The United States is one of the most popular countries for tourists to visit each year, and folks in Norway will have it much easier beginning in 2020

Norwegian Air (h/t Daily Mirror), announced their plans to add increase their flights to the United States. Not only that, but many of these flights will be offered at excellent prices as well.

The airline company will be increasing its flight departures from London Gatwick to some major cities in the United States. This includes flights from Gatwick all the way to the west coast of San Francisco ,California. Per Daily Mirror, this flight will be offered on a daily basis.


There will be four weekly flights Gatwick to Austin, Texas and from Gatwick to Denver, Colorado. Services to Austin and Denver were previously at three weeks. Not only that, but Norwegian Air will be offering flights from Gatwick to Tampa Bay, Florida three times per week.

These changes will take place on March 29th, and they'll be available until summer, as noted by Daily Mirror.

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Per Adam Luehrs of, Norwegian Air will also be cutting back on its flight totals for Miami (now three flights weekly, previously six), Buenos Aires (now five weekly flights), Rio de Janeiro (five) and Orlando (five).

As pointed out by Luehrs, Norwegian Air is planning to add 75,000 seats "to flyers crossing the Atlantic next summer." With that, it made perfect sense for Norwegian Air to increase its services to some of the biggest tourist cities in the United States.

It should be noted that the average flight, as of Oct. 2019, is at its lowest price in six years. That, coupled with countless flight deals available across Canada, the United States and Europe, make it an ideal time for travelers to start planning their vacations.

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