France is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Not only do they offer tourists with an array of stunning architecture, history, culture, but you can also enjoy the non-stop delicious delicacies found throughout this beautiful European country.

While Paris is usually the go-to city to visit while in Paris, there are countless other spots throughout the country that are well worth visiting too. France is home to some of the most spectacular views, many of which should be a must-see before the travel clock runs out.

If the hustle and bustle of Paris isn't your thing, then look no further, because one spot that'll definitely rock your socks off is none other than Nice. This French Riviera city is unlike anything else. Not only can you bask in their glorious beaches, but the overall atmosphere in Nice is truly one of the many reasons why everyone loves France.

11 Enjoy The Pebbled Beaches Along The French Riviera

While walking the streets of Paris can provide you with a feeling unlike anything else, you will find just as much enjoyment soaking up the sun on the stunning pebbled beaches Nice has to offer. The French Riviera offers some of the most unbeatable views and sights to see, making a visit to Nice over Paris worth it. Not only can you enjoy a day at the beach, but the water is exceptional and will have you feeling refreshed and ready for more!

10 Take A Day Trip To Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Nice is not only a city worth visiting in and of itself, but it offers travelers the option to venture 20 minutes west of Nice to Monaco! If you have always wanted to live out your Princess Grace fantasy, then there is no better time to do just that. Nice can be found directly beside the city of Monte Carlo, and not only can you get there in 20 minutes via train, but you can do so for as little as 3 USD. Once there, enjoy the Monte Carlo casino, stunning ocean views, and of course, the Royal Palace!

9 Nice Offers Tourists Quick Trips To Italy

In addition to a day trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco, visiting Nice also offers tourists the option to visit Italy! In this case, a visit to Sanremo, Italy would be your best bet. The travel time from Nice to Sanremo takes less than an hour to get to and offers you an authentic Italian experience. If you choose to go even further, you can reach Genoa in as little as 2.5 hours by train, spend the night and return the next day. Your options are limitless, which is only made possible by visiting Nice!

8 The People Of Nice Are Far More Relaxed

While Paris is full of non-stop excitement and romance, the Parisian people are often considered rude. Despite that being more of a stereotype than anything else, Paris is far more fast-paced than Nice, meaning the people aren't as relaxed. When visiting Nice, you will notice that the beach life casts a more "joie de vivre" feeling than Paris. Not only are the people of Nice more relaxed, but they aren't as annoyed with tourists, making the experience more enjoyable for you.

7 The Weather Is Great All Year Round

If you decide to visit France and head towards Paris, the best time to do that would be anywhere between May and September, since the fall and winter months can get too cold. If you are the type that does not like cold weather, then Nice is the spot for you! Not only are the summer months hot, but the spring, fall and even winter months rarely drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only does this offer you enjoyable weather all your round, but it makes packing much easier!

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6 Enjoy 'Soccas', One Of Nice's Signature Dishes

One thing that you can't deny about traveling is the endless choices and options for new foods to try! Nice, France has one dish, in particular, that is worth traveling over for. Soccas, which are essentially chickpea pancakes, are found everywhere throughout Nice and is considered to be one of their signature dishes. They are often found in food markets and have tourists from all over the world flock to Nice to try this delicious dish, and we definitely understand why!

5 Beach Side Restaurants With Delicious Seafood

If you are looking for a more refined and regal foodie experience, then you can definitely found one right by the beach! Nice offers tourists with both public and private beaches. The private beaches, which cost anywhere between 14 - 20 euros for a lounge chair, umbrella and private showers and changing rooms, always have private restaurants and bars to choose from. One place, Plage Beau Rivage, offers tourists a spot at their restaurant where you can enjoy their delicious seafood options such as mussels, which are absolutely incredible in Nice.

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4 Trade-In A Walk Along The Seine For 'La Prom'

If you have ever traveled to Paris, then you have most likely taken a stroll alongside La Seine and enjoyed the city of lights and love, and while all that sounds amazing, not enough people give Nice's Promenade Des Anglais enough credit. Shortened to La Prom, this nearly 5-mile strip allows travelers to walk down what we'd call a boardwalk along the French Riviera. You can soak up the sun, pop into the ocean for a quick dip, grab some ice cream and revel in the glory that La Prom has to offer!

3 A More Suitable Spot For A Romantic Getaway

Sure Paris is easily one of the most romantic cities in the world, but can we talk about Nice having the best of both worlds? This Southern France city is full of romantic restaurants, quaint streets to get lost on, mesmerizing sunsets, and of course, the beach! If you are looking for the perfect honeymoon spot, then look no further because the romantic flare that Nice has to offer is quite unparalleled.

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2 The Language In Nice Has A Nicer Mix

France is home to the French language, which is often referred to as the language of love. While Paris offers a traditional Parisian-style French, Nice allows travelers to explore the French language with a spicy mix. Considering Nice is located in the South of France, their language has a lot of Meditteranean twists. Many words that the people of Nice use have a big Italian influence, which can make things a lot more interesting!

1 Travel Costs Aren't As Expensive As Paris

Considering Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, the cost to travel there is quite a lot! Hotels, restaurants, and ticket admissions are exponentially higher due to the fact that it's a tourist hotspot. In this case, visiting Nice will not only allow you to soak up a lot of the French culture, but it will be a lot easier on your bank account. Nice is not nearly as expensive as Paris, but it still offers you just as great of an experience.

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