Calling all candy lovers - you might want to take your next vacation in Ohio, which has just unveiled an official Buckeye Candy Trail! Taste Trails are nothing new, of course. These self-guided tours of an area (whether that is a state, a county, or even just a city) take food lovers through the best local spots to eat, usually with some kind of theme. Wine tours are common in areas with multiple vineyards, while other tours focus on a single local delicacy or local cuisine as a whole. Some simply provide an opportunity to eat at all the best restaurants, while others also create wonderful journeys between stops to show off the best of the countryside.


Taste trails are a great way to travel, and can often help visitors to see smaller towns and areas that they may not have explored otherwise. When it comes to Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati are the obvious choices, but now a brand new official taste trail might start to bring tourists to some of Ohio’s other areas… especially if they are a fan of the chocolate peanut butter balls known here as Buckeyes, because this is a Candy Trail!

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The Ohio Buckeye Candy Trail was created by the Miami County Visitors & Convention Bureau, and covers thirty one candy and confection stores throughout the state. The trail meanders across the state, starting in the South-West of Ohio with Haute Chocolate in Cincinnati, and ending in the North-East with the Buckeye Chocolate Company in Chardon.

While there are options to sample multiple kinds of chocolate, candy, fudge, ice cream and nuts, the trail is named after the Buckeye, a candy named after the nut of the state tree of Ohio. The Buckeye is a peanut butter fudge dipped in chocolate, leaving a small area of the fudge visible at the top to look like the nut. This is the candy that Ohio is known for, which is why it is being highlighted by this fun tasting tour made to appeal to candy-lovers.

Of course, the idea of eating chocolate at thirty one different stops may seem a bit much for all but the most devoted candy-lovers - even if you were to meander through the trail at a rate of one shop a day, that would mean a full month of daily chocolate and peanut butter fudge. Of course, the benefit of a self-guided trail like this one is that there’s no need to hit every stop in one trip. Visitors can take their time, pick the ones that appeal most (or are most convenient), and perhaps simply pick up some Buckeyes to take home at a few stops, rather than gorging themselves at every one (no matter how delicious these candies are). Or, with plenty of options clustered in areas like Canton and Columbus, dip in and out of the tour with mini-candy-trails in the city.

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