There are two types of people: those who travel 24/7 and those who take maybe one week-long vacation a year. Many people who are racking up the frequent flyer miles are those who have to travel for their jobs, and many travel between the United States and Canada on a super regular basis.

Most people know about Global Entry since people say that makes flying a much more pleasant process. You might have heard of a Nexus card and wondered what it was. According to Going Awesome Places, it's to "expedite the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travelers into Canada and the United States." Whether you live in the United States or Canada, you can travel by ship, car, or plane and it's going to be a much simpler and convenient process for you.


Read on to find out why Nexus is worth the hassle for frequent travelers.

Skip Customs Forms When Coming Back To Canada (Or The US)

One reason that Nexus will be worth it if you travel frequently is that you can skip customs forms when you come back to Canada (or when you come back to the US, it would seem, since the card can be used if you live in either country). Going Awesome Places mentions that this is a really good reason to get the card.

This does seem like a huge reason to consider getting the Nexus card. As a Reddit user put it about coming back to Toronto's airport: "there’s nothing like getting off a flight at Pearson and walking right past that massive customs line, like a boss." Just imagine flying home and being able to skip this form. Everyone loves saving time when they can, and it would be especially great to skip this form if you had a delayed flight home or if there was a bit of turbulence so it wasn't the most pleasant experience. Anything that can be done to make plane travel better is definitely worth it.

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You Pay $50 And Don't Have To Pay Again For Five Whole Years

How much is the Nexus card? It's easy to think that it might cost a few hundred dollars if not more, since it allows you a lot of awesome perks.

That's actually not the case at all. According to Going Awesome Places, you will pay $50 for the Nexus card and you don't have to pay again for five whole years. The website explains, "That means it’s $10 a year. Every time I tell someone this, they’re so surprised. Yes it’s that cheap!" Even if it was $50 a year, that would still seem pretty affordable, so the fact that it lasts half a decade is really good news. And since travel and plane travel, in particular, can truly break the bank, this is one thing that won't cost you much at all.

Million Miles Secrets says that this is more affordable than Global Entry which is $100.

You Get Your Own Security Line

What do people dislike the most about airports? While it's fun if you have a favorite restaurant or take-out place where you always get the same menu item each time you go on vacation, the truth is that waiting in line at security can be pretty dull. And if you're traveling at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another trendy time, it can be difficult to wait... and wait... and wait.

When you have a Nexus card, you get your own security line. This fact alone would seriously make this worth getting for frequent travelers.

You Can Use The Nexus Card When Coming Back From Europe, Too

Even if you could only use the Nexus card between the United States and Canada, it would still seem like a really awesome thing to have up your traveling sleeve. But it turns out that you can use it when you're coming home from Europe, too.

Reddit user mentioned that they were in Amsterdam and after spending 10 hours on a plane, it was so lovely to be able to skip the lines mentioned above. Someone else posted on the site about Pearson Airport in Toronto: "The hall itself was just crazy full, but with a NEXUS card, I was out of there in under a minute instead of an hour or more like everyone else. Even if you don't travel to the US that often, it still greatly speeds things up for international travel."

These four reasons are why getting a Nexus card is definitely a great idea for people who travel quite a lot. It will make things a lot simpler (and did we mention skipping those long lines?).

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