Of all the stories in the world, we find the ones worth discovering in places unexplored, and valleys untouched. And while the end of your relationship may be the closure of one chapter in your life, there are a plethora of new chapters, hell, entire novels waiting for you on the other end! Sure, being in love is a beautiful feeling, and we’ve all been taught that we’ll only get our happily ever-after after we find our prince-charming. But it’s time for us to start believing that being single is a magnificent thing as well, and that we don’t need someone else to make us feel complete, we can do it on our own.

Planet Earth is a glorious place. It has so many wonders to offer, both natural and manmade, that the very thought of spending the rest of your life without exploring the rest of it – is utterly ridiculous, don’t you think? The exquisiteness of being on your own is so unappreciated. And the only way to discover this for yourself is to challenge yourself to the unknown, and do something that you know you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done before.

So take that leap of faith, grab your travel bag, and start to think of the world as your oyster. Because guess what? It really is! Here are some of the best 20 places to go solo.

20 Barcelona, Spain (It Has Everything + Beaches)

Ah! Barcelona is a single’s paradise. This beautiful city is a perfect amalgamation of everything that is good about Mediterranean cities – unbeatable sunshine, laid back atmosphere, and of course a delectable gastronomical scene. Barcelona may be known for its gothic architecture that spans 2000-plus years, but it has so much more to offer. Spend a day at the Barcelona Zoo (locally known as Parque Zoológico de Barcelona) with your family. Covering a space of 13-hectares, the zoo houses around 7500 animals, from lions to gorillas to elephants to geckos. Plus, there are picnic areas dotted all over the place as well as a superb adventure playground, pony rides, petting zoo and a mini-train ride!

Go on the top of Montjuic Mountain, which is actually more of a hill, but it dominates Barcelona’s skyline nevertheless. The hill has a plethora of gardens, parks, Olympic installations and museums that hold a special place in the hearts of many Barcelonans and visitors alike.

The eastern slope of Montjuic is a steep cliff that overlooks the port below, and is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of the city. Montjuic is historic, and should definitely be on your Barcelona bucket-list! And if that doesn’t satisfy you, the sun-drenched beaches of this Catalan capital and its turquoise waters will surely beckon you into falling in love with Barcelona.

19 Copenhagen, Denmark - One Of The Safest Cities In Europe

One of the safest cities in Europe, Copenhagen is easily one of the most scenic ones too! Located on the coast of Denmark, this capital city is warm, hospitable, and has very low crime rates. Copenhagen has everything a traveller could ask for, from excellent food, to awe-inspiring architecture, incredible fashion boutiques, and of-course, scenic views that are totally sublime. In the last few years, a rising number of local restaurants, bars, shops and fashion designers have adopted a chilled-out, less formal, light-hearted way of handling business, and it has paid off. More and more solo travellers now visit Copenhagen to soak up in its lively, enterprising spirit. Getting around Denmark’s capital is quite easy. Copenhagen is a compact city, and you’ll be able to travel conveniently via public transport, especially by metro, buses, and water shuttles. Alternatively, there are bike lanes located throughout the city, so you could just rent a bicycle to get around.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Copenhagen are its quaint houses that have been lined up alongside canals and cobbled alleyways. Make sure you visit in the summer, when the days are longer, and the weather is milder. Also, the famous Tivoli Gardens amusement park, located right in the heart of Copenhagen, comes to life from mid-April to mid-September, and that is one experience you definitely don’t want to miss. With a culture that dates back to the 11th century, the city has full of significant landmarks, momentous edifices and fascinating museums.

18 Lima, Peru - Classy Dining And A Vibrant Night Scene At Unbelievably Low Prices

A city steeped in rich history, glorious victory and with scenic views that’ll steal your breath, Lima is any traveller’s delight. The capital of Peru is often disregarded by tourists visiting South America thanks to the continent’s other, more popular destinations, and that’s exactly why you should take your single self to Lima right away!

The city is still quite untouched by mainstream tourism and if you’re really lucky, you’ll discover the splendour of its colonial-era along with classy dining and a vibrant night scene at unbelievably economical prices!

And if the cheap prices and Latin music doesn’t do it for you, visit Lima for its amazing sophistication, with stately museums that speak of the city’s role in the Spanish colonial empire in South America, mouth-watering food that has evolved along for over 400 years, and seaside views that’ll truly leave you speechless.

