Phoenx has invented a suitcase made from nothing but recycled plastic, and that's not the only thing which is pretty darn good about this stylish new luggage.

There are numerous ways in which the human race has done and continues to do damage to the planet. However, many of us are now acknowledging that fact and are actively trying to reverse the effects, or at least slow them down. Eating less meat, driving fewer cars, and recycling our plastic are just a few of the ways in which we are trying to instigate change.


Another big contributor to climate change and general planet damage is air travel. However, other than give up taking planes, which isn't an option for some people, most of us will have to rely on big-budget airlines to help save the planet. There is one small change frequent fliers will soon be able to make though, and it involves their luggage.

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A London-based company called Phoenx has created a suitcase created from nothing but recycled plastic, reports Metro. Its outer shell is made from 100% recycled plastic, while its interior is crafted from reused fishing lines and old carpets. Items that would have otherwise been heading for a landfill site. Pretty innovative, huh? A great use of plastic that would otherwise be left to rot over hundreds of years.

As you can see from the photo above, should you opt for one of Phoenx's new cases, you won't be traipsing around the airport with some sort of patchwork luggage. It is actually pretty stylish, and its pros don't begin and end with its sustainability. Since it is made up of different components, when it starts to look worse for wear, the case can be returned to Phoenx and spruced up. All they need to do is remove the worn out parts and replace them with new ones.

And that is still not all. The Phoenx suitcase comes with a bunch of extra components. A super-thin backpack you can use as a carry-on, dividers so that your clothes don't move around during the journey, and a vacuum-sealed laundry bag. There is one little bit of bad news. The case is not currently available, not yet anyway. It is gaining momentum on Kickstarter so hopefully, we won't have long to wait until we can buy them.

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