10 NYC Bars & Clubs Celebrities Actually Drink At

If you want to party like a celebrity, New York City is one of the best places to travel to. With endless high-end establishments providing drinks, music, and fun, you have plenty of options when deciding on a place to go for a night out. There are some bars and clubs, however, that cost a little bit more or are a tad more exclusive. If you want to actually rub elbows with a celebrity, there are some places they frequent due to the awesome atmosphere. And you possibly can too -- if you can get in. Here are ten bars and clubs in New York City where you might spot a star.

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10 1 OAK

The celebrity sightings at 1 OAK are endless. If you're ever on 17th street where the club is located, watch out for the crowds and paparazzi. 1 OAK -- which prides itself on being "one of a kind" -- has a world class sound system, fireplace, state of the art DJ booth, stadium seating, thirteen individual bathrooms, and in-house catering. Be ready to pay up, though -- a small table for four people starts at $1,500, and there's a $30-$40 cover charge. You can skip the charge, however, if you can get on the exclusive guest list. Past attendees recommend finding an official party promoter to help get your name on the list.

9 Soho House New York

Soho House is an exclusive hotel and club with locations all over the world. The biggest parties, however, go down in the NYC location. You may recognize this particular location from the hit television show Sex and the City, where Samantha uses a stolen membership card to get in. Yep, it's members only. Requirements for becoming a member? Must be nominated by two Soho House members, fill out a lengthy application and go through a long interview process, and pay $2,100 to join a single club ($3,200 for all clubs.) The wait list is currently at around 27,000 people. If you know a member, you're in luck -- they can bring you to the club for a night as a guest! Otherwise, you'll just have to lurk outside with the paparazzi.

8 Playboy Club NYC

As you can probably guess, the servers at this exclusive club are all dressed in the iconic playboy bunny outfit. Playboy Club NYC attempts to recreate the various events that were often held at Hugh Hefner's original Playboy Mansion back in the day, as well as imitate the mansion's original decor.

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While clubs are typically known for their music and drinks, apparently the food they serve here gets rave reviews as well. Of course, actually getting in might be a little hard. Make a reservation ASAP and make sure you've got plenty of money. Once again, it can't hurt to befriend a party promoter to help you get in for free!

7 The Brooklyn Mirage

The Brooklyn Mirage is a club located in the Avant Gardner complex, and it's actually entirely outdoors. With tropical plants, a catwalk, palm trees, a grade-A sound system, and gorgeous views of the skyline, celebs love to go to this venue to drink and dance the night away. While many events are held here, you have to make reservations way in advance even if it's just going to be a typical night out. You can't get in as a walk-in, unless you know somebody who knows somebody, of course. They also have an impressive food menu alongside their drinks.

6 The Top Of The Standard

As the name of the club would suggest, this venue is located on the roof of the Standard Hotel. It serves as a penthouse lounge during the day, but immediately becomes a fun club after 10 p.m. Keep in mind, there's a strict dress code. Dress to impress, and absolutely NO sneakers! With the spectacular view of the city that comes with lounging on a rooftop, it's no wonder this place gets crowded fast. It's definitely recommended that you make a reservation for this NYC hot spot. Be aware, past attendees say this location is more for sipping cocktails and having discussions rather than hardcore partying or dancing the night away.

5 TAO Downtown

For Asian cuisine and tons of celebrity sightings, TAO Downtown is where you want to go. This five-level building is primarily a restaurant, but starts to become more exclusively a lounge once you get to the fourth floor, where the Ink Bar is located.

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Most famous people can probably be spotted in a Skybox, however. There are only two of them on the very top floor, and they are private dining rooms where celebs can simply look over the railing to see the main dining area below. Like the Top of the Standard, this is definitely more of a place for a fancy, expensive drink and a chill conversation versus a wild party.

4 The Skylark

The Skylark is one of the newer cocktail lounges on the block, yet has already had a plethora of celebrity visitors. With amazing, panoramic views of the Hudson River, Hudson Yards, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the best of Midtown Manhattan, reservations fill up fast. While the dress code might not be as strict as some other places, it's recommended you dress up-scale. There's fortunately no cover charge, but drinks can run around $20 each. Not as exclusive as other lounges on this list, but still pretty darn fancy.

3 The 40/40 Club

The 40/40 Club is owned by rapper and mogul Jay-Z, so you know the party is gonna be rockin'. He even gives a shout-out to the club in his hit track "Dirt Off Your Shoulder." The place is covered in sports memorabilia, as "40/40 Club" is a reference to a small and exclusive group of Major League Baseball players who have managed to acquire 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season. With a champagne tower and leather walls, this place is the pinnacle of extravagance. The rich and famous are more likely to book one of the VIP rooms, however, so there's a slim chance you'll get to party it up with a celeb.

2 Marquee Nightclub

Located on the corner of 27th street, the Marquee requires you buy a ticket for entry. Cover charges vary, but -- you guessed it -- you can get in for free if a party promoter puts your name on the guest list. Once you get in, however, you can live it up with cool lights and house music. There is a dress code -- upscale recommended, absolutely no shorts for guys or baseball caps -- but the vibe indoors is said to be more relaxed than you would think. Check out their event calendar to see if a famous DJ is planning to play a set that night.

1 Please Don't Tell

Sometimes even the rich and famous just want to attend a good old-fashioned speakeasy. This bar is still exclusive, however, as the name might suggest. This hidden bar can be entered through a phone booth inside the restaurant Crif Dogs. Sometimes there's a bit of a wait to get in, so it's recommended you call and make a reservation in advance. Despite the relaxed vibe, the drinks still run a little pricey. Even so, the cocktails are said to be some of the best, so it'd be money well spent. And if you run into your favorite actor or musician, that's just another bonus.

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