Take a walk around the winding lanes of Barranco, a coastal community that’ll transport you back to the 1800s. Discover the hidden alleys behind Plaza de Armas, considered to be the birthplace and foundation of Lima, and make sure to visit the Boulevard of Gastronomy, a must-eat experience set up by Lima's government to showcase the world-famous Peruvian food. Oh, and don’t forget to sample a glass of Pisco sour, a national cocktail that uses the local grape brandy, Pisco as its main ingredient.

17 Whitehorse, Canada - Residents Are Protectively Friendly With Visitors (And Perfect For Singles Who Love The Outdoors)

The capital of Canada’s Yukon territory, Whitehorse is a perfect outdoor adventures getaway where you get to meet strangers who’ll easily consider you family. With a population of as less as 28,000 people, Whitehorse is notably scarce, tiny, and remote. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be any less safe, especially when it comes to female travellers. The residents are protectively friendly with all visitors, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms in the local community.

Located on the banks of the Yukon River, Whitehorse is also a crossroad for the territory's two great highways, the Alaska and the Klondike, and is a hub for inter-country transportation. This small city was once a major construction and transport base during World War II, and you can find glimpses of its rich history in 'MacBride Museum of Yukon History', 'Old Log Church Museum', and its many other historic log buildings.

Facts aside, Whitehorse is largely a land of untamed wilderness, and for a person who loves the outdoors, it offers a range of adventure sports like mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, or skiing and dogsledding in the winter months. Whitehorse will be unlike any city you’ve visited before, where apart from being able to view snow-capped mountains from almost any spot in this small town, you’ll also find a vibrant art scene, good but affordable hotels, and quality restaurants.

16 Amsterdam, Netherlands - So Easy To Get Around (Even When You're Alone)

Netherland’s capital city is one of its most sought-after tourist destinations – and rightfully so! Amsterdam’s canals, bridges, museums, palaces and churches are nothing short of architectural marvels. The Royal Palace, Oude Kerk, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House and The Begijnhof are some examples of Amsterdam’s rich history and culture. Take a trip to Keukenhof, which is the largest garden in the wold, and is located in Netherlands. Come here in the spring and fall in love with the acres of flower fields that become carpets of purple, red, yellow and pink tulips.

It’s quite easy to get around Amsterdam on foot or bicycles. No country in the world is better suited for cycling than Netherlands. Not only does it have a flat topography that is ideal for biking, there are dedicated bike lanes and routes that connect almost every part of Netherlands.

Your Amsterdam holiday would be incomplete without exploring its famous countryside, especially the ones with old windmills. Discover the beauty of Kinderdijk, home to 19 world heritage windmills, and visit The Hague, a coastal city just an hour south of Amsterdam by road. Being the political and royal centre of the Netherlands, The Hague screams cultural grandeur. What’s more, The Hague is perfect for a walking tour, with all its six historic squares located in less than 10-minute-walking distance from the town centre. Rotterdam is just another hour drive south of The Hague. After being completely destroyed during a WWII bombing, Rotterdam has rebuilt itself to become Europe’s biggest port, as well as an important centre for modern architecture in the Netherlands. Amsterdam’s animated houses, picturesque canals, exceptional coffee shops and rich culture makes it every solo traveller’s dream destination.

15 Cebu, Philippines - A Little Bit Of Everything

The second largest city of the Philippines and the capital of the Cebu province, Cebu is also known as the Queen City. It is also the business centre of the Philippines and one of the fastest growing cities and considered a gateway to paradise. The island’s untouched beauty draws people from all over the world and makes it a top holiday destination.

Your Cebu holiday will whisk you back in time when you visit the Basilica del Santo Nino. You can get wet and enjoy a good swim under the lovely Kawasan waterfalls. Your sightseeing wishes will be fulfilled when you get a beautiful glimpse of the city from Mount Busay and admire the city skyline from Mactan Bridge and Marcelo Fernan Bridge. Take a dive or snorkel in the islands of Mactan, Bantayan or Camotes to get a glimpse of the colorful and mysterious marine world or be more adventurous and come face to face with Whale Sharks in Oslob. Have a good time at one of Cebu’s many renowned bars like the Z Bar, Vudu Lounge and Mango, to name a few, or dance the night away at The Penthouse or The Barcode. Or you could simply choose a quieter path and ride a horse-drawn carriage called Tartanilla in the historic quarters of Cebu.

