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The Amish people trace their heritage centuries ago in Europe during the European Wars of Religion. Colloquially known as America's 'Plain People,' these Anabaptists have managed to hold on to their traditions, which revolve around using traditional means of production while shunning modernity. Their shying off of contemporary life has for long been a subject of fascination to the public, attracting tourists annually.

Travelers from all over the world visit the various Amish Country regions in the US, with some sojourning with the faithful by immersing themselves in the rich Amish culture. Tourists ought to visit Ohio and Pennsylvania to learn more about these traditions and many more.



Ohio has the largest Amish population, with the Amish Country existing throughout the state, offering scenic meandering back roads that make for laid-back day trips and getaways. The area accommodating the communities is a five-county region in northeast Ohio consisting of Holmes, Adams, Geauga, Tuscarawas, and Wayne counties, officially known as the Amish Country.

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The first Amish people in Ohio arrived in the early 1800s, with the majority migrating from Pennsylvania. The rolling hills of Holmes County reminded them of their ancestral lands in Switzerland. Upon settling, the immigrants established various industries that are still invaluable to the community.

Additionally, they practiced farming, encouraging various farm outputs, including cheese production. The community also maintained its familial philosophy, preserving a heritage that remains a crucial part of its identity in Holmes County to date.


Members of this conservative faith arrived in Pennsylvania in the early 18th century, settling in Lancaster County. Considered the oldest Amish community, Pennsylvania houses fascinating hills with lush grasses, farms spotting windmills dotting the horizon, and horses sharing the back roads with buggies.

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The area's surroundings accentuate the simplicity of the Amish way of life. This simple lifestyle pays homage to the lifestyle subscribed by the early Amish spiritual ancestors. The area is colloquially known as Dutch Country, which comes from the German Deutsche, the language of early Anabaptists.

Travelers flock to the countryside to learn more about the first Amish community. The area guarantees an idyllic respite from the ever-growing urban places.

Things To Do In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania lies in a landscape that offers tourists tranquil surroundings. This beautiful scenery is best experienced in person since there are numerous areas to explore and activities to try.

The Lancaster Farmers Market is a place in Pennsylvania that first-timers should consider visiting. Like most farmers' markets in the US, Lancaster Farmers Market stocks various flavors and tastes through good, simple, and hearty foods. There's always enough produce to satiate any buyer exploring the landmark.

Another area that constitutes sales is the Amish Mud Sales conducted at several local fire companies. Travelers buy numerous Amish auctioned goods such as quilts, buggies, lawn equipment, and antiques, to name but a few.

The Mud Sales are significant fundraisers for the communities' local fire companies. They're held Saturdays from late February to mid-April, with several taking place in May, June, and August. The sales also include a display of farm fare for visitors and buyers to sample.

Travelers can also visit the historic town of Intercourse. The place is historically known for being the area where Amish farmers, locals, and artisans interacted and conducted their businesses. Today tourists mosey about the site by strolling or enjoying buggy rides visiting the numerous Amish attractions in the town.

Other places to visit and things to try in Pennsylvania include the New Holland Borough, the historic town of Strasbourg, the Rt.30 corridor for exciting family thrills, or taking a view of the countryside on a hot air balloon. Additionally, the multiple hotels in Lancaster guarantee tourists cozy accommodations.

What To Do In Ohio

Like its Pennsylvania counterpart, Ohio Amish offers tourists an immersive rich culture that includes delectable Amish gastronomy. The region provides authentic tastes, unmatched innovative comforts, cultural attractions, and ambient socializing grounds. Such surroundings offer vacationers a break from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

The first landmark to check out when visiting the area is Miller's Bakery, a pastry shop that bakes its products from scratch. They sell delectable treats, including fruit and fried pies, cookies, cheese tarts, homemade candies, and more. Tourists visit the area to try out the treats.

Another fascinating area to explore in the region is the village of Berlin, which features a walkable shopping hub. The site features attractions, restaurants, lodgings, and over 50 shops. Vacationers meander through the area, exploring the shops selling fabrics, crafts, gifts, and bulk foods. Also, the restaurants sprawling the area serve Amish meals.

To learn more about the Amish and Mennonites, tourists visit the Amish and Mennonites Heritage Center. The institution features a massive interpretive mural detailing the community's history. The area also has guided tours, a bank barn, and a one-room schoolhouse.

Other attractions to check out in this countryside include Heine's Cheese Chalet, where tourists learn about handmade cheese, Berlin Farmstead Restaurant, which serves Amish cuisine, and Amish Country Theater for family entertainment. To enjoy these activities, travelers ought to consider the following:

  • Respecting the Amish culture
  • Respecting the rules set up for visitors
  • Sojourning with the Amish people

The Amish are among the fastest-growing communities in America. This community boasts a unique way of life, unheard of in most parts of the world, making it an attraction to the public. Such uniqueness makes for a good getaway where tourists can learn more about the culture while appreciating its authenticity.