Visiting New York City is always an adventure. Whether visiting for business, for pleasure or for a once in a lifetime culinary experience, New York is definitely a tourist favorite. Unless you’re a true foodie or traveler, there are some experiences that you may not know are available. For example, the idea of sitting on a rooftop overlooking the city’s most incredible skyline that this world has to offer while snacking on tasty finger foods and sipping on delicate signature cocktails.


New York has some of the best dining experiences in the world, including their famous New York-style pizzas and endless supplies of fresh Italian pasta and cheeses, but these locations are mostly located on the ground floor, on a busy corner, attracted by hundreds of thousands of people each day. However, if you look up, you will notice an entirely new world of culinary cuisines with the most breathtaking views.

Enjoy This Incredible View From A Heated Rooftop Restaurant

Welcome to 5th Avenue, the heart of some of the most luxurious and exceptional shopping attractions and elite lifestyles. Here, those looking for a stunning skyline, unforgettable ambiance and some mouth-watering foods and cocktails, you will find 230 Fifth. This incredible rooftop can be accessed by three subway points, including taking the R & W to 28th Street and Broadway. This rooftop also offers a primarily 80’s, 90’s and house music beat, but patrons must remember the strict upscale casual dress code for weekend evenings.

This rooftop garden penthouse is the largest rooftop terrace in New York. It offers an array of events and menus to cater to each event, including happy hours, brunch, platters and special events. This scenic and iconic view offers patrons a glimpse of New York’s skyline from every direction.

Most excitedly, the 230 Fifth Rooftop can be enjoyed through seventeen heated igloos that can accommodate up to twelve strangers or friends at a time. These igloos are offered throughout November to May but do not accept reservations. Don’t fret - if you arrive late to the party, guests are welcome to on the outside of igloos where the regular terrace would be and enjoy good food, great drinks and meet new people!

The igloos do not offer the same cocktail menu as they normally would. They do, however, mix up a tasty boozy hot chocolate completed with Irish cream hot chocolate and whipped to top. They also offer a vegan option made with Almond milk and Malibu Rum. Most trendy during the autumn months, the 230 Fifth Rooftop also includes a pumpkin pie hot chocolate.

Rain or Shine, These Skylines Are Always Visible

Whether or not you’re staying at the Refinery Hotel, all foodies are welcome to dine and experience in an unforgettable experience at the Refinery Rooftop. This incredible view offers each patron the perfect evening or day view of the Empire State Building.

Situated in the heart of Midtown, this lively rooftop is welcomed with Chef Jeff Haskell’s complete lunch menu including yellowfin tuna, grilled steak flatbread and Caesar salad with watermelon radish and frico to top. In the evenings, guests can enjoy signature cocktails created and curated by a mixologist company that focuses on natural and fresh ingredients to match each meal.

Winter or summer, rain or shine, guests are welcomed at the Refinery Rooftop. This terrace can accommodate guests at their bar area or leather couches, covered with a glass roof and streaming lights. Outside, patrons can dine under the bright sun or starry sky while looking over the New York skyline and giant skyscrapers. In fact, the Refinery Rooftop offers a retractable glass roof so anyone and everyone can enjoy the busy New York nightlife for their private events or warmer days.

If this is your first time visiting the Refinery Rooftop, guests are strongly encouraged to order their exquisite Blood Mary’s and pair it with their mouth-watering Hawaiian Flatbread with thick slices of fresh pineapple and large thinly sliced prosciutto to top, grilled to perfection.

Add A Boozy  Sidekick And Mini Burgers At The Skylark

Reach new levels at the stunning Skylark, located on the glamorous 30th-floor is a lounge-like no other with an outdoor patio to match. Enjoy an elite dining experience complete with large glass tables and leather ottomans, and a pool table to complete this relaxed evening you may be enjoying.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you were living in the time of the fabulous Great Gatsby, then making a pit stop at the Skylark is a definite must-do on your New York list of to do’s. This navy and gold decorated lounge also offers exceptional finger foods to complete this dining and cocktail experience, a la tapas-style, such as guacamole with plantain chips, pigs in a blanket, an assortment of local New York cheese and meats with homemade pickles on a charcuterie board, mac & cheese cupcakes and even mini fried chicken sandwiches. Total yum.

Pair each bite with the Skylark’s signature cocktails including The Coco which is stylized fruit and botanically infused peach, violet and sparkling prosecco with floating strawberry pearls. Are you visiting this location with a party of people? Enjoy the Love Bird cocktail special which includes Hennessy, Creme de Cassis, Villa Sandi Prosecco Passion Fruit topped with edible flowers.

Celebrate At The Press Lounge's Mystical Glass House

The Press Lounge may simply be a signature location spot for New York locals and tourists alike. Those waiting to embark on a Caribbean cruise or simply entertaining a client over a business meeting are greeted with a breathtaking view of a 360-degree view of the New York City skyline, regardless of the season or time of day.

Guests are welcomed to sit near the port, where they can enjoy the view of various cruise lines docking as they arrive or depart. On the other side, a more tranquilizing section was created with large greenery, gardens, and palette-style benches. Otherwise, guests are welcome to sit in the middle of the terrace, next to a stream of calming waters.

Enjoy an array of cocktails, wines and beers paired with an assortment of small dishes including marinated olives, farmstead cheese with dried fruits and honey, or a leek and horseradish spread.