There are currently 19 Six Flags Parks in the United States, Canada, and Mexico with two more opening soon in China and Saudi Arabia. It would be difficult to list every new rule or restriction for each park as certain areas will have different cultural norms that lend to restrictions.  In most cases, the rules for any large amusement park fall into the realm of "common sense" with a sensitivity for the modern changes in technology, social awareness, and sometimes faddish behavior. Here are a few that may seem common, but Six Flags has made sure to emphasize for this year.

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10 10. Portable Chairs

With the influx of chair designs for the camper and sports spectator, there is always a tendency to make a chair that is smaller and more portable than anything else on the market.  In addition, there are constantly new materials surfacing that make "smaller" even easier to design. Even with this common thread, lawn chairs are still prohibited in the Six Flags Park.  The main reason for this is that when you place a chair on the ground and sit on it you block the fluid movement of people through the park.

9 9. Selfie-Sticks

Believe it or not, the idea of a Selfie-Stick was used as early as 1925 when a man used a pole to extend his camera.  Of course, there were no mega roller coasters or thousands of park goers getting in his way.  In 2014, the selfie-stick was proclaimed by Bloomberg News as the "best holiday gift of the year."  However, most theme parks have found the selfie-stick to be dangerous and unsafe.  Before they were banned, many roller coaster riders would pull them out for pictures creating a very dangerous situation for everyone.

8 8. Spray Paint & Magic Markers

From the beginning of time, travelers have desired to be remembered for their visits to foreign or unique places.  This motivation has not changed and a visit to an exciting theme park is a trip worth remembering, and a site that might require a message to those that follow.  That is why spray paint and magic markers are banned from all Six Flag parks. Park officials have the right to search all your bags and confiscate these items, so please don't plan on leaving your initials on the seat of the roller coaster.

7 7. Glass Bottles

The idea of not bringing glass containers of any kind into a park filled with highly active adults and children is not new.  However, with a recent trend to use recyclable containers for many types of beverages, there might be an honest decision to carry a glass bottle into the park.

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The danger here is evident as the presence of extreme motion rides with a high altitude experience may be fatal if someone below was hit by a falling glass bottle.  It is prudent to use good judgment and paper cups or reusable plastic bottles.

6 6. Spiked Clothing & Wallet Chains

Spiked clothing can be traced way back to the days when knights in armor created clothing with metal that would protect them in battle and also put fear into their enemies.  Today people wear this clothing to create a statement or place themselves outside of the norm.  In any case, the spiked clothing style is still popular, and it appears in all segments of society. This type of clothing is not safe for theme parks and especially for those on the gyrating rides.  The spikes can easily impact another person and cause physical damage.

5 5. Drones Or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Whether it's the best selling Yuneec Breeze or the Ryze Tello Quadcopter, these will be confiscated at the entrance gates to a Six Flags park.  Just think of a confined space where there are 19 roller coasters and thousands of people.  There is no doubt that the pictures taken with the camera on the drone could be amazing, but the distractions associated with flying even one of these are numerous.  The officials have no choice but to keep them out so that their patrons can enjoy looking up at the roller coasters.

4 4. Fireworks

Fireworks contain smoke and dust and may also contain residues of heavy metals, sulfur-coal compounds, and other toxic chemicals.  Fireworks are explosives, and can be dangerous to those using them, and also to the areas where they land.  Believe it or not, theme parks are some of the most frequent users of fireworks for special events, but all the fireworks material is supervised by professionals.  The old prank of a throwing a "cherry bomb" in the toilet for a little excitement will not be tolerated at Six Flags.

3 3. Strollers

Six Flags offers strollers for rent in all of its parks.  However, other large theme parks have a 31 inch limit on strollers just having downsized from 36 inches.  Also, some parks will allow you to rent double strollers, but it is wise to check ahead at the particular park that you plan to visit.

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It is the philosophy of all Six Flags parks that they want you to enjoy the park as a family experience.  However, when visiting any theme park, be prepared for long lines and the negative effects of hot days.

2 2. Cameras With Multiple Lenses

When checking into a Six Flags park there is a special entrance for those people who do not have a bag or any other kind of carry-on with them.  The message here is that the park management wants to keep extra bags to a minimum.  If you bring in a camera with multiple lenses you will run the risk of losing one or having them stolen.  In addition, the changing of lenses could be a safety hazard if there was a sudden jolt on the ride.  Your smartphone camera is the best bet here.

1 1. Cooler, Food, and Beverages

This rule is probably not new to most people, as the park doesn't want people bringing their own food (or alcohol!) but the visitor should also be aware that the Six Flags Park is open to serving people with special dietary needs.  Upon entering the park, be sure to have sufficient information for the park officials concerning your particular situation so that they can work with you to accommodate both you and your family. The park officials will do everything they can to make it a great experience.

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