It turns out something is rotten in the core of The Big Apple after all if a survey by Business Insider is any indication. The findings revealed just before Christmas that New York is the rudest city in the U.S. by a whopping margin.

Los Angeles placed second

Nearly 35 percent of roughly 2,000 respondents cited New York as tops in the jerk department, followed by Los Angeles with nearly 20 percent. Washington, DC., took third place with Chicago and Boston close behind. Rounding out the top 10 were Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, Philadelphia and San Francisco.


In a city where hustle is the name of the game and the action, particularly on Wall Street, is fast-paced, it probably isn't surprising, since impatience is one attribute that signifies the demeanor of a New Yorker, according to several survey participants.

They talk loud and fast

New York's reputation as a place of opportunity also comes into play, given that nine million other people are chasing similar dreams and don't take kindly to those holding up the line on escalators, in traffic or carry bulky backpacks in crowded subways. Visitors to the city shouldn't expect a welcome wagon on the city's outskirts anytime soon.

That impatience also showed up in verbal communication noted some respondents, complaining the New Yorkers talk very loudly and quickly, and expect other conversationalists to do the same thing. Other than that, respondent comments were not compulsory when participants' made their choice of cities. Comments aside, Business Insider doesn't have any solid reasons for why New York is on to of the surly heap.

Media Stereotype

Some deduce it might have a lot to do with the stereotype of hard-boiled New Yorkers often seen in movies and on TV or the rivalry between sports teams. Sports rivalries might also add to the friction between citizens, given that both New York and Los Angeles who occupy the top two spots in the rudeness survey are also the only U.S. city to have two franchises in baseball, basketball, football and hockey leagues across the U.S.

Fortunately, it's a city that's been proven to set aside its overall mean characteristics to help out fellow citizens, which was evident during 9/11.