So whether you want to find solitude on Cebu’s gorgeous beaches, gain knowledge from its historic sites, get a taste of the delicious native food and have some fun in the nightclubs – this Philippine city will not disappoint!

14 Moscow, Russia - Not Only For History Buffs

A truly iconic, global city, Moscow is the capital of the Russian federation and the former capital of the Soviet Union. The city, with its massive sites, presents itself as an overwhelming mixture of the country’s history and its cosmopolitan culture. The city is the centre of a thriving religion, which is reflected by cities, stunning churches, museums and other ancient sites. One of the first things to do upon reaching this gorgeous city is to visit Kremlin. The site manifests itself as the country’s historical, as well as political, hub and has been the throne of the Russian rulers in the past (as it does to the Russian President at present). Get aboard Moscow’s Metro rail but before that, take a mesmerizing glance at the flamboyant underground, powerful coup that is decked up in shiny chandeliers, unique sculptures, huge marble columns and awe-inspiring vaulted ceilings. Spend some romantic moments (yes, it's possible to spend romantic moments alone as well) here or capture Moscow’s exceptional beauty from the picturesque (and insta-worthy) summit of the Sparrow Hills.

13 Siem Reap, Cambodia - Feel Like Angelina Jolie In Tomb Raider

Known for the its famous Ankor Wat temples, Siem Reap draws in hundreds and thousands of tourists every year, many of whom are solo female travellers. The city, located in northwest Cambodia, gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wander along its old streets and discover yourself in the tranquillity and freedom it provides. Siem Reap, literally meaning “Siam Defeated” in Khmer, is renowned for its numerous museums and temples that showcase its vibrant history. Its many rivers, lakes and pristine beaches are another drawing factor for the tourists.

Take a flight to Siem Reap and explore this spiritual and beautiful city. While Khmer is the main language spoken by Cambodians, French is still spoken by the older generations. With the influx of more and more tourists each year, English has also been adopted by a majority of the country’s residents.

Seeing dawn at Angkor Wat sanctuaries is an absolute necessity, however a well-informed traveller will clear their timetables to discover the nearby Bayon and Prea Khan buildings. With a considerably more peaceful, tourist-free air. End your tour with Ta Prohm shrines, beautifully surrounded by trees. Tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie was shot here.

12 Queenstown, New Zealand - Insane Wine Tours (Need We Say More?)

A marvellous little town encompassed by a scenic mountain range, Queenstown overlooks Lake Wakatipu and is loaded with small boulevards, awesome food, and an insane nightlife. It is rightly called the "Adrenaline capital” of New Zealand and the take-off platform for all kinds of adventure sports, as well as abundant wine tours! The city has developed over the years, and has a tendency to be pricier than other places in the country, but there’s a very valid reason for it. As prominent as it seems to be, nothing beats the joy of sitting by Wakatipu lake (Why the name, you ask? It originated from the Māori word Whakatipu wai-māori), and viewing the sunset with a bottle of local wine.

With an unimaginably incredible scenery, Queenstown has pulled in adventure addicts for decades. But be that as it may, past the thrilling excitement, a different life awaits. The Central Otago wine region encircling Queenstown is legendary, especially for pinot noirs. Also, eateries are coming back to their ranch to-table roots, the city is a great place to chill and meet new people. So whatever your reasons for travelling to this beautiful city are, in whatever season, be assured that Queenstown won’t fail you.

11 Coffs Harbour, Australia - No Shortage Of Things To Do In This Coastal Paradise

Somewhere on the east coast of Australia’s never-ending shoreline, lies the beautiful city of Coffs Harbour. It is surrounded by high mountains on one side and fabulous, nearly deserted beaches on the other. Being one of the most beloved holiday destinations in Australia, Coffs Harbour is filled with stories of enchanted backpackers as well as families coming back here time and time again, generation after generation.

This beach city is best known for its plethora of exciting water activities, adventure sports, finger-licking good food and of course, palatial resorts!

