Beaches are no doubt some of the most beloved attractions in the world. With so many to choose from, one has to be special to be chosen as the number one beach in the world. Fortunately, this is the prestigious fate of this amazing beach which was recently chosen by Tripadvisor as the best beach in the entire world. Located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, this beach is nothing short of amazing and its offerings are amazing.

About Grace Bay Beach, Tripadvisor's #1

Grace bay beach is located in Turks & Caicos - a British overseas territory located in the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is a modest 3 miles long extending to Leewards beach on the west side and Bight beach on the east side. Grace Bay is part of Princess Alexandra National Park in Providenciales - the most populated Island in Turks and Caicos. The 6532-acre park also features lots of wildlife and other attractions such as - The Bight Reef, Smith Reef, Lizard Cay, and Bird Cay.


Beaches in Turks & Caicos are indeed beautiful but Grace Bay beach is world-class and has no rival when it comes to scenery. Its crystal clear waters, calm waves, soft white sands, and charming blue skies all combine to make it captivating to the beholder at the very first glance. The dream beach’s waters are so clean, one can see the bottom of the water. The bright atmosphere also amplifies this scenery giving lots of opportunities for some epic shots.

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An Amazing Retreat

Grace Bay beach is not just an empty beach of sand and water, it is also endowed with so much to keep guests entertained and satisfied at all times. On the coastline of the beach are so many hotels and infrastructure designed to make guests enjoy a complete and unforgettable one. Everything guests will ever need from restaurants to bars, boutiques, spas, and even resorts are lined up along the beach’s coastline so one has all their needs met right there on the beach. Many of the resorts and hotels feature beautiful pools as well as nice elevated views of the beach.

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Things To Enjoy At Grace Bay Beach

Besides its physical charms, the huge list of activities to enjoy at Grace Bay also contribute to its appeal. Its warm, calm, and beautiful waters call out to guests at all times and the comfort of the soft sugar-white sand makes the experience even more surreal. Swimming is no doubt the most exciting thing to do on this beach and the cleanliness of the water also means one will not have to put up with pollution, debris, rocks, or seaweed.

Walking the entire 3-mile length of the beach is a great way to see more of the scenery characterizing this beach. With the constant winds and the bright sunshine characterizing the island, Grace Bay is also suited for water activities such as Kayaking, parasailing, and Windsurfing. And that’s not all because guests still have to see and do these amazing things while at Grace Bay beach.

  • Eat Delicious Food With Gorgeous Views: There are so many restaurants lined up at Grace bay beach where visitors can sit down for a delicious meal while having the views of the beautiful beach all in the view.
  • Cruise or Sail The Waters: There are ships and boats on the beach that offer exciting tours to allow guests to explore the water more intimately.
  • Snorkel And Dive In The Waters: The waters on Grace bay are so clean and warm that they make a very conducive stage for snorkeling and diving. Under the waters, you’ll find a wide range of beautiful fishes, turtles, and sometimes sharks, Dolphins, and Rays. A little further into the water is a coral reef for sights of more marine creatures. The Bight Reef and Smith Reef also located at Princess Alexandra National Park are perfect spots for diving and snorkeling as there are lots of things to do and see in these reefs.
  • Get Pampered At A Spa: Spas along Grace Bay offer amazing services and guests can head over to one of these spots to enjoy a relaxing experience under the hands of one of these professionals.
  • Witness Sunset: After absorbing the day view of Grace Bay, be sure to stay back to see what this beach looks like when the sun meets the water.

While there are so many fishes here at Grace Bay, fishing is illegal at the Princess Alexandra National Park where the beach is located. Those caught can be jailed or slapped with huge fines. Nevertheless, guests can still fish by signing up for a legal sportfishing tour with one of the boats that operate outside Princess Alexandra National Park. Due to the motorized activity that goes on at the beach, swimmers are advised to always be cautious of their surroundings to prevent any accidents.

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