A family of twelve British tourists has sown chaos across New Zealand while visiting the country on holiday. The family has made the rounds on social media after a video surfaced in which a resident of Auckland confronted the family for leaving trash on the beach, including beer bottles and baby wipes.

In the clip, Krista Curnow says she was threatened by several adults and a young boy, who shouted, “I’ll knock your brains out!” Soon after the video was posted, other New Zealanders related their own encounters with the unruly family, which has apparently been vacationing down under for over a month. Aside from littering, the family has been accused of putting ants and strands of hair in their food to get out of paying bills at restaurants, leaving a soiled onesie on a plane, and walking through a Burger King drive-thru.


The tourists, who are reportedly from Liverpool, claimed their grandfather was “the 10th richest man in England,” though they failed to mention what the man’s name was. Despite their supposed privileged upbringing, they continued to be called out for their abusive behavior, which allegedly included stealing a Christmas tree from an Auckland gas station. CCTV cameras also showed two women in the group hiding items in their clothing before leaving the shop.

On Tuesday, the family was served a deportation notice by immigration. The government reserves the right to expel people who misbehave while visiting the country. After being asked to leave, the apparent head of the family, who goes by the name John Johnson told the Herald. “We’re here to see the Hobbits,” he said. “I’ve been looking at the Hobbits my whole life since I’m born, that was originally what our plans was, but it’s all been f–ked up now. I’m no one famous. I’m just a fat kid from England on holiday.”

New Zealand authorities have begun deportation proceedings, revoked the family’s temporary visas and given them 28 days to leave the country or appeal the decision. The family stated that they planned to leave the country as soon as possible.

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Video footage of the family’s misadventures continues to surface. One member, Tina Maria Cash, 26, was arrested on shoplifting charges after stealing a pair of sunglasses, two cans of Red Bull, and rope from a gas station. Cash showed up in court yesterday, pled guilty and was convicted. She was ordered to pay $55.20.