France is considered to be one of the most romantic countries in the world. Its capital – Paris, is particularly popular for the romantic atmosphere and the welcoming people. The Eiffel tower, a passionately loved spot in the city of Paris draws people from all over the world. Proposals have been made, love has been declared and weddings have even been held close to this location and sometimes inside the historic tower. When Paris steals all this spotlight and attention, it’s hard to even realize that these other places in the country can also be as romantic (Yes! Just as romantic as Paris).

8 Champagne, France

Only a few people know that the popular sparkling wine was named after the city where it is being produced. Champagne is a mild oceanic climate city located in the Northeastern part of France which is mostly known as a city with rare sparkling wine.

Champagne is satisfying (of course) and whether visitors choose to begin from the vibrant nightlife at its capital city – Epernay, or pay a visit to the famous Champagne houses - Moet et Chandon, Perrier Jouet, and Epernay, they are sure to have their hands, minds, and mouths full. At Moet et Chandon, visitors can sneak in little kisses here and there as they take walking tours across vineyards that stretch as far as the eyes can see while offering beautiful landscape and sunrise/sunset views.

A visit to the historic city of Reims will bring the visitors into an adventurous atmosphere featuring - wine tasting, hiking, and biking.

7 Etretat, France

Etretat presents a pretty and lovely landscape for ultimate inspiration and creativity. Cliffs and ocean views offer the best sights in this city. Writers, painters, and other artistic individuals have been known to visit this place regularly as they experience high genius levels here. Many resorts and restaurants are situated on cliffs which present elevated sunset views and a magnificent seashore view with vibrant and photogenic colors just enough to ignite a romantic thought or even an intense photo session. For some outdoor activities, visitors can hike in the fields, kayak in the water, or swim on the beaches.

The Etretat garden; A UNESCO World Heritage Site is one interesting location to see in Etretat. The garden features contemporary art and living sculptures as it stands at the top of a cliff, offering a scenic view that feels out of this world and even more pronounced during sunset.

6 Eze, France

Situated at the top of a hill in southern France is this medieval and historic village known for its mesmerizing landscape and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The municipality sits at 427 meters above sea level like a palace situated on Mount Olympus displaying the vast landscape views far below it. Visitors to this town will be graced with astonishing architectural structures which date as far back as the medieval age when the House of Savoy ruled the city and developed it to be a stronghold. Meals even become more appealing as many restaurants offer captivating views. This just makes people wish they could get hungry more often.

It gets more interesting when the high-standing city is torched by the sunrise which then portrays it as a beacon to nearby cities. When it comes to sunset in Eze, such magical views are rarely seen in the world. With all these, visitors will surely get to know why the famous Walt Disney spent a considerable time of his life in this town.

5 Colmar, France

Situated in Northeastern France and the center of the Alsace region in France is this town that has undergone several phases of war and destruction by the French and Germanic rulers. Today it boasts of architectural structures with vibrant colors, the Alsace Wine, and some of the oldest towns in France.

In Colmar, it gets more interesting with every step. The Old Town and Little Venice both present rich cultures and history. The food also comes with the right flavor, aroma, and presentation required to set the atmosphere for a strong romantic connection. There is so much to look at in Colmar and with boat tours, visitors can enjoy sea rides and get views of the city from the most unusual angles (For those looking for some perfect photo shots).

4 Troyes, France

Magnificent architectural designs, scenic landscape, blue skies, and sky-high towers will offer visitors the warmest welcome into the charming town of Troyes. Located in southeast Paris, the city was the former capital of Champagne which means lots of vineyards and wine for visitors as well. The famous Cathedral of Saint-Perre-et-Saint-Paul that sits in this medieval city is a view to behold while the art and history which fills the town’s museums are also worth exploring.

Food in Troyes offers the ultimate satisfaction with strategically located restaurants offering sumptuous meals in an environment soaked in rich culture and charming music. A wine tasting tour and a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, Textile-Hosiery Museum, and Regional Art Museum are all activities worth experiencing in Troyes.

3 Sarlat-la-Caneda, France

The Medieval village of Sarlat is one of the most historical and architecturally diverse places in France. This ancient city features scenic landscapes with green grasses and vegetation flourishing all over the little settlement. The charms of the architectural structures, the cathedral, art museums, and the savory food in Sarlat la Canéda, will pose great threats to the most loaded wallets.

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2 Lille, France

Due to its status as one of the most cultural and commercial cities in northern France, Lille offers a vibrant atmosphere and nice architecture. One architectural marvel of this city is the Vieille Bourse which is considered the finest and oldest buildings in Lille, originally built as a stock exchange in 1652 with the name – Old Stock Exchange. Attractions, business houses, and museums abound all over the city for those who want to hold hands and get on the road.

When it comes to food, Lille ranks high among the best places to eat in France. Restaurants are lively and the food features different cultural flavors representing its years of historic dealing with people from all over the world. The famous Carbonades Flamandes and macaroni is a dish visitors in Lille have to try to get the ultimate experience.

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1 Martinique

The charming beaches and astonishingly beautiful views of mountains align perfectly to ignite a pulsating feeling at Martinique. The flowers radiating beauty all over the Island and the cool skin-soothing breeze create an absolute feeling of relaxation and the combination is just dangerous enough to trigger the need for a romantic touch. Martinique Island is a part of France’s overseas territory located in the Caribbean Island.

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