It is the polar region of ice, snow, Inuit, igloos, and polar bears - Nunavut is an extreme travel destination. It is a deeply inhospitable environment filled with rugged natural beauty. Nunavut is a young Canadian territory only having been separated from the Northwest Territories in 1999. It is home to the world's northernmost settlement - that of Alert. This is a massive territory - almost the size of Mexico but with a population of a town. If travelers want to get away from it all and be emersed out in nature, then one can't get more remote than Nunavit.


Note, that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nunavut's ports are closed and tourism is limited. This also means pricing for cruises will not be shown as they have been suspended for now. For information on visiting the stunning massive island of Greenland, see here.

About Nunavut

The Nunavut territory was craved of the Northwest Territories to create a territory for the Inuit (sometimes known as Eskimos - in Canada, one should use the name Inuit) so that they could have their own independent government. See here for interesting facts about the North Pole.

Today Nunavit encompasses much of Northern Canada and most of the Arctic Archipelago. This is a massive territory - larger than Alaska. It is also the only geo-political region in North America not connected by a highway - so driving there is not an option. To get to Nunavut one must fly or take a cruise.

  • Capital: Capital And Largest Settlement, Iqaluit (Formerly Frobisher Bay)
  • Population: 40,000 (Least Populated Canadian Province or Territory)
  • Ethnic Groups: Mostly Inuit People
  • Size: 725,000 Sq Miles or 1,878,000 Sq Kilometers - Just Smaller Than All Of Mexico

Visiting Nunavit And What To Do There

Visiting Nunavit is expensive but the sights here are extreme. Here one can join dogsled teams across the ice and snow or hike over ancient trails - trails used by the Inuit for over 4,000 years. In the summer months, one can enjoy kayaking in the polar north and be mesmerized by the vast open spaces of this massive territory with next to no population.

Populuar Activities In Nunavut

  • Dog Sledding
  • Arctic Cruises
  • Camping and Hiking
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Watching The Northern Lights (In The Winter)
  • Wildlife Viewing

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There is a range of polar wildlife to be seen here including the famous caribou, the muskox, polar bears, seals, whales, walruses, and belugas. Wildlife watching here is one of the main activities of Nunavut.

Tourism in Nunavut is all about the brutal yet scene outdoors and outdoor activities together with the culture of the local Inuit. Nunavut is cut through with a number of wide and long rivers, which makes it easy to explore with canoes and kayaks. Caution is advised, as these adventures are typically for the more experienced travelers. If one wants to camp, kayak, explore the vast remote locations of Nunavut, it is typically advisable to take a guide.

Cruise Expeditions

Come and discover the luxury of exploring Nunavit with cruises. This is one of the most popular ways to see and explore this rugged coast. Cruises here are more of a luxury polar expedition than a regular Mediterranean or Caribbean luxury cruise. Sit back and relax in the luxury and see the eye-watering islands, inlets, and glaciers of the Arctic.

One of the main cruise companies offering cruises here is Northwest Passage. These cruises take their passengers to the Nunavut communities of Cambridge Bay, Gjoa Haven, Pond Intel, and Resolute. They follow the path of the Franklin Expedition and visit the site of the ill-fated HMS Erebus and Terro. Visit Baffin Island - the 5th largest island in the world. There are some cruises that go all the way to or from Greenland and Alaska.

  • Baffin Island: 5th Largest Island In The World

The Pandemic has impacted cruises, see Northwest Passage for up-to-date information.

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There are a number of expeditions on offer in Nunavit, to see the options and the costs for these tours, it is better to message the tour companies directly to get a quote. Don't expect the quote to be cheap though! These expeditions can include a broad range of activities like dog sledding, skiing, polar training, wildlife viewing, kite skiing, mountaineering, and even kayak making. Some of these tour companies include:

  • North Winds Expeditions
  • Pirursiak Arctic Tours
  • Kool Runnings Inc

For general advice on tours and what other companies are operating in Nunavit see Travel Nunavit and Destination Nunavit.


There is a range of accommodation options including lodges, guest houses, and hotels. They range from $50 (Canadian Dollars) to over a thousand, although there is very little accommodation for under $200. For accommodation options see here.

  • Accommodation: Typically Over $200 Per Night

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