A sports betting site is holding a contest to find its new NFL Food Tester.

You normally wouldn’t think of an NFL stadium as the place to get haute cuisine. An overpriced hot dog and a bag of chips maybe, but a four-course meal with table service? Probably not.

So it comes as some surprise that sports betting site Pickwise is hosting a contest to see who wants to be their NFL Food Tester--a position that almost certainly didn’t exist until this contest.

Here's the idea: Pickwise wants to find someone to "go to games and eat the best signature dishes throughout the league to give us a verdict on which team does the best dishes and rating each one from every team to determine who is number one."


To do this, you'll be given tickets to go to various NFL games in the 2019 season and provided expenses to purchase that stadium's signature dish. You'll also get $500 and the opportunity to make a fool of yourself on Pickwise's social media accounts.

There are a few provisos that applicants should be aware of, however. Pickwise is only giving tickets to "3-5 games", so you'll definitely be on the hook for a lot of cash if the site wants you to check out the cuisine at every stadium in the league. Second, they're not paying for travel or accommodation-- just a few games tickets, food, and $500.

So the person who actually wins this contest has to already be loaded as they're going to have to take a lot of time off to travel the country to see all these games.

To enter the contest, reply to Pickwise's initial announcement tweet with a picture of yourself at an NFL game consuming some delicious snacks. The winner will be chosen at random, so don't think that you need to submit the Picasso of all NFL food selfies.

The contest runs from now until September 9th at 5 PM, with the winner getting announced on September 13th. You'll need to follow the @PickswiseNFL account so they can message you on Twitter as well as reply using the NFLFoodTester hashtag.