Go kayaking on the beautiful Boambee Creek which offers serene crystal clear water, lovely beaches, and a breathtaking backdrop of lush green trees. Visit The Big Banana amusement park for an ice skating escapade. Explore the Dorrigo National Park, located only 65 km away from the Coffs - a must-see activity for everyone who’s visiting Coffs Harbour. Spend a day at the vibrant Bellingen Markets, one of the biggest and most entertaining markets you’ll find in Australia that are filled with live music and performances from local artists. Take a Segway tour around the streets of Coffs Harbour. Enjoy horse riding with an expert guide around Coffs Harbour’s enigmatic forests. There’s no shortage of things to do in this coastal paradise. Whether you’re looking for warm sub-tropical waters to rejuvenate yourself or clean mountain air to enliven your love for life, or simply seeking an adventurous, fun-filled holiday - Coffs Harbour is the place for you!

10 Crete, Greece - A True Mediterranean Wonder

The very mention of the word Crete brings out images of ancient ruins and bygone eras. So for all the history lovers out there, there’s simply no better place to dig your passion for archaeology than Crete. There are so many places to visit in this beautiful country that are more of a sizzling mixture of serene islands, pristine beaches, quaint villages and majestic mountains, that you’ll be spoilt for choices. But Crete, most of all, is a true Mediterranean wonder that will leave you awestruck with its ancient ruins, as it will with its never-ending beaches.

This coastal city has been a melting pot of civilizations over centuries, and you’ll never tire of exploring its stunning contrasts. Startlingly, Greece’s economic crisis has had no major influence on its tourism, which continues to boom year after year. With nearly 1000 miles of coastline, Greece offers you some of the best beaches in the world. From Arvanitia to Lalaria Beach to Paradise Beach to the beaches of Santorini – there’s simply no shortage of exotic, beautiful beaches one can find here. But Crete, Greece's largest island, offers you the best of everything, quite literally! Stretches of white sand, ruins and lapping blue water – your island fantasy doesn’t get any better than this!

Try the delicious feta, mizithra, kefalotyri and graviera varieties of cheese in their homeland and get a taste of authentic Greek extra-virgin olive oil. Crete’s wines are amongst the best in the country, boasting of a 4000-year-old history! Water activities like sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing are popular tourist desires while holidaying on the beaches of Crete. Furthermore, you can try out all these water sports on a tight budget as well!

9 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Get Lost In The Impressive Skyline

Known for its colourful cultures and traditions, Kuala Lumpur has a character of its own which is starkly seen as you unfold its beauty and charm. From historical edifices to state of the art malls and entertainment centres, Kuala Lumpur will not cease to amaze you every time you visit it.

Explore the Royal Palace of Malaysia’s capital city. Also known as Istana Negara, the grand National Palace serves as the official residence of the supreme King of Malaysia. Make sure you visit Independent Square. Also called Merdeka Square, it is undoubtedly Kuala Lumpur’s best known landmark. And while you're there, take a look at the 15m-high National Monument of Kuala Lumpur. This bronze statue is dedicated to the people who died during the First and Second World War. The National Mosque of Malaysia, located on 13 acres of beautiful gardens, has a capacity to hold up to 15,000 people, and is breathtaking in its splendour. You must visit a local product outlet where you can indulge in some authentic Malay shopping and cuisine. Kuala Lumpur Towers, which at 451 meters of height, are easily Malaysia’s most recognizable and popular landmarks that dominate the city’s skyline.

8 Mexico City, Mexico - So Much To See And Do

Located in the central region of Mexico, the capital Mexico City is the largest metropolitan area in the country.

The city is a tourist magnet with the endless options to see and do and is also home to a lot of museums and archaeological sites that you will be keen to explore as soon as you enter it.

Take a look at the famous Plaza de la Constitucion or Zocalo, which is not only one of the largest, but also the main and most renowned public square of Mexico City. Discover the Metropolitan Cathedral, an elegant and grand monument with its magnificent 16th century altars, statuettes and decorative chapels. You must also spend a day of your precious holiday at Six Flags Mexico - considered to be the largest amusement park in Latin America.

