Being one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world, it is no wonder New York welcomes thousands of celebrities from around the world each year. Whether it is for a movie launch, awards night or simply to live it up in The Big Apple, celebrities are everywhere. To find them, however, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but if you stake-out these 10 hotel hotspots around the city you will more than likely spot one, or two if you’re lucky.

These hotels are not just your typical 4 or 5 star hotels, no, no…they all have a uniqueness about them which makes them quite expensive and 'out there', hence attracting celebs from all corners of the globe! So, grab a famous New York bagel and coffee, and prepare for some celebrity spotting.

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10 Gramercy Park Hotel

This hip and happening boutique hotel in Gramercy and Murray Hill may only be 4 ½ stars, but it’s the Rose Bar that attracts the rich and famous. The Rose Bar is supposedly the hub of the bar scene in New York, which as you can imagine, is no easy feat.

Gordon Thomas, or as some of you may know him, Sting, was sighted here recently, along with Janet Jackson, Kid Rock and Chace Crawford. Those who are familiar with the works of world-renowned architect, Ian Shrager, would expect nothing less from his quirky design ideas.

9 Soho Grand Hotel

Attracting the likes of none other than Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan and Sarah Jessica Parker and perhaps the wisest of them all, George Clooney, is the SoHo Grand Hotel in SoHo, New York.

Your best chance to spot a celeb around here is from a Thursday to Saturday night when the DJ plays his absolute bangers and the stars come out to mingle. A warehouse style setting plays home to a very entertaining party atmosphere, where you might even be able to drop a quick hello to one of the stars.

8 The Mercer

Comprising of 75 traditional New York style loft rooms, The Mercer Hotel is a hub for the stars. The combination of a swish finish and unparalleled service provides guests with an unforgettable experience, and the chance of spotting a celebrity will just enhance the moment.

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Some of the world’s top stars have been spotted here, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Reece Witherspoon and Calvin Klein, to name a few. How can we forget that moment in 2005 when Mr. Russel Crowe threw…allegedly…a telephone at an innocent receptionist?

7 Smyth Hotel

One of the more recent hotels for the stars, the Smyth Hotel, was opened in 2009 but has become very popular amongst our heroes. Located around the corner from high-end restaurants and shopping outlets, all you’ll have to do is get yourself a coffee, sit down and people watch and there is bound to be one celebrity walking past.

Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted in the hotel bar after his infamous break-up with a certain Miss Witherspoon, and Jessica Alba decided to call the Smyth Hotel home while she was in NYC for the TriBeCa Film Festival.

6 JW Marriott – Essex House

The name really speaks for itself. JW Marriott is a hotel predominately catering to high-end guests and older travelers, but what you may not know is that Angelina Jolie, apparently, owns a penthouse in the hotel!

The South Gate Bar has also attracted NBA star Reggie Jackson and Mike Shanahan, the coach of the NFL team, Denver Broncos. To be honest, though, hang out around any JW Marriott and you will come across some very high net-worth individuals.

5 St. Regis New York

Just like the JW Marriot, St. Regis is a global brand where you will come across some wealthy people. Opened by Mogul John Jacob Astor IV in 1904, the St. Regis has become a hub for celebrities who come into town, whether it be a few days or weeks.

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Celebrity spottings include Salvador Dali and Marlene Dietrich, as well as Beatles and rock legend John Lennon. It was reported that some stars called the St. Regis New York home for months at a time!

4 Four Seasons New York

All you need to know about the Four Seasons New York is that it comprises of a penthouse which includes four balconies, a library (because who reads while holidaying in NYC), and a private Rolls-Royce at your disposal.

All of this comes in at mean $50,000 USD per night and is located between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue. If you stroll the streets of Billionaire’s Row, you are almost guaranteed to spot a celebrity.

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The Carlyle

Also known as the New York White House, The Carlyle has been the home of many Presidents, among other celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney and lady Gaga, for over 70 years.

The hotel is infamous for being the apparent setting for President JFK’s affair with Monroe, as he owned an apartment within the building. Royalty has also called The Carlyle home, with Prince William and Kate Middleton residing here on their visits to New York. So, if the star-studded line-up and free Wi-Fi don’t interest you, then, well, I’m not sure what will.

3 The NoMad Hotel

This humble, boutique hotel was not on the radar of many celebrity spotters until none other than Beyoncé decided the hotel’s perfect mix of lustrous and olden day charm was the perfect setting for her birthday party.

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It is not always the flashy, expensive hotels that attract the stars, sometimes it is the, albeit forgotten, quirky hotels grab their attention. New York City is fast filling up with hotels such as the NoMad, and before we know it, will be hosting stars left, right and center.

2 The Plaza

Arguably the world’s most famous hotel, The Plaza Hotel has seen many celebrities in it’s over 100-year history, not to mention the setting for several films, such as Home Alone and The Great Gatsby.

The hotel also played host to the Beatles for their first ever tour to the United States and has recently undergone a $400 million USD renovation, making it more accommodating to those stars who enjoy a party or two. With rooms starting at $740 USD per night, there is bound to be a star or wealthy businessman around somewhere.

1 Mandarin Oriental New York

Liam Neeson, Dennis Hopper and Jerry Hall. Ring any bells? These are just some of the celebs that have booked a room in the Mandarin Oriental for their visit to The Big Apple.

No matter if you prefer to take in Central Park or the unique skyline of Manhattan, all rooms have a breathtaking and panoramic view. It has been reported than almost every A and B-class celebrity has checked-in here at some point in their careers, so it probably isn’t the worst place to hang out if you are wanting to spot one!

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