Although the world is full of spectacular places to see, there are some locations that are beginning to lose their spark. Tourism has been at an all-time high in recent years, particularly amongst Millennials, and the expanding industry of travel blogging, vlogging, and travel-related influencers on social media. With the growing urge to scratch places off that map of yours, we've also begun to see a decline in travellers heading to once-popular destinations.

The world of travel is ever changing and although certain hotspots may have had their moment in the spotlight, it's always surprising to see such a drastic change from millions of tourists visiting these spots each year, to a rapid decline. From crowds, pollution, permanent closings and the fear of pickpockets, here are the 25 once-popular places that nobody is travelling to anymore, and why!

25 Magaluf, Spain - from exotic destination to kitchy resort town

Magaluf is a spectacular destination on the Spanish island of Majorca. The once-beautiful vacation spot has turned into quite the resort town, leading many to feel slightly turned off from it. Although Magaluf was once a hotspot for families, solo travellers and anyone looking for a relaxing vacation, the island has since been hit with a wave of young partiers, specifically from England, says IBTimes UK. Due to this switch in demographics, the island has lost some of its charm, leaving behind a party central destination that is little to no interest to anyone over those party days.

24 Hong Kong, China - Smog Kong

Hong Kong is truly an awe-inspiring island in China that has seen tourists from all over the world, however, things have since changed leading to fewer people visiting Hong Kong. According to TripSavvy, the air quality in Hong Kong has drastically gotten worse, leading to health issues from asthma and bronchial infections, making it a less than favourable destination to visit at the moment. In addition to the health risks, visits to the city during the summer months especially, leave tourists with minimal visibility, so you definitely won't be able to grab a cool photo without a haze of smog in it!

23 Varadero, Cuba - Everyone from America is now going

Varadero is a beautiful resort destination in none other than Cuba! The country is full of history and culture, however, with recent changes in tourism in the last couple of years in regards to Cuba's relations with the United States, tourism has increased tenfold, says Washington Post. Although this was expected to be a great thing, this has led to overcrowded beaches, an increase in prices at hotels, shops and restaurants and a less intimate feel that travellers loved prior to the increase in tourists.

22 Jersey Shore, New Jersey - It has people from The Jersey Shore

MTV's 'Jersey Shore' was one of the most successful reality television shows to this date! The show took place at the Jersey Shore, in New Jersey, which created an immense increase in tourism during its time on air, however, as time passed, so did the hype behind the Shore. According to Her Campus, MTV and the 'Jersey Shore' not only tainted what was once a fun-filled beachside destination but has become the cities claim to fame, which many locals and property owners aren't too thrilled about.

21 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - very expensive in comparison to neighboring islands

Vietnam easily has some of the most breathtaking views in the world, and a lively city setting that is fit for any traveller out there. This has obviously led people to flock to Vietnam and its capital city, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. According to The Solo Globe Trotter, due to such an increase in tourism, prices have boosted tremendously, leaving tourists to travel to other countries in Asia such as Laos, Thailand and Cambodia instead. Needless to say, Vietnam is still very much worth a visit, however, it is not nearly the same as it was during its prime.

20 Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital city of the beautiful country of Iceland! The city itself has become one of the biggest hotspots for tourists to this day, leading to millions upon millions of tourists flocking to the jaw-dropping city each and every year. Despite its beauty, Reykjavik has become quite overcrowded with tourism, taking away its mystical feel, claims iHeart Iceland. It's recommended that you travel during low season to avoid the insane crowds, or venture off to the countless other areas of Iceland that have views just as great, if not better!

19 Beirut, Lebanon - 'the Paris of the Middle East'

Lebanon, although a small country, is one of the most beautiful places you can feast your eyes on! Many claim that the country is the perfect fusion between the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and has even been labelled "the Paris of the Middle East", says Business Insider. Despite its glorious beaches and mountainous landscapes, Lebanon, Beirut in particular, has seen a decrease in tourism in the last decade due to the terrible waste issues the country is facing. According to NewInt, the country has endured a garbage crisis so bad that it has led to waste washing up on their beaches. Although this has gotten drastically better, there is still enormous work that needs to be done to make this country as beautiful as it once was.

18 Cairo, Egypt - not for the claustrophobic

Cairo, Egypt is easily one of the most historic cities in the world! Being the home to one of the World Wonders, the Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo is full of history and culture that tourists have loved for many years. Although the country is definitely worth checking off your travel bucket list, it's best to understand that the city has changed drastically since its prime tourism days. According to World Nomads, Cairo has endured quite a lot of issues within their government, causing locals and tourism police to become corrupt in ways that can make your experience quite unpleasant. Additionally, the city has become quite congested, making it a less than favourable destination spot for those who are claustrophobic. Despite these reasons, Cairo is still a city thriving rich in history, and should never be passed up if given the chance to visit.

17 Los Cabos, Mexico - not as safe as it once was

Los Cabos is a travel destination that has surely been featured on your social media feed at one point or another. It has been a popular spot for countless years, however, the city has seen a decrease in tourism in recent years. According to The Sun, Los Cabos is not necessarily the safest city to visit, showing an increase in crime and theft among locals and their interest in tourists. Many tourists have caught on to the dangerous situations they can fall into when visiting Los Cabos, causing them to visit other cities in Mexico or neighbouring countries.

