

8 Skydiving Weights To Fall Faster

According to the website of skydivecsc.com, "Most skydiving centers will say their weight limit for a tandem passenger is approximately 200-220 pounds for women and 230-250 pounds for men. There is typically no minimum weight, only a minimum age (18 years old in the US). But there's more to it than the number on the scale."

Using weights to fall faster is a practice utilized by some divers. Falling at more than 100 miles per hour is surprisingly not enough for some divers. Interestingly, in a vacuum, objects fall at the same speed whether it is a bowling ball or a feather.

7 It Takes Guts To Jump Out Of An Airplane From 2 Miles Above The Earth

You may not have had a driving instructor the first time you drove a motor vehicle, but you'll want one for this. It is understandable to be pensive when jumping out of a plane from two miles above the Earth. If jumping for the first time, you will likely be attached to an instructor who will attempt to guide you through the process.

According to the website of skydivelongisland.com, "During freefall, the wind traveling past your ears is well over 100 mph. This much makes you deaf to all sounds you cannot hear a fellow skydiver. By yelling into each other's ears, you may hear a little, but you certainly can't have a proper conversation."

6 This Looks Like A Good Spot. Time To Jump!!

The speed of a wingsuit can be unpredictable, which is why wingsuit diving is one of the (if not the most) dangerous activities on Earth. It doesn't make logical sense for two wingsuit divers to dive at the same time. A collision in the air could be catastrophic, yet that didn't stop these two wingmen from putting their lives at risk to perform a stunt. Choosing a place to commence your wingsuit jump is not that difficult, aside from the fact you should thoroughly inspect the area and know where to land safely.