The Philippines is a popular tourist destination, and with its stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, and warm weather, it's very easy to see why. Whether you're someone who loves experiencing the outdoors, exploring volcanoes, or if swimming underneath waterfalls is on your bucket list, you'll want to make sure that this beautiful island country is your next vacation stop.

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Surrounded by water, the Philippines is the perfect place to go if you enjoy beach getaways and the opportunity to be adventurous while exploring nature and the outdoors. If you're also a lover of food and culture, it's guaranteed they won't disappoint. Grab your cameras - here are the 10 Prettiest Destinations in The Philippines.

9 Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Located in the Bohol province, The Chocolate Hills are exactly what they sound like - grassy hills that turn brown during the dry season. In an area covering about 50 square kilometers, there are up to about 1,300 hills on the landscape.

With a beautiful blue backdrop always surrounding the view, these Chocolate Hills are world-famous, and a major spot of inspiration for photographers. It's a great place to see with your family or your friends. The hike to see the hills can be a fun experience and the sight you'll get to from the top of the Carmen Town hill is like no other.

8 Bantayan Island, Cebu

For those who enjoy a sunny afternoon spent on the beach, Bantayan Island is the place you should be writing down on your list of Philippine destinations. Northwest of Cebu, the island's white sand shore and blue-green water looks so much like a painting that you'd have to see it for yourself to believe it.

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From Cebu City, most tourists take a ferry that takes you to the island. Ogtong Cave is a popular spot for visitors, as the fresh-water makes the little pool in the cave very kid-friendly. From riding bikes along the shore to watching the sun as it sets, Bantayan is a place worthy of any photographer's praise.

7 Dumunpalit Island

Resting dead center of the South China Sea is Dumunpalit Island. Despite being volcanic land, the island is surrounded by red marble and white sand. On its coasts live beautiful coral reefs with an abundance of sea life.

Located just west of the Phillippines mainland, Dumunpalit is a private island and unless you own, can only most likely be seen from photos or from a faraway shore. The island does offer complete privacy and makes it a perfect spot for a complete island getaway. If you're ever thinking of living away from the city and want your own beach to yourself, Dumunpalit just might be the right spot for you.

6 Limunsudan Falls

About 55 kilometers from the city of Iligan is where you'll find the two-tiered Limunsudan Falls. Surrounded by a forest of green trees, the water of the falls shines crystal white, making it an absolutely breathtaking landscape.

Second only to Aliwagwag Falls which is also located in the Philippines, Limunsudan is the second highest waterfall in the country. A road that runs from Iligan to the falls is the way you can take to get to the falls. One amazing thing about this natural beauty is the tie that the surrounding natives and community have to Limunsudan Falls as their traditional rituals and prayers are many times practiced near, around, or in honor of the falls.

5 Banaue Rice Terraces

Considered to be the "Eighth Wonder of the World," the Banaue Rice Terraces are one of the most beautiful things the Philippine Islands is known for. Located in the mountains of Ifugao, history shows that these terraces were miraculously carved by ancestors of indigenous people to the area.

To this day, locals and natives continue to use the terraces to plant rice, vegetables, and other crops. Watered by irrigation systems established long ago from the waters of the nearby rainforests, the estimated 2,000-year-old terraces are something you cannot leave the Philippines before seeing.

4 Taal Volcano / Crater Lake

On the island of Luzon sits Taal Volcano, which is the second most active volcano in the Philippines. With a total of 33 eruptions in its history, this volcano still doesn't scare away tourists and visitors who want to see the natural landscape for themselves.

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One of the most interesting things about Taal is that a lake, known as Crater Lake, exists within the island. In the center of Crater Lake sits a high point of land known as Vulcan point. It's almost as if somebody painted bodies of water and bodies of land within another body of water and another body of land. It's a breathtaking sign of nature's art.

3 Batanes

Situated in the Cagayan Valley region of the Philippines, Batanes is an archipelagic province with the smallest population and smallest land area. However, despite its size, Batanes is a favorite spot for travelers because of its picture-esque landscapes.

Because the Batanes are the northernmost group of islands in the Philippines, they experience a shift in weather that's different from the mainland. Many times, the weather is much cooler in Batanes than in Manila, and many people refer to it as the "Home of the Winds." With tall, rolling hills that overlook the sea, pretty stone streets, and rock formations so incredible you'll need to see it to believe, if you're one for great views, visiting Batanes is a must.

2 Laswitan Lagoon

In Cortes, a province of Surigao del Sur, you'll find Laswitan Lagoon. Cortes faces the Philippine Sea and has many protected natural landscapes, but Laswitan Lagoon is the place everyone is always headed to. Laswitan Lagoon is home to a 20-foot rock formation that houses a waterfall in the middle of the ocean, a sight you would only ever see in movies.

Many travelers say that any time between December to January - the rainy season - is the best time to visit Laswitan Lagoon because the tides are higher and the waters are raging, making a great water adventure.

1 Hinatuan Enchanted River

The deep spring river that runs through Mindanao is called the Hinatuan Enchanted River and runs into the Philippine Sea. It is also one of the country's most popular water sites.

The Hinatuan Enchanted River runs through the Philippine Jungle, but the amazing thing about it is that no one can seem to find its origin. It seems to spring up out of nowhere and magically sends its blue water to the ocean. The river is 80-feet deep and attracts visitors of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. People travel the world to see the magic of these waters for themselves.

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