Part of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is paradise on earth. Known as the "island of a thousand experiences," there's no shortage of activities at Tenerife. Suitable for all travelers, Tenerife Island is also perfect for honeymooners! The island is blessed with the majestic Mount Teide Volcano and the best water park in the world at Siam Park. They even offer tourists an artificial beach at the Playa de Las Teresitas, complete with fine grain yellow sand! Tourists packing their bags to Tenerife Island need not be wary of being bored during their vacation; from sunbathing to scuba diving, Tenerife is a fun-filled paradise. Paired with its mild climate, there are activities available for adventure-seeking year-round! Additionally, travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path can check out these fun excursions to tackle while touring Tenerife.

8 Walk Along The El Pijaral Trail At Anaga Rural Park

This trail is considered an "off-the-beaten path" because the trail has limited accessibility, to approximately 45 hikers per day. Even then, reservations must be made 15 days in advance to reserve a spot to hike! However, once permitted, hikers can bask in the beauty of Tenerife's laurel forests, a species of forest that only exists in a few places of the world (including the Canary Islands). Visitors should leave nothing but footprints while taking nothing but pictures due to the fragility of the forest.

7 Admire Los Desrriscaderos

This natural monument is located in the Granadilla de Abona, Los Desrriscaderos is a scientific marvel. Adorned with pumice stones and Saint John's worts, this natural marvel joins the local ravines into a central location. While visiting this site (which is situated along a rural road), be sure to marvel at the local wildlife too, which is home to owls, wild pigeons, kestrels, and other species.

6 La Graciosa’s Montaña Amarilla

The Montaña Amarilla is a little more popular than other activities on this list. Still, it was added because it's a definite must-see for any travelers road-tripping on Tenerife Island. This gorgeous landmark is studded with volcanic landscapes with yellow-ochre hues. What completes the site is the backdrop of deep blue coastal waters hugging the nearby cliffs. This landmark is only 6 km away from Caleta de Sebo and is accessible via bike, taxi, or foot! Travelers visiting on foot should be wary, though: there's not a lot of shade around the area.

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5 Enjoy The Festivities At The Fiesta De San Andres!

Usually occurring on the 29th (or 30th) of November, the Fiesta de San Andres celebrates the new season's wine in northern Tenerife villages like La Orotava, Puerto de La Cruz, Icod de Los Vinos, and San Juan de La Ramba. In Iced de Los Vinos, people can get their adrenaline fixed and slide down a steep local street called Calle del Plano on a wooden plank. The brave (and lucky) soul will eventually end up at the finish line, which is a large pile of tires! Attendees (usually children) at Puerto de la Cruz can participate in the "Los Chacharros," which involves dragging tin cans attached to some string along the streets. Simultaneously, tourists can also partake in sampling some local delights at the "Castañada" like gofio bread, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and of course, some wine!  The Fiesta De San Andres is one of the best food festivals in Tenerife Island!

4 Visit the Pinolere Craft Fair

Every September, Pinolere in La Orotava hosts The Craft Fair, a platform for exhibiting local craftwork and art to curious tourists, especially basket making, broom making, carpentry, blacksmithing, and charcoal making! Organized by the Pinolere Cultural Association, this craft fair is a perfect way for travelers to learn more about Canarian culture's customs, traditions, and history. While perusing the craft fair, visitors can also explore Pinolere, a small mountainside village known for its cozy cottages and local ravines.

3 Buy Fresh Local Produce At The Mercadillo Del Agriculture De Tacoronte

In North Tenerife, tourists can peruse this produce market on the weekends and discover local goodies like fresh vegetables, fish, pastries, cheeses, and other delights. Farmers from Tacoronte sell their products directly to customers, cutting out the middle people. Visitors can also find some great local wine at the market.

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2 Delve Into Freediving!

Tenerife has a distinct landscape making it suitable for freediving. Beginners of this extreme sport can try their hand at free diving with the help of local tour companies like Apnea Academy West or El Cardón Naturexperience. Adrenaline-seekers looking for adventure outside of scuba diving or paragliding can try their hand at free diving. Tenerife Island is also home to indoor facilities dedicated to freediving (perfect for beginners).

1 Take The Bait And Go Deep-Sea Fishing

Fishing may be a sport of patience for some people, followed by a moment of heart-pumping adrenaline as fishermen feel something take the bait. Deep-sea fishing may not be for every traveler's taste. Still, curious tourists may want to try their hand at the sport, especially at Tenerife. The moderate climate and weather conditions make deep-sea fishing possible on the island, all-year-round (as long as travelers have proper fishing equipment, including an appropriate fishing license).

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