The markets of Mexico City are very famous and popular throughout North America, making them a popular shopping holiday. A number of markets selling Mexican artesaníans are located across the city. Mercado la Ciudadela is a one such market with a vast range of artesanía from all over the country and one can haggle for the best deals over here. Mercado de Curiosidades Mexicanos San Juan, better known as San Juan Market of Mexican Curiosities is yet another handicraft market where one can buy decent items. If you don’t mind paying a little more for high-quality products then you can buy some of Mexico’s finest handicrafts from the Saturday Bazaar, known locally as Bazar Sábado, located in San Angel. Also visit the charming neighbourhood of Coyoacan, its cobbled streets, unique museums, and fascinating mansions have made it the place where legends like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived.

It is best to travel here between the months of March and May even though it is high tourist season. Mexico City has a subtropical highland climate and hence, the winters are really chilly and summers are rainy.

7 Nice, France - A Little Glamour?

The city of Nice is located on the French Riviera along the shores of the Mediterranean, in the heart of the region.

This glamorous city is filled with turquoise beaches, classy boutiques, stunning galleries and museums (and wonderful weather all year round) - Nice is a city that truly has it all!

While this French city can be visited all year long, the summer months from June to August are the most crowded ones as tourists from all over the world come to pay a visit to the breathtaking lanes and valleys of Nice. Parties run late into night and the Jazz Festival is held during this time. Autumn and winter months are comparatively milder with less sightseers and a pleasant climate. However, the spring months of March, April and May are by far the perfect time for a Nice holiday, with flowers in bloom, temperate weather and fewer tourists. Get a glimpse of Nice’s modern architecture as you stay in one of the luxurious hotels.

Visit its port and revel in the sight of its luxurious yachts and colourful fishing boats. Climb the famous Colline du Chateau (or the Castle Hill) and be remunerated with a lovely view of the beachside and the sea. You could also spend your holiday visiting Cathedrale Saint Nicolas or the Cours Saleya Flower Market, which is famous all over Europe for its pure diversity of well-known, as well as unique flowers that are displayed and sold. What’s more, Nice is an ideal go-to place for shopaholics and what better way to holiday than to be a guest of the city that boasts of high street designer brands, typically French open air markets, as well as enormous supermarkets where you can buy anything and everything under the sun! And if you’re looking for a good night out, visit L’Effervescence, the rustic Les Distilleries Idéales, or the High Club/ Studio 47 located on Promenade des Anglais; you’re surely in for a happening and unforgettable night (or maybe a forgettable one, depending on how much you drink).

6 Shanghai, China - The Most Developed And Vibrant City On The Chinese Mainland

Welcome to the future. The face of modern China, Shanghai is the most developed and vibrant city on the Chinese mainland. Its dazzling skyscrapers, fascinating nightlife and enormous shopping malls makes it one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in China. It is best to explore this Chinese city during spring and autumn months, when the weather is relatively mild. Shanghai has a humid, subtropical weather and the summers here can get quite hot.

You’ll never fall short of things to do on your solo journey in the ‘Paris of the East’. Stop for a drink at the Captain’s Bar which is decked up on the modest Captain’s Hostel. The bar gives you a remarkable view of the Pudong skyline from its rooftop, and is one of the most famous nightspots for party animals. Another epic place is Yuan, a popular retro styled, experimental cocktail bar that is famous for two major reasons that redefine the Shanghai pub scene: its total Chinese authenticity and not following the Western styles.

5 Bruges, Belgium - Perfect Mix Of Medieval Europe Along With A Modern-Day Cosmopolitan

Situated in Flanders in the northern part of Belgium, lies the charming city of Bruges. This fairytale town gives you a perfect mix of medieval Europe along with a modern-day cosmopolitan. Discover its petite cobbled lanes and flowing canals, monumental churches and quaint whitewashed houses. Filled with tourists almost throughout the year, this picturesque city is a must-visit in Belgium.

Talking about must-visits, you must go to the Groeninge Museum, also known as the City Museum of Fine Arts, on your holiday to this beautiful city. The museum houses a collection of artworks spanning almost seven centuries, mostly by artists who lived in the city. The Basilica of the Holy Blood, a stunning Gothic church, is another go-to attraction on your Bruges trip. This church holds a relic which has a vial filled with what is said to be the blood of Jesus. Brewery de Halve Maan houses a beer museum next door. Take a tour of the beer making factory, and don’t forget to try out the Brugse Zot or Straffe Hendrik. Take a tour to the famous Café Rose Red. The Trappist beer served at this café is a huge favourite among the locals and the tourists alike. The interiors have been kept simple while you also have the chance to sit on the terrace. A cheery café full of atmosphere, it is a great place to stop by for a pint of beer.

