10 NYC Restaurants Celebrities Actually Eat At

New York is a city that never sleeps. Whether it’s a sports match, Broadway or other Theatre show, a concert or street performing, there is something always happening. With this being the case, there is no question if you are out and about, and of course, on the lookout, you can spot a celebrity or two and perhaps even get that prized selfie you have always dreamed of!

Or, if you want a better chance to spot a celeb and you happen to find yourself in The Big Apple, then check out these restaurants where you are most likely to spot a celebrity. Guess what? They can’t escape now, can they!

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10 Rockefeller Center

From ice skating to shopping and panoramic views of the city, Rockefeller Center is best known as the center of all activities in New York City. It also happens to find itself neighboring 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are recorded. As you can imagine, there are many stars constantly walking in and out of the set, and although there are a few eateries to choose from, if you hang around at the right time, you will more than likely spot a celeb!

9 Carmine’s

Scattered around the city, Carmine’s has been a New York hang out for celebrities for over 25 years. Don’t be surprised if you are sitting down enjoying a delicious bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese and Drew Barrymore or Tina Fey take a table next to you!

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Carmine’s is usually at its busiest before a Broadway show, so if you want to celebrity spot, then try head there in the late evenings.

8 Rao’s, East Harlem

Rao’s is perhaps the most private a restaurant could ever get. In order to dine here, you will need to know someone who knows someone who owns a table. Wait, what?

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Yep, with just 4 booths and 6 tables, this restaurant is in high demand amongst the rich and famous, and what makes this place even more private is that regular diners at the restaurant own the tables so even-though you might not be able to eat here, hang around outside and you might just spot Jay-Z, Hillary Clinton or Leonardo DiCaprio.

7 Park Side, Queens

This one is a little secret, because it is a bit of an uncharacteristic place to find a celebrity. Park Side is a subtly posh Italian restaurant which has seen the likes of Selena Gomez, Ray Romano and even The Weeknd! It is a big hit within the music and film industry, but no one can really work out why. Nevertheless, it just means that you will be all alone to get that long-awaited selfie!

6 The Polo Bar, Midtown

Ever heard of Jerry Seinfeld or Barbra Streisand? If you haven’t, please do your research! These two are just some of the many A-list celebrities that have been seen to frequent The Polo Bar.

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Seeing as the bar is a celebration of the Ralph Lauren brand, you could probably imagine that it is quite a posh space and reservations are apparently quite limited, but once you’re in, no matter how it happened, you will more than likely spot an A-grader.

5 O Ya, 28th Street

O Ya is a quiet, yet vibrant eatery tucked away in the South Park Hotel has welcomed Ryan Reynolds and his partner, who apparently has taken some cooking classes with head chef, Tim Cushman. She has even cooked a meal for the restaurant owner and their family!

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The restaurant is the perfect place to spot celebrities in a discreet and more ‘everyday life’ setting.

4 Rainbow Room

Jimmy Fallon, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner and Benedict Cumberbatch are just some of the big names…well, huge names really, that have recently visited the Rainbow Room. This New York landmark has one of the best views in the city, so it is no wonder A-list celebrities enjoy dining here. It also has one of the city’s biggest brunch and dinner buffets, followed by music and dancing. I wonder if Lady Gaga has ever danced to one of her songs here?

3 Bagatelle

Bagatelle is famous for its magnificent French-Mediterranean cuisine, not to mention the personnel that dines here on a regular basis, including Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Jay-Z.

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Moreover, the restaurant is known for its vibrant, high-energy atmosphere and surefire good all-round experience; and hey, if you spot a celeb, which is highly likely, then you’ll have an even better experience!

2 The VYNL, 3rd Avenue

A perfect combination of old town charm and modern, contemporary New York, The VYNL has attracted the likes of the Jonas Brothers, Lindsay Lohan and NBA star, Derrick Rose. It is highly likely that celebs are spotted here more frequently than moat places in the city, as the restaurant itself is owned by actor, Adrian Grenier.

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The restaurant and bar is set up in a way that the glitterati can be seen as themselves, in a laid back, yet somewhat vibrant setting.

1 The Spotted Pig, West Village

First thing’s first, Jay-Z is an investor in The Spotted Pig, so it is not uncommon to see his face around the place. With this being the case, the restaurant has ensured it does everything in its power to keep goings on private, but in this day in age nothing slips past social media. Courtney Love, David Schwimmer and Mario Batali have appeared in several photos leaked on social media, so you are bound to catch a glimpse of someone worth taking a selfie with!

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