If you're someone who has always wanted to take your family or your friends on vacation, but can't really afford a trip out of the country, cruises are a great way you can still get the relaxing vacation you're hoping for and to see new parts of the world without breaking the bank. Most North American travelers may not know that many cruise lines offer a variety of trips across the continent that come with a full tourist experience.

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From seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska to sailing all the way down to beach Cabo San Lucas, here are 10 of the most beautiful cruise journeys North America has to offer.

10 The Alaskan Cruise

From either coast of the United States to just a few hours away from the west side of Canada, there are several cruise lines that offer expedition-like cruises to cold and snowy Alaska. For anyone who's ever dreamt of witnessing the Northern Lights in person, this is a trip you'll have to add to your bucket list.

An Alaskan cruise is perfect if you're looking to get away from a warm-weather climate and hoping to spend some time surrounded by snowy glaciers and mountains. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, can best be seen from late September to the beginning of April. It doesn't have to be dark for you to see the lights, so don't wait to book your cruise!

9  Quebec to New York

If you were born and raised in a big city, you might not always be down for a beachy, cruise ship kind of vacation, but the good news is there are tons of cruises that offer trips to visiting cities all over North America so you won't have to worry about getting sand in your shoes! A cruise trip from Quebec, Canada to New York City can range anywhere from five to twenty-four days.

Sometimes known as the New England Cruise, a cruise stop in Quebec City, Canada will make you feel like you're visiting historic France and a visit to New York City won't fall short for any tourist. By taking a cruise on this east coast, you'll be able to see it all without ever even leaving North America

8 Mississippi River Cruise

The Mississippi River is many times considered a US cultural treasure, and a great waterway that allows tourists to see large parts of middle America without having to set your foot on the ground. Flowing north to south through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, a Mississippi River Cruise provides views of the US that you won't be able to see from an RV road trip.

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With river wildlife and an easy flow of water, Mississippi River Cruises run all year long. This kind of cruise is perfect for anyone who's looking to witness different parts of American culture.

7 The Hawaiian Islands

Some experienced travelers might say that one of the best ways to experience Hawaii is to take a cruise on the islands. Rather than flying to one Hawaiian island and staying there during your whole vacation, taking a cruise to this hot-spot destination will allow you to "island-hop." By getting on and off your cruise shop as it stops from one Hawaiian island to another, you'll be able to experience the different ways island culture varies from each part of Hawaii.

For lovers of warm weather and tropical fun, a Hawaiian cruise is perfect for those who are looking to escape a cold winter back home. With sunshine almost all year round, it really doesn't matter exactly when you book your cruise - just be sure to bring your sunscreen and shades!

6 Vancouver to Los Angeles

Have you ever wanted to view the pacific coastline, but didn't want to hop on a plane to do it? Pacific Coastal Cruises are the perfect getaway. Cruise ships that travel from Vancouver all the way down to Los Angeles give vacationers the perfect opportunity to experience both the US and Canadian west coasts all in one trip.

Ranging anywhere from one night to two months, a cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles lets you experience two cultures at once. From the colder weather of British Columbia to the sunshine that washes over the streets of LA, a Pacific Coastal Cruise is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to travel too far away from a warmer climate - and in the time it takes to get from Canada to California, you'll be having the luxury cruise time of your life.

5 Miami to San Juan

Calling all beach lovers! A cruise that leaves from Florida's sunny and beautiful Miami port, and docks at San Juan, Puerto Rico might be your perfect escape from winter weather this holiday season. In a country full of history, Puerto Rico is a great destination for travelers to immerse themselves in local culture with a variety of food, languages, and local traditions.

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By discovering old Spanish cathedrals and local Puerto Rican cuisine, many Canadian and US travelers (especially from the mid-west or East Coast) will choose this type of cruise during the mid to late winter season to escape the snow and hit the beaches instead.

4 California Coast

As the third-largest state in all of the US, the California Coast is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful, natural landscapes you'll be able to witness within the country. Because of its huge landmass running north to south, the Golden State's coast ranges from Redwood Trees in the north to rugged rock beach formations that touch the northernmost part of Mexico.

Cruises that take you up and down the coast of California allow for a range of activities both on and off the ship. From wine tasting near San Francisco to water skiing in San Diego, many east coasters love to experience the west coast in this way.

3 New York to Bermuda

Because New York City is such a huge tourist spot, cruise ships love to leave from a New York port and one of their most popular destinations is Bermuda. Because the island is near to the US east coast, many people who board cruises that leave from the coast can enjoy this trip as a quick vacation, and even a weekend getaway.

Bermuda is a place that is amazing to be in, especially during the summer season. From paddleboarding to golf courses and crystal-blue water, this is a cruise island lovers won't want to miss out on.

2 Cabo San Lucas

As one of the most popular cruise destinations, Cabo San Lucas is a tourist spot that has a little something for every kind of traveler. From riding on the backs of camels to swimming with fish in turquoise colored water, a cruise that takes you to the bottom of Baja California is great for those who love adventure.

Cabo San Lucas offers a mix of opportunities for a relaxing vacation to activities like skydiving and snorkeling for anyone looking to experience adventure. Escape the cold this holiday season by booking a cruise to Cabo San Lucas.

1 Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is filled with unique Mexican culture and is loved by travelers who can't get enough of sunshine and margaritas. Luckily, Puerto Vallarta is also a popular cruise ship destination! With routes that come from Los Angeles and San Francisco, this hot spot is great for West Coast residents who aren't looking for a vacation that's too far away from home.

With cruises available from five nights to two weeks long, cruise ships that stop in Puerto Vallarta give vacationers the ultimate beach experience. It's also a great spot for couples and honeymooners, as the tropical sunset is a great thing to witness alongside your partner for life.

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