New Zealand is a country located in the Pacific Ocean that is made up of two different islands. It's known for its volcanoes, beautiful weather, and the fact that New Line Cinema filmed The Lord of the Rings here. New Zealand is a really popular tourist destination with a lot to do, but planning a trip here can get overwhelming because of all the fun and unique options that visitors have.

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If New Zealand has been on your travel bucket list for a while, you're not alone. Visitors come from all over the world to experience this unique island, and there are a ton of fun things to experience once you're there. To see 10 of the best things to do in New Zealand, keep reading!

10 Hobbiton

If you're a fan of fantasy books and movies, you're probably already aware that New Zealand is the country is where The Lord of the Rings was filmed. The movies really transport viewers into a magical place that feels like a whole different world, so fans of the movies are probably eager to visit The Shire in real life.

Luckily, you can! Hobbiton is the movie set that was used for the films and is now a popular tourist destination in New Zealand. There are tours and fun special events that are hosted here regularly and, if you're a serious fan, you can even have your wedding here.

9 Te Anau Glow Worm Caves Tour

New Zealand is a country that's known for its beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and lush greenery. Along with those natural wonders, there are also some other really unique places for people that love nature to visit. One of them is the Tea Anau Glow Worm Caves.

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This cave is only a little over 10,000 years old and is actually still being eroded and formed by the water flowing in and through it, but that doesn't stop it from being a really popular and beautiful tourist attraction. Once you get into the cave, you can go into a grotto that is really dark but illuminated with countless bright glow worms.

8 The Old Ghost Road

If you're someone that really likes to get out and experience nature, you might be into riding your bike along challenging trails. There are beautiful and fun bike trails all over the world, but since New Zealand is known for their mountains, it's no surprise that so many people go here to ride the trails.

The Old Ghost Road is a bike trail located on the west coast of New Zealand. It's a challenging trail that should only be ridden by advanced cyclists, but it's definitely worth it if you're looking for a rewarding challenge.

7 Rotorua Canopy Tours

What's the best way to experience the most beautiful parts of New Zealand? How about from high above the ground, right in line with some of the tallest trees in the forests? This attraction is educational and fun, perfect for New Zealand visitors of all ages.

Rotorua Canopy Tours was established in 2012 and is a three-hour tour that takes visitors along high, swinging bridges and ziplines through a beautiful forest. In 2018, they added a second tour that's about 30 minutes longer and includes a cliff walk and slightly different path.

6 Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is a natural volcanic site that draws in visitors from all over that want to see one of the most magical, natural attractions in New Zealand. It's located in Rotorua and is home of the Lady Knox Geyser, a geyser that erupts every single day at 10:15 AM for visitors to watch.

There are a lot of different things to see here and visitors are free to wander around the area at their own pace to make sure that they see everything. From the Champagne Pool to the Bubbling Mud, there's a lot to see at this volcanic site.

5 SkyTower

SkyTower, located in Auckland, is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. If you're someone that's afraid of heights, this is definitely not an attraction that you want to buy a ticket for when you get to New Zealand.

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However, if you're feeling courageous, you can take a step out onto the viewing deck and stand over 300 meters above the city of Auckland. If simply walking so high above the city isn't enough to get your heart pumping, you can also buy a ticket to bungee jump off the edge.

4 Museum Of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

There are incredible museums all over the world, and if you're traveling as a family or want to experience something more on the educational side, visiting these museums can be a lot of fun. If you're in New Zealand, the best museum to visit is the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

This museum has just about everything on display that you could hope to learn about and see while in New Zealand. Whether you want to see dinosaur bones or pieces of fine art, this museum has it. And whether you want to learn about Polynesian cultures or the history of New Zealand, this museum is the place to go.

3 Tamaki Māori Village

One of the best parts of traveling is being able to experience another culture. From their food to their traditions, experiencing the unique culture of the people native to the place that you're visiting can be one of the best parts of traveling to a new place. If you're going to New Zealand, the best way to experience the culture of the Māori people is by visiting Tamako Māori Village.

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The experience takes place in the village, known as Tawa-ngāhere-pā, and is just over 3 hours long. Māori traditions and stories are experienced in a hands-on way before a traditional hangi meal is prepared and served for visitors to enjoy.

2 Auckland Zoo

If you're an animal lover, you likely look for zoos everywhere that you travel. Seeing animals up close and personal in their natural habitats can be a lot of fun. Zoos offer a safe and educational way for people to see wild animals that they'd likely never see outside of TV and the Internet.

The Auckland Zoo is a zoo that has a huge variety of different animals and has a lot of entertaining events that keep it interesting for visitors of all ages. There are even keeper talks at various times every day where zookeepers working at the Auckland Zoo tell visitors about the animals that call it home.

1 Whale Watch In Kaikoura

For people that love animals and the ocean, whale watching is a seasonal hobby that draws tourists to different locations around the world. Kaikōura is one place in the world that draws in a ton of people that want to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Whale Watch is a Māori-owned company located in Kaikōura that takes visitors on tours to see whales swimming around in the ocean. This company is special because of their dedication to being sustainable and caring for the environment and the animals that they're taking people to see, so visitors don't have to feel guilty about taking this tour.

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