Niagara Falls is a popular family vacation destination for people around the world. Whether you are traveling within the US or Canada, you get a wonderful opportunity to witness this great wonder of the world. As with any vacation, budget is always on the mind and taking care of finances makes a whole lot of difference to the overall experience you have.

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So saving a few dollars will help you to splurge on some other aspects of the trip that you may find worth it. Here are some great money-saving tips that you could include in your budget before heading out to Niagara Falls.

10 Pack Some Snacks and Drinks

With or without a family, it is always advisable to pack a variety of snacks and drinks. These can be carried with you while sightseeing. You will not end up paying inflated prices for snacks at the tourist spots, which is most likely the case. With kids around who love to munch on something, this is a really good idea as it keeps them occupied too.

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Buying snacks and drinks at hotels or even the tourist spots is really an expensive affair and it’s best to be prepared and have something on hand. So pack some goodies before you head to Niagara Falls and stock them in your hotel room.

9 Save Food in the Hotel Fridge

Another great way to save on meals is to have some of the food saved up. Most hotel rooms have a mini-fridge that can be used to keep food. So order a large lunch and then save some for dinner. A good idea is to get staples like bread, milk, butter and some cold cuts and stock them in the room.

This way you can easily make yourself and your family a meal that is easy to carry around. Hotel meals and those found at tourist spots are quite often expensive and with a family, the bills just go up. Saving every penny will count and this is one major spend on any vacation trip.

8 Check Out the Niagara Falls Adventure Pass

Passes are another great way to save money. The Niagara Falls Adventure Pass is good if you plan to see a lot of attractions. It cuts down on the total cost and also gives you some perks. So plan out the itinerary and then calculate the cost of the entire trip. You are sure to find that the adventure pass makes a lot of sense.

Families and large groups will benefit from this as it brings down the cost of the trip. One of the perks included will be a free bus trip to every attraction, which helps you save further or even makes the trip quicker (faster than walking).

7 Check out Hotel Coupons

All hotels in Niagara Falls stock up on flyers for all the area attractions. With business booming and competitions high, nearly every attraction offers visitors some kind deal or discount to attract business. So as soon as you enter a hotel, check out their flyer section – there will be loads of them stacked on racks.

Search for the best deals on every attraction and plan accordingly. It will be much cheaper to use the coupons on these places than purchasing tickets at the actual counters. This is a great way for families to save tons of money and use that reserve on something else.

6 Water Park Coupons

Though the main attraction of the Niagara Falls itself is something that is on everyone’s mind, families love to hang out at water parks too. This is a great place to unwind and for kids to enjoy themselves to the fullest. You may find the tickets at a water park to be quite expensive.

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So look out for deals and discounts on the tickets through coupons found everywhere - especially the hotels. The coupons can bring down the cost of the tickets by almost $20. This is what makes all the difference in your trip – a happy family and a happy wallet.

5 Choose Weekdays and Off-Peak Seasons

A cool way to beat the crowd and to save on your budget is to choose days that are less crowded. Weekends are particularly crowded with tourists, not only from across the world but especially from local citizens. This also increases the ticket prices and they stay jacked up during peak seasons.

If it is possible to plan your vacation in the off-peak seasons and if you could be at Niagara Falls on weekdays, that could cut down your expenses considerably. Even public holidays are days when the ticket prices are extremely high. So make a note of this before heading out.

4 Monitor Your Cellular Data

A particular way to ensure you do not end up paying huge mobile bills is to turn off your data service while at the falls. The reason being, cellular towers from both the US and Canada sides will keep interrupting your signal, skyrocketing your phone bills. The constant pinging between the various towers is one of the main reasons for mobile bills to shoot up.

Simply put, shut off the data service and enjoy nature at its best. This is a perfect way to leave the world behind and the urge to check your emails even while on holiday. Your family will be thankful for sure!

3 Choose Food Joints Away from the Attractions

All food joints near or at the attractions will price their menu at a premium because they can. They know that customers need food and drinks and so will pay higher prices for the convenience. In order to stay away from these high priced menus, choose spots that are a bit away from the attractions.

These joints do not raise their prices and serve great food in the bargain. You could also choose to bring along your own meals that are easy to carry around. This will save you quite a lot of money and time. Stock up on drinks and meals for the family in advance.

2 Use the Casino’s Parking Area for Free Parking

If traveling to Niagara Falls with your own vehicle, parking can get really problematic. Thankfully there is a way out of this. The casinos near the falls offer free parking to customers who have membership cards. To get these cards you could either eat at the casino hotel or play at any of their game tables.

Remember, however, that the casino allows entry to only people above the age of 19. So think ahead of this great saving and choose to have free parking while you are at the falls. Just one member of your family could enter the casino and get free parking.

1 Check Out Online Sites to Get a Good Price on Your Hotel

This is something that you can easily plan ahead of time. Check out online sites like Priceline that give you an option to choose the best price for your hotel stay. The competitive market is great for customers as it allows you to bring down your cost. There is a considerable amount of savings that you can get if you plan and book your hotel tickets through these sites.

You can save as much as $70 per night and this makes a huge difference to any budget. Most of the hotels offer great views of the city and are close to the attractions too, and may offer free rides to them as well.

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