A Disney vacation can be stressful if you make the classic mistakes that a lot of first-timers tend to make. Luckily, most of those errors are totally avoidable! Keep reading to find out what you should never do before and during a trip to Walt Disney World Resort

Visiting At The Wrong Time

Not Planning Out Your Day In Advance

Only Allowing Yourself A Short Time To See The Whole Park

Believing The Waiting Times At Attractions

When you line up at the attractions in the theme parks, you’ll notice that there are always waiting times posted. Popular rides sometimes have signs that tell you that you’ll be waiting for an hour and a half, while less popular attractions can have waiting times of three minutes.


As a rule of thumb, take these waiting times with a grain of salt. Disney would much rather its guests be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed, so the company is inclined to post longer waiting times. This generally makes the same amount of actual waiting time seem more bearable to guests.

Waiting times that are posted near closing time are usually extra inflated. This is done to try and deter guests from lining up so close to the end of the night because that will delay the closure of the attraction.

Not Properly Researching Your Accommodation

Always research your accommodation thoroughly before booking your Walt Disney World trip. If you’re staying at a non-Disney hotel, make sure you’re aware of the location and how convenient it will be for you to get to the park. While some hotels offer reasonable shuttle services, others make it difficult to travel to and from the resort.If you’re staying at Disney resort, get up to date on things like discounts, amenities, and proximity to the areas of the park where you’re going to be spending most of your time. There’s a lot of research to be done, but it will be worth it when you make the best choices for your trip.NEXT: 10 Things About Disney World People Keep Ignoring