Carnivores, rejoice! Vegan food may be increasingly popular, but that doesn't mean that the classic steakhouse is going to go anywhere. While anyone can make steak at home, there's just no comparing it to the experience of a truly gourmet steakhouse, where the meat melts in your mouth and the napkins are freshly pressed.

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Steakhouses aren't, admittedly, that wallet-friendly (especially in big cities like New York), but that's not why anyone goes there. These are the places where the credit card is king, where everything is the highest quality and you can truly feel like royalty. Of course, there will always be debate about which is the absolute best when it comes to steak, but these ten are definitely up there for anyone who loves their meat.

10 Keens

This famous steakhouse has been around for over a hundred years, and no list of the best in New York would be complete without it. This is the place to go if you want a serious side of history with your steak - Teddy Roosevelt used to eat here, and the walls are hung with antique pipes... many of which have their own stories. This is also historic ambiance at its best - wood paneling, working fireplaces, and white tablecloths. And of course, the steak itself is phenomenal.

9 Porter House Bar And Grill

Looking for something a little more modern, but that still doesn't skimp on the class? Head to Porter House Bar and Grill on the Upper West Side. Run by Chef Michael Lomonaco (who has been at several of NYC's best-known restaurants), this is a steakhouse that isn't only about the steak. Yes, the beef porterhouse is amazing, with the meat dry-aged for 28 days. However, there is also an impressive seafood menu, and 'porterhouse' options that are lamb, veal, or even monkfish! Decadent sides and modern decor make this a truly interesting take on the classic steakhouse.

8 Peter Luger's

Located in Brooklyn, Peter Luger's is the kind of place that meat eaters might put on their bucket list. This is old-fashioned, truly phenomenal, old New York style steak with a German spin.

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It's not casual, but it's not wildly pretentious, either, with options like pot roast and burgers appearing on the menu - but don't let that fool you. The quality of the meat is incredible, with in-house aging and a legacy of excellent food. Be warned, though - Peter Luger's takes their old-school seriously, and that means that they are cash-only.

7 Reserve Cut

Reserve Cut combines two of the most decadent dinner options - with a sushi menu as well as their kosher steaks. This surprising and very modern fine-dining option is perfect for those looking for a wider variety of options than just the usual steakhouse fare. Enjoy a range of seafood as well as sushi rolls, or dig in to one of their truly phenomenal steaks.

6 Old Homestead Steakhouse

Looking for a little laid-back history? head to Old Homestead, which began life as a chophouse for dockworkers (all the way back in 1868). Located in the meatpacking district, Old Homestead is all about the classics - from starters like oysters and onion soup, to those glorious steaks themselves. Don't expect other main dishes on the menu, although there's an impressive collection of sides (some of which cater to the more modern foodie, like the lobster mac and cheese).

5 Sparks Steakhouse

First open in the 1960s, Sparks Steakhouse is known as a restaurant that used to be a mob hangout (although you're unlikely to run into any trouble there in this decade!). Possibly the best story from that era for mob-fans? That Paul Castellano was whacked just outside, on his way in back in 1985... shame that they couldn't have let him have one last really great steak, and done it on the way out! Now, Sparks is always packed, but don't let that put you off. The food is definitely worth the wait (if not quite worth killing over).

4 Gallagher's Steakhouse

Around since the '20s, this theater district steakhouse is one of the few that also encourages window-shopping! Outside, a huge glass window allows passers-by to gaze at their meat locker, over racks and racks of beautiful dry-aged beef.

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It's definitely something of a boys club, from the clientele to the decor (and impressively large wooden bar), but that shouldn't put anyone off, as the steak is truly worth eating, and not just looking at.

3 Frankie & Johnnies

Some more old-school New York here, with a chophouse that first became part of the theater district in the 1920s. Originally a speakeasy, now you may be able to order your drinks with impunity, but it's still got some of that roaring 20s flair! This is the perfect choice before a show, with a menu that may feature some excellent steak, but also has options for everyone - even those that aren't a fan of melt in your mouth meat.

2 4 Charles Prime Rib

4 Charles describes itself as a 'den' on their website, and it's easy to see why. Low lighting, leather benches, and lots and lots of wood make this space a cosy and intimate steakhouse that could be from almost any point in history. The prime rib itself is a star of the menu, salt crusted and 12 hours slow roasted, it's cooked to perfection. It may not have a huge menu, but there are a range of options - and the cocktail menu more than makes up for it in size.

1 Nusr-Et

Wrapping up the list is one of the newer steakhouses in NYC - but one that is definitely worth a visit... although potentially not for the food Nusr-Et became a massively controversial restaurant in the city when it opened... run by none other than Salt Bae, the internet sensation. It seems that a viral video of putting salt on meat was enough to create this steakhouse, and while reviews have certainly been mixed, how could any internet and steak lover not at least give it a try? This place is all about performance, and should anyone want to catch the live Salt Bae show or some tableside meat sushi, it's the place to go.

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