Ogopogo is the name of a sea monster that some believe lurks in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

The legend of the Ogopogo has been around for over a century, and there have been dozens of documented sightings since 1873. But like the Lochness Monster and Sasquatch, the Ogopogo's existence has yet to be confirmed and proven by scientists.

Ogopogo has become a popular symbol in the city of Kelowna, B.C. There's a sculpture of it in Kerry Park, as well as another statue at the bottom of Okanagan Lake - both fairly popular tourist attractions.


There's also a new Instagram page for the well-known sea monster. The account posted a video, with a daring message to humans: Come and have a look for the creature. They promise not to bite.

An Okanagan native recently posted a video of what he believed to be the Ogopogo, calling it "a giant, giant snake." Folks nearby debated as to whether or not it was truly the sea monster, or if it was nothing more than a large wave.

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The Ogopogo has become one of the most well-known sea monster legends in the world. The American television show, Unsolved Mysteries, arrived in Okanagan to document the legend of the Ogopogo. The segment aired on episode 19 of season two.

Other shows that covered the Ogopogo mystery include Mystery Hunters, In Search of... and National Geographic's Is It Real? Of course, neither show was able to confirm nor deny the existence of Ogopogo.

This creature has been reported as a snake-like creature. There have been various descriptions of its length, with some witnesses describing it as being up to 40 feet long. The naysayers suggest that it could be a log, large wave or nothing more than a beaver. But otherwise, the legend of the Ogopogo lives on - and we may never get closure on this.

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