There are several periods in October that mark extremely busy times for travelers across the world - with Canadian Thanksgiving and the Oktoberfest in Germany taking place - but now may be your best time to book a flight.

According to a report from the Hopper Consumer Airfare Index in October 2019, flight costs for the month"are projected to reach the lowest levels since before 2013." Domestic flights come in at the average cost of $211, and prices are going to decrease by 3.1 percent.


The report also outlined that the prices for jet fuel fell by 6.3 percent. The month of October will see low flight prices, per Hopper, although they'll move back up during the American Thanksgiving holiday. However, costs will be down in the months of December and January before spring break leads to an increase in prices.

In all, Hopper projects the average (domestic) flight to $210 for a round-trip in January, and they'll reach as high as $227 in the month of March. For Americans looking to travel domestically, cities like Austin ($201), New York City ($209), San Diego ($210) and Atlanta ($177) have excellent flight deals.

Hopper also helped out travelers by pointing out some prime destinations with good flight deals. Bangkok, Osaka and Seoul are some of the major cities that Americans can fly to at a bargain of a price.

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The month of October has seen plenty of cheap flight deals across the world. For example, Air Canada was running its "Worldwide Seat Promotion" earlier this month, with a great deal domestic and international flights available. Also, Southwest Airlines was offering cheap domestic flights for as low as $49.

Though Hopper projects some low flight prices in November and December, travelers must remember that some flights can get more expensive during the American Thanksgiving and holiday season in December - depending on the destinations.

So now's the proper time to score a quality flight deal while they're available. After all, average flight costs haven't been this cheap in six years.

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