Beginning in late August, and running for 2 weeks, the New York State Fair is a place where everyone, no matter what age, can have a ball! ‘The Fair’ is an annual event based in Syracuse, in the State’s North, and attracts thousands of visitors not only from around New York, but from across the country. There are many vendors who set up shop here for the duration of the fair, which offers a very diverse range of activities for visitors.

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From live music to sweet treats and different competitions, there is a plethora of activities to keep you occupied for a fun day out…you might even want to come back for more!

10 Agricultural and Carriage Museums

Established in 1928, theDaniel Parrish Witter Agricultural Museum displays allow visitors to experience the true New York country lifestyle from back in the 18th century. The museum itself features a fully furnished log style cabin which is common throughout the area, as well as offering demonstrations to guests, showing how their ancestors would have lived their day to day lives. Furthermore, it features 50 horse carriages and a demonstration by a local blacksmith. It is interesting to note that the museum has just celebrated 90 years at the fair!

9 Livestock Competitions

Perhaps the largest industry in New York State is livestock. It is evident by the wealth of knowledge the farmers bring to the fair, and have done since the event was established in 1841. Each year, the livestock competition attracts more than 40,000 entries, however the committee must narrow this number down to only 10,000, so you know you will be on the receiving end of a quality animal.

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Livestock include cows, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits and llamas, and are brought to the fair by their wonderful families, whom you can talk with and ask any questions you may have!

8 Arts and Crafts

For those who prefer to tap in to their creative genius, the arts and crafts stalls are aplenty. From painting and sketching to photography, you can check out the award-winning artists who are in display, and if you’re lucky, you can even try your luck at matching the quality of the artwork! You can find the arts and crafts stalls in the Wegmans Art & Home Center, where you will also find culinary demonstrations and some further entertainment options if museums and livestock aren’t your cup of tea.

7 Butter Statues?

Arts and crafts, you say? This is taking crafts to a whole new level! It is not just butter that is sculpted at the New York State Fair, local cheese and other dairy products are formed in to masterpieces which are on display on ‘Dairy Day’, 29th of August. It truly is a unique display, as there are only a few events in the world that offer this type of sculptures, and to do it with local produce makes it that much more special and worthwhile upon viewing. They also cater for the visually impaired by having a clay sculpture at the Dairy Princess Booth.

6 Culinary competitions

If you enjoy cooking for your family, or simply love to bake, then the cooking competition is for you. Actually, not just if you love to cook…if you love to eat cakes and tasty sweet treats, then come check out some of the best cakes, jams, pies and breads throughout the whole state!

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If you are not much of a sweet tooth, some may say an abstract and unorthodox foodie, then not to worry, they have you covered too, with chicken wings, spam and fried food options available too.

5 Maritime History

Being one of the few states in America with a proper coastline, New York State has one of the longest standing maritime history’s in the country. At this display, you can learn about New York’s 80+ lighthouses, life as a lighthouse keeper, women in maritime and the overall evolution of maritime history to how we see it today. If you are more of a hands-on person, then check out the boat building demonstration, or go scuba-diving (not literally) to learn about what occurred under the water.

4 Horse show

Who doesn’t love watching a horse prance around a field full of pride and beauty. At the New York State International Horse Show, thousands of contestants participate for the ultimate prize.

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The show comprises of many breeds of horse, and highlights the history of the magnificent beast within the State of New York. Based in the Toyota Coliseum, the horse show is the perfect spot to sit and rest your legs, perhaps enjoy as cake from the culinary stands, and experience magic right in front of your eyes.

3 New York State Police

No matter where you are from in the world, you have probably heard of the NYPD, or the New York Police Department, one of the most famous forces, let alone brands, in the world. This exhibit is among the most popular throughout the fair and offers a range of activities and displays to inform the public of all the dangers to look out for in everyday life, not to mention the memorial set up for officers and troops who have lost their lives protecting the public. If you like what you see in the demonstrations, there is also a booth which allows you to sign up to the force academy!

2 Pan-African Village

Learning about another culture is possibly the best thing anyone can do, and to revisit the history in your own backyard is even more important. The Pan-African Village allows visitors to delve in to the African-American history, and immerse yourself in to African culture. Sit and enjoy tradition African cuisine whilst vibrant African music is playing in the background, and learning about African-American culture in the process, it is easy to pass many hours and get simply taken away in the activities of the Village.

1 Talent show

If you simply want to sit and enjoy the day without walking too far, look no further. You will be blown away with the talent on show, with people coming from all over New York and surrounding states to showcase their unique skills. Ranging from all categories; children, teenagers and adults, there is something that will keep you entertained all day long. The talent show runs over the Labor Day Weekend so buckle up and prepare for a fun and exciting ride!

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