4 Florence, Italy - A Holiday Spot Ideal For Shopaholics

On the banks of River Arno and in the midst of Tuscan hills lies the beautiful city of Florence. This capital of Italy’s Tuscany region is famed the world over for its Renaissance styled architecture, mesmerizing romanticism and finger-licking Italian delicacies. Did you know that Florence was found by Roman emperor Julius Caesar or that Opera was created here?

Being the birthplace of world-renowned fashion houses like Gucci and Cavalli, a Florence holiday is ideal for shopaholics. From small craft shops to stylish and expensive boutiques, and from food markets to antique shops, there is nothing you will not find on this exciting holiday.

This Tuscan capital is a small metropolis which has most of its tourist sites within easy walking distance from each other. Some of its streets are too narrow for buses to get through and only residents with permits are allowed to drive inside of Florence. Hence, buses and cars are not very popular means of getting around. You could walk around the city and see its many highlights, which is a very easy option. Or you could buy a Firenze Card which is a 3 day pass for Florence and allows free visits to about 30 museums and all the public transport systems.

3 Berlin, Germany - Raising Its Standards On Fashion, Arts, Design And Music

Located on the banks of the river Spree, this exquisite capital of Germany holds a population of around 4.5 million people and is on an uphill ride to raise its standards on fashion, arts, design and music. Berlin usually enjoys a moderately temperate climate. While spring and summer are the best seasons to holiday in the city, even autumn is cool with dipping temperatures and rusty autumn colours.

The city is filled with so many incredible places, it would take more than a lifetime to completely explore it. You could visit the East Side Gallery, perhaps the longest open air gallery in the world, where many artists have left their mark, or spend your holiday to go museum hopping in Berlin’s popular Museum Island which houses the best of the museums that it has to offer, from a total of more than 200. The tallest structure in Germany, is TV Tower Fernsehturm, which is also in Berlin. Visit this striking building for a breathtaking view of the capital city.

2 Bali, Indonesia - You'll Forget You're Travelling Solo

Often deemed one of the ultimate places to travel alone for females, Bali boasts of an incredible backpacking culture as well.

This legendary jewel is the head of Indonesian tourism, with its tranquil beaches, beautiful temples, and surprisingly low-priced accommodations. Before long, you’ll be so busy relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand, and discovering the magic that only Bali can wove around its inhabitants, that you’ll forget you’re travelling solo.

Bali is one of the 17,500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, and is famously called the Island of the Gods. It forms an important part of the Coral Triangle, which has the most astounding variety of marine species on the planet, making the coral reefs that encompass the island a splendid sight. And for those singletons looking for a spa holiday, this topical heaven has as much luxury as it has culture.

Apart from surfing, temples, and castles, Bali is also famous for its dynamic volcanoes and wildernesses. It has white sand-dotted shorelines in the south, striking dark sand in the north and west, and vast rice paddies somewhere in between. Though it’s a very sought-after holiday destination by travellers all over the world, Bali is especially popular among Americans and Australians, and as a result, is familiar to the requirements of international tourists.

1 Prague, Czech Republic- A Perfect Getaway For Newly Singles

When you hear about European cities, big names like London, Paris and Amsterdam steal the show. But Prague, the little European jewel has its own hidden treasures and quirks. Boasting of some of the best and cheapest beer in Europe, Prague has a very comfortable drinking culture, making it a perfect getaway for newly singles like yourself! Situated by the Vlatava River, the Czech Republic capital will surprise even frequent travellers with its Gothic elegance and Renaissance design, its numerous world-class galleries and ornate style chapels and extensions. Also, compared to other mainstream European cities, this magical city is relatively low-priced, and easy to get by. You can easily travel around in the local trams and metros, but they stop running by midnight.

As for the things to do, the list is endless. First and foremost, you must explore Prague’s Old Town Square. This 12th century architectural delight is without a doubt the most significant square of historical Prague, and has been witness to many important events. Apart from the Old Town Hall and the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the square is also commanded by the Baroque Church of St Nicholas, the Gothic House of the Stone Bell and the Rococo Kinský Palace.

So here it is, 20 cities around the world that’ll make you fall in love with them as well as your newly single status. So, get out there and explore!.