Olympic snowboarder Shaun White took to social media to publicly shame a fellow passenger last week... after noticing his bare feet sticking up in the air! There are a lot of things that can make flying unpleasant - after, all, being stuck in a tin can, thousands of feet in the air, with a bunch of strangers isn't many peoples' idea of a good time. Throw in dry, recycled air, screaming babies, bad smells, and chatty Cathys, and an airplane can be a little slice of hell - even in First Class!


Most people at least try to behave with a little courtesy to the people around them, however, there are plenty of stories shared online of passengers who have clearly never heard of common decency. And one of the most egregious offenders? Bare feet, like the pair that popped up behind White on a recent flight, prompting an unimpressed Instagram post.

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The Olympic athlete was headed back to the U.S. from Asia, having spent a few weeks in China and Japan, for the 2018 FIS Snowboard World Cup and the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) Awards. While on the flight, he noticed the passenger behind him sticking their bare feet in the air, and took a quick video of the offending tootsies and his unimpressed face, captioning it: Tag someone who probably does this <grossed out emoji>.

Clearly, White was not impressed by the behavior of this seat-neighbor, and from the looks of the comment section, neither are his fans. Of course, this isn't the first time that someone has been shamed online for putting their bare feet up on a flight; the internet is filled with photos and videos of toes popping up on planes, and the horrified reactions of the other passengers.

At the end of the day, going barefoot on the plane is just not ok - and someone should probably tell whoever was sitting behind Shaun White! This behavior is incredibly rude and inconsiderate to all the people who don't want to see (or smell!) someone's bare feet, and it's just not ok. For those who really can't bear the idea of keeping shoes on for the entire journey, flight socks and slippers exist for a reason (and feet belong on the floor, thanks). Of course, White chose not to show this person's face, so it's not possible for internet sleuths to track down exactly who it is, but the message is clear - keep your toes to yourself, please!

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Source: People