Everyone loves to treat themselves to a truly decadent meal at a five star restaurant, but sometimes, it's nice to grab something a little more cheap and cheerful - and that's where food trucks come in! These restaurants on wheels are the perfect way to enjoy a quick bite to eat without breaking the bank - and these days, food truck treats can be just as delicious as anything you would find at a sit down place.

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From funky names and wild concepts to some of the best straightforward eats, these are the best food trucks to try in New York... that you've probably never heard of.

10 Cinnamon Snail

This cute and quirky food truck specializes in the best vegan, kosher deliciousness for any time of day. They have a breakfast menu including two kinds of pancakes and a breakfast burrito (without the eggs, of course!), as well as comforting burgers and delicious sandwiches featuring tofu, tempeh, and seitan. Wash it down with ginger ale, root beer, or organic fair trade coffee if you need a bit of a caffeine fix, and feel good about helping the planet while you are at it.

9 Gorilla Cheese

Gorilla Cheese is all about that great American snack - the grilled cheese sandwich! Get ready for gooey gourmet sammies, with options from the classic cheese and bread combo to more complicated offerings like the triple cream brie with prosciutto and strawberry preserves. You can even create your own from their range of cheeses and extras. Continuing that comforting after-school vibe are sides like tater tots and (of course) tomato soup for dipping... and even a s'mores melt on graham cracker bread.

8 Glazed And Confused

Looking for a food truck to get a sweet treat, rather than a whole meal? Go in search of Glazed and Confused, a bright blue truck that serves up only the most delicious mini donuts. With no artificial ingredients or trans fats, these are also donuts that you can eat with a clear conscience, and they are absolutely delicious. Over ten flavors include classics like cream and chocolate, but you could try something a little more adventurous... like the aptly named 'hangover' donut, with maple syrup and bacon pieces.

7 Nathan's Mobile Food Truck

Get a taste of the classic Coney Island hot dog without trekking all the way to Coney Island, by finding out where Nathan's Mobile Food Truck is parked. Hot dogs are an NYC staple, but these are the best of the best, and the food truck offers up burgers, wings, and fries as well.

6 Tacos El Bronco

Unlike most of the other entries on this list, Tacos El Bronco isn't about the wacky branding, and you won't find them with a fancy social media presence. What you will find is some of the best, cheapest, and most authentic tacos of any food truck in the city.

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Expect to see a line up at this simple white truck, but it's worth the wait. Mexican and Tex-Mex make an appearance here, and they definitely will nor hurt your wallet.

5 Cheong Fun Cart

Cheong Fun Cart is run by a husband and wife team who immigrated from China, and focus on serving traditional Chinese breakfast foods - and if you haven't tried chinese food for breakfast, you are missing out! Don't expect a huge menu or fancy branding on this one either, but Cheong Fun Cart doesn't need it, when everyone knows that they are serving up some of the best street food in Brooklyn.

4 Hard Times Sundaes

Don't let the name fool you, because this is not an ice cream truck... instead, Hard Times Sundaes is all about classic American snack food - burgers, hot dogs, and fries. If Nathan's just seems a little too cliche for you, head here instead, and try a burger that tastes exactly like a burger should. Nothing fancy, just burgers, double burgers, and triple burgers (if you are really, really hungry!) that come with caramelized onions and thick bacon.

3 Korilla BBQ

This one might not be so much of a secret... after all, it was featured on The Great Food Truck Race and Sesame Street! However, that doesn't mean that Korilla BBQ isn't absolutely worth the visit! Look out for their eye-catching tiger-striped truck, where you'll find Korean BBQ with a twist to make it significantly easier to eat on the street.

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Try burritos, rice bowls, and salad bowl versions of your favorites - and even a Keto Bowl offering. Mix and match proteins, sauces, and veggies to make the perfect meal (including vegan and gluten free options to cater to every diet).

2 Carpe Donut

Whether you think that the name of this food truck is hilarious... or maybe a little cheesy, there's no doubt that they make a mean dessert. They also focus on local and organic food, so it's perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth who really cares about where their food comes from. All the base ingredients are organic, and the donuts are fried in soybean oil. And if you truly fall in love with these, and just can't bear to be without them when you are back home? Good news! Carpe Donut even allows you to order some of their classic donuts online - so you can carpe the donut every diem.

1 Anton’s Dumplings

There's just something so classically simple about a food truck named after a person - and not a pun. Anton's Dumplings may sound like it would feature Asian cuisine, but these are actually something a little bit different - traditional Russian dumplings! In 2016, owner Anton even paid homage to his home with a challenge to customers - if anyone was brave enough to eat them shirtless (in the icy winter), their dumplings would be free! Ground beef, chicken, and potatoes fill these savory snacks, and they aren't just delicious but affordable (even if you choose to eat them with all your clothes on). For only a few dollars, you can get a plateful of delicious dumplings to warm you in the cold new york winter... or just enjoy the rest of the year, because these will always taste delicious.

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