Trying to narrow down ten restaurants that can’t be missed in New York City is like trying to pick a favorite child. The incredible variety of cuisines leaves visitors with the good problem of figuring out which spot to stop for lunch. World-class chefs and award-winning restaurants line the street offering just about every type of meal that can satisfy even the most unique cravings. Take a look at the 10 restaurants you must visit in New York and get ready to dig in.

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10 Katz’s Delicatessen

It’s no surprise Katz’s Deli makes the list of restaurants in New York you won’t want to miss. Originally founded in 1888 by two brothers and called Iceland Brothers, it didn’t become Katz’s until Willy Katz joined the brothers in 1903. A central part of the Lower East Side Community, Katz’s was a gathering place and neighbors would show up for Friday franks and beans. Home of that famous scene in When Harry Met Sally (you know the one!), this family-run business continues to be a destination for anyone who loves an amazing sandwich. When you visit be sure to get the pastrami sandwich.

9 Los Tacos No. 1

If you are looking for some authentic Mexican food and arguably the best tacos in New York City, then your next stop needs to be Los Tacos No. 1.

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This restaurant was started up by 3 friends who bring their family recipes to the table and use fresh ingredients. Los Tacos No. 1 is set up as a stand at the back of Chelsea Market. Belly up to the counter and be sure to order some tacos at this unassuming but awesome stop. You won’t regret it.

8 Le Bernadin

From taco stands to 4 stars, James Beard award-winning restaurants, New York has something to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Le Bernadin is a seafood restaurant that has remained at the top of its game for over 30 years. Chef Eric Ripert, famous beyond his culinary creations for frequent guest spots on shows like Top Chef and No Reservations, is the head chef of this elegant restaurant. With stylish and sophisticated fare, any foodies will can’t miss this stop in New York. The fluke is highly recommended although you won’t go wrong with any choice on Le Bernadin’s menu.

7 Porter House Bar & Grill

There’s no shortage of steakhouses in New York, but Porter House Bar & Grill tops the list of one of the best places to get a steak in NYC. Porter House Bar & Grill was opened in 2006 by Chef Michael Lomonaco. Located by Columbus Circle diners get a fantastic view serving as the backdrop of the beautiful dining room while they have a world-class meal. The menu is large enough to satisfy almost all appetites, but go with the restaurant's namesake and order a porterhouse for an incredible meal.

6 Mario’s

A trip to New York City wouldn’t be complete without eating some mouthwatering, down-home Italian. Mario’s is the real deal, opened by Mario’s parents after they left Naples and came to the U.S. Run today by the 5th generation of the family there remains a dedication to consistency and quality of the food that keeps people coming back time after time. Enjoy one of their Neapolitan-style pizzas or try the chicken parmigiana. You won’t walk away hungry.

5 Di Fara Pizza

Some people might say that every slice of New York Pizza is the best piece of pizza ever. But if we have to narrow it down to one slice that you need to grab while touring New York City, it’s Di Fara Pizza. Head to Brooklyn to check out this family-run pizzeria.

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Domenico De Marco (Dom) is still in the kitchen at 82-years-old, 53 years after opening Di Fara Pizza. Be prepared to wait in line at Di Fara Pizza but the wait is worth it. Order your favorite toppings or simply get a plain regular pie. Either way, you’ll be eating a slice of some of the best pizza in New York.

4 Hao Noodle and Tea by Madam Zhu’s Kitchen

If the name isn’t enticement enough to check out this restaurant New York City, then the authentic Chinese cuisine should be. Hao means great in Chinese and that is what owner Madam Zhu strives for. Hao Noodle presents the best selection of noodles to represent Chinese cuisine while taking into account trends in culinary New York that leaves traditionalists and adventurous diners alike. Be sure to order the dandan noodles.

3 The Halal Guys

The story of The Halal Guys restaurant’s growth is the stuff of American dreams. Starting out with a hot dog cart, the three partners quickly realized there was a demand for halal food. Over time the partners moved from carts to a chain of restaurants. There are several options that you can dine at when in New York City, but the original is close to Times Square. A favorite of many New Yorkers is the chicken over rice. Don’t be shy with the sauce. It’s the best part!

2 Shake Shack

To some, the Shake Shack might not rate high enough to make the list of ten restaurants to eat at in New York. But this chain is another of those rags to riches stories that are too great to pass up. Shake Shack also began as a hot dog cart and became an instant fixture in the neighborhood. With fresh meat used to make their burgers, served on a potato roll these burgers quickly became a local favorite. Stop by a Shake Shack while you’re out and about in NYC and grab yourself a Double Shack Burger with fries.

1 Delmonico’s

This final entry on our list is Delmonico's. It was actually the first fine dining restaurant opened in the U.S. Originally opened in 1837 as a shop that sold pastries, wines, chocolates, and even cigars. The store’s success eventually led to the creation of the restaurant where the Delmonico Steak would eventually be crafted. When Charles Ranhofer was the Chef de Cuisine (back in 1862) he created such notable dishes as Eggs Benedict, Baked Alaska, and Lobster Newburg. Delmonico’s is steeped in history and is a stop you shouldn’t miss on your next trip to New York. Don’t pass up the signature steak and have some Baked Alaska for dessert.

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