Get A Discount For Locking Up Your Electronics At This NYC Hotel

A New York City hotel is offering discounts to travelers willing to lock up their phones for a weekend.

At the James New York NoMad Hotel, patrons have an interesting new package to choose from when staying. If you agree to give all your electronics to the concierge, you get a 10% discount on your room rate for each night you stay.

And when we say all electronics, we do mean all of them. That means no laptops, no cell phones, no tablets, and definitely no pagers.

They call it The James New York NoMad’s Digital Detox Package, and along with forgoing all digital technology, you’ll get a room that matches the theme. You won’t have a TV or an alarm clock, but you’re not completely back in the dark ages. You do still get lamps for lighting.

Speaking to Moneyish, Senior manager James La Russo at The James New York NoMad revealed where they got the idea. “It came about from guest feedback that they weren’t partaking in our wellness programs. We said, ‘we should take away their phones.'” So they did.

For a starting price of $299 per night, you too can abandon all the comforts of the digital age in favor of your choice of reading material and newspaper delivered to your door every morning. You’ll also get a complimentary meditation session at Inscape, a nearby meditation lounge.

The package just launched this week, so we don’t have any feedback to report yet. The hope is for digital detoxers to reconnect with the city and make new connections that don’t involve an email address.

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The James New York NoMad Hotel isn’t the only establishment trying to encourage people to abandon their cell phones. The Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York also has a digital wellness package, although this is more for a spa day than a night’s stay. After an intense hot bath, massage therapists will focus on the upper back and neck to counteract the strain of hunching over a laptop or cell phone all day.

Restaurants are getting in on the action too. Sushi Lounge in Hoboken, New Jersey now offers a 20% discount on Tuesdays for guests willing to give their phones to their waiter. At Lebro's, an Italian restaurant in Getzville, New York, patrons can get a 10% discount every Sunday for putting their cell phone in a bread basket at the front of the establishment.


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