10 Of The Best High-End Jazz Clubs In New York

The city of New York is no unfamiliar native to the spirit of Jazz music. For one,  this bustling metropolis has strongly contributed to the genre's affluence across the globe. Additionally, many Jazz greats from Duke Ellington to Charlie Parker refined the city's musical reputation by making New York their home.

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The latter has allowed for Jazz-focused music venues to flourish exponentially throughout the city over the years. And today, numerous jazz venues have profited from offering a sophisticated experience to an exclusive clientele. As a commemoration to refined lovers of Jazz and live-music venues, looking to experience the city's finest, we offer you this list of New York City's top 10 high-end jazz clubs.

10 Village Vanguard

Also located on the west side of Manhattan in Greenwich Village, the animated Jazz bar Village Vanguard finds itself settled on the prominence of New York's 7th avenue. With a notable early historical begging, this live-music venue was once a highly-coveted hot spot to Jazz music legends like Horace Silver, Miles Davis and Carmen McRae. Hence, you should not let the club's small basement-size fool you.

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Today the Village Vanguard grants its visitors with front row seats to a show by the 16-piece Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and they have been doing so since 1966. Interestingly, a no-cell phone policy applies as the venue is very serious about its visitors enjoying the music with no distractions whatsoever.

9 Showman's Jazz Club

This budget-friendly Jazz club grants visitors a cozy experience of the New York jazz scene. Out of all the other options available on this list, the Showmans Jazz Club might be the easiest on your wallet.

However, lower-cost does not mean a lesser show. Located steps away from the iconic Apollo Theatre, both Jazz music and tap-dancing shows can be enjoyed at Showman's.

8 Smoke Jazz & Supper Club

The Smoke Jazz & Supper Club may revive your experience of live Jazz music by switching out of the late-night formula and instead implementing a Sunday morning schedule. To top things off, brunch is also served hence it can make up for having to wake up early on an otherwise lazy Sunday.

Located on the Upper West Side right on Broadway Street, enjoy the honey-dew vocals of Harlem jazz singer Annette St. John over some delicious eggs and bacon.

7 The Iridium

Get a chance to experience exceptional performances and Jazz music every day of the week at the Iridium. Located in the heart of Times Square, this Midtown West venue has both heart and soul. The exclusive live-music space has been attracting lovers of live-music for over 20 years.

Aside from jazz, rock and blues are also played as per requests in this club. The intimate venue once hosted to great talents like Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones and Buddy Guy. You may also enjoy the venue's large food selections including sharing plates and tasty appetizers.

6 Winnie's Jazz Bar

As written on the venue's website, Winnie's Jazz Bar is ''the heartbeat and soul of New York City's Garment District.'' Cozily located in the lobby of the Refinery Hotel, Winnie's Jazz Bar grants its exclusive clientele with spectacular live jazz performances throughout the week. Guests may also benefit from a well-curated drinks menu which includes tasty cocktails.

5 The Django

This quirky club located in the heart of New York City's Tribeca will encapsulate you in what feels like a world of its own. Both a seductive and lovely atmosphere can be found herein through the venue's brick walls and vaulted ceilings.

Inspiration from the prohibition era and Parisian architecture set the stylish tone for this place. Enjoy the best of jazz music through an expansive sound system while enjoying a handcrafted cocktail at the bar.

4 Birdland Jazz Club

Birdland is a fantastic and intimate venue hosting experimental Jazz music. It was named after jazz legend Charlie Parker, who was once named 'Bird.' In saying this, you get to experience something truly different like an infusion of Latin roots and familiar jazz tunes.

A spending minimum is imposed in this venue along with the purchase of a drink, but reviews indicate it is worth the price. Enjoy delicious food, music and the lovely experience underlying the New York jazz scene.

3 Bluenote Jazz Club

A notoriously famous venue known throughout history as the hub for amazing live-music in New York, the Blue Note offers a memorable experience of Jazz worthy of its considerably high entry price. Situated in the heart of Greenwich Village, the Blue Note Jazz club features prime entertainment every evening of the week.

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The venue's weekly Late Night Groove series attracts the finest of New York's up-and-coming jazz, R&B and soul artists so they can showcase their talents to a modest crowd. As one of many, this club maintains a presence in several other cities around the world from Tokyo, Japan to Slovakia. Its history reflects the prior presence of musical geniuses like Ray Charles, Oscar Peterson and Sarah Vaughan.

2 Jazz @ Kitano

This luxurious live-music option is available to you via the Kitano Hotel. The venue's website defines it as ''New York City's most intimate jazz lounge.'' The Kitano's schedule continuously changes to keep its guests on its toes.

Musical styles range from modern and experimental jazz settled in the backdrop of a classic and elegant ambiance. To top it off, fine cuisine is served to clients along with a series of delectable beverages featured on its drinks menu.

1 Dizzy's Club

Nestled on New York's fancy upper website, this jazz collective can be found in the same building as the Lincoln Center. Numerous rooms can be found herein including the Allen Room, Rose Theatre and most interestingly, the tiny Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola.

The views from this place appear to come straight out of a magazine as they match the Hollywoodian vision of a Downtown Manhattan jazz club. This location was and continues to be highly coveted by the rich and famous as well, hence you may want to book ahead of time.

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