16 Atlantic City, Jersey - Swindle city

Atlantic City was once a thriving city in the State of New Jersey where tourists would travel to witness the fun boardwalk and booming casinos, however, things are not looking as they once did. Labelled as a "resort city" by Culture Trip, the city itself has earned quite a negative reputation for casino scams, crime and other unfortunate events that have led tourists to avoid the city. Although it once saw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, Atlantic City has a lot to make up for in order to build its name back up to what it was once loved and adored for.

15 Wedding Cake Rock, Australia - permanently closed

Wedding Cake Rock has been a tourist attraction for quite a while! Located at the Royal National Park near Bundeena, New South Wales, Australia, the White Rock, which shows similarities to that of a wedding cake, has since seen a rapid decrease in visitors, and it's kind of all our fault. The rock, which is suspended 25 meters above sea level, is not made to carry too much weight, however, due to the increase in visitors and tourist trying to grab a shot atop the rock, city officials had to permanently close down access in order to preserve the beautiful formation.

14 Guairá Falls, Paraguay & Brazil - they no longer exist

The Guairá Falls were a series of immense waterfalls on the Paraná River along the border of Brazil and Paraguay. These falls were a massive tourist attraction for decades, however, no one visits them any longer, only because they no longer exist! According to The Amusing Planet, the falls ceased to exist in 1982, at the fault of none other than developers from South America. The falls were inundated by the creation of the Itaipu Dam reservoir, which completely flooded the falls!

13 Blackpool, England - The Jersey Shore of England

Blackpool has easily become the 'Jersey Shore' version of the United Kingdom. The once popular beachside destination has since turned into a party central location that many tourists do not care for. According to The Telegraph, families that once travelled to Blackpool no longer do so because they feel it is "an unsuitable place to take kids anymore", due to the increase in young partiers. Although Blackpool once saw tourists from all over, the city now only receives less than 1% of foreign tourists due to its negative reputation.

12 Penn Station, New York City - replaced by a better station

Penn Station, officially known as Pennsylvania Station, was the main intercity railroad station in New York City and the busiest in the Western Hemisphere, serving more than 630,000 passengers a week, says New York by Rail. Although this was once a booming station, it is barely used any longer since the emergence of Grand Central Station. This had led to fewer tourists using Penn Station, and locals choosing the subway system or Grand Central as their station of choice! Although Pennsylvania Station is still up and running to this day, it definitely does not see as many familiar faces as it once did.

11 Craco, Italy - even the locals had to be relocated

Craco is a now a ghost town and comune in the Province of Matera, Italy. It is located in the southern Italian region of Basilicata and was once a thriving Italian region with a booming economy, and fascinating history, however, not a soul ventures to the abandoned destination. According to Happy Traveler, the old town was abandoned due to a plethora of natural disasters that made it inhabitable, relocating those who lived there to neighbouring cities. Although it is no longer a flourishing destination, it is still used for tours and the shooting of several films!

10 Valletta, Malta - even the Maltese can't afford to live there

Valletta is the small, yet beautiful, capital city of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. The walled city was first discovered in the 1500s and has rich Roman Catholic architecture and culture. Although Malta was once a prospering destination, it has since seen a decline in tourism and a decline in citizens, too! According to Euractiv, Malta is currently experiencing a renting crisis, which has not only increased the cost of living, but taxes on hotels, and homes leading many Maltese people to leave their country, and fewer tourists from visiting.

9 Chacaltaya Glacier, Bolivia - the glacier has melted

The Chacaltaya Glacier has been a popular destination for quite some time now! The gorgeous glacier, located in Bolivia, allows you to actually drive up your car right to 17,115 feet says Snowbrains, making it quite accessible! Although this glacier saw millions of tourists during its lifetime, it doesn't see too many anymore, and it's yet again all our fault. Due to the consequences of climate change, the glacier has been left to nothing but small bits and pieces of snow and ice. According to the source, the glacier melted 6 years faster than forecasted! Truly a shame.

8 Reno, Nevada - it's no Las Vegas

Reno, Nevada was a major hotspot that had tourists travelling from all over the world in order to bask in all its glory! With exciting attractions, casinos, grand hotels, Reno was truly the place to be. Although that may have been the case, it didn't last for too long. According to Fast Company, the city didn't hold a candle to Las Vegas, which continued to grow and prosper, whereas Reno was limited geographically and could only work with the space it had. This ultimately led to areas of Reno to become quite rundown and tarnished, creating the vast decrease in tourists from visiting the once-popular destination.

7 Maya Bay, Thailand - not a single tourist

Maya Bay is an astonishing beach island part of the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. With magnificent views, gorgeous landscapes and greenery galore, it is no surprise this place was booming with tourists once upon a time! Although it was indeed a popular destination, Maya Bay has not seen a single tourist in nearly 2 years. According to CNTraveler, Maya Bay become permanently closed due to the amounts of trash that tourists left behind, creating an unsafe and unfavourable environment for the wildlife to prosper. Leave it to us humans to manage to mess up yet another beautiful destination.

6 Salto Hotel, Colombia - people just lost interest

The Salto Hotel, which faces the lovely Tequendama Falls, was once a thriving hotel for visitors to stay at when visiting this glorious waterfall. Although it may have been busy at one time in history, the hotel was left deserted after tourists began to lose interest in the area, says The Vintage News. This left the hotel completely abandoned, with little to no activity in the area. Tourists still visit the falls occasionally, which has led the hotel to turn into a museum!