Perhaps once an ominous reminder of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Bayou Phoenix has recently been awarded the rights to build upon what was New Orleans’ Six flags. It is to once again be a representation of something positive and fun.

On October 11th of 2021, Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans announced that the city was finally going to be able to move forward from what has been an unintentional monument to Katrina. This move is sure to gift a bit of hope to a city that is finally able to move forward from its past as well as the nation’s recent struggles with covid.


Nothing says covid is ending like plans to open a water and amusement park. New Orleans Six Flags will soon no longer be the sight of Hollywood movies and the occasional wandering alligator. It is about this time the site is able to bring fun and joy to its community and visitors alike.


What We Know Of The Fate Of New Orleans’ Six Flags Park

While the fate of New Orleans' Six Flags park is still unknown, we have been able to update this story with additional info regarding its unusual - and tragic - timeline in the Big Easy. The park itself continues to sit abandoned, symbolizing the struggle that one community faced following several major natural disasters.

History Of The New Orleans Six Flags Park

In 2000, the site was originally opened under the name, Jazzland. The 140-acre park was originally a monument and celebration of New Orleans’ history and culture. In 2002, It was purchased by Six Flags. In an effort to turn it into a Six Flags theme park, DC and Looney Toon characters as well as a few more rides were added.

Hurricane Katrina struck the city and the park in 2005. It was left under 7-feet of saltwater for weeks causing irreparable damage to many of the rides. Six Flags soon declared it a total loss and in 2009 the site was taken back over by the city.

History of Ownership

  • Alfa SmartParks - (2000-2002) Jazzland
  • Six Flags - (2002-2009) New Orleans’ Six Flags
  • City of New Orleans - (2009-2021)
  • Bayou Phoenix - (2021 - Present) Name TBD

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Uses Over the Years

Since the abandonment of the park, it has been the filming site for a few Hollywood movies. Films like Jurassic World, Deepwater Horizon, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Killer Joe, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Stolen, and more were all filmed here. The environment of New Orleans had quickly turned the park into the perfect location to shoot post-apocalyptic, abandoned theme park, scenes.

Movies Filmed at New Orleans’s Six Flags

  • Killer Joe - 2011
  • Stolen - 2012
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - 2013
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - 2014
  • Jurassic World - 2015
  • Deepwater Horizon - 2016
  • Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger - 2018
  • Reminiscence - 2021

On top of its use as a movie set, it has also become the home to much of the local wildlife. Boars, alligators, water moccasins, and fire ants are just some of the animals that have moved in. Yes, the park has dealt with some vandalism, but most of the concern about trespassing comes from the risks of encountering dangerous animals those trespassing will likely run into.

Additionally, a documentary by Bright Side Films called Closed For Storm was created about the park and its untold story. The documentary dives into the history of the park and its intentions, along with its eventual downfall and all of the plans that its future once held.

Future Plans For Six Flags New Orleans

With the rights to park in new hands, the park's future looks bright again. Bayou Phoenix has plans to renovate the site, turning it into both a water park and an amusement park. A bit unfortunate for the wildlife that had taken over the location, but good for the heart and soul of the city as they will finally be rid of the towering reminder of their past.

Plans for the park are not just limited to the water and amusement park element, as they include a STEM center. The goal of this new project is to provide a huge win for the city. It will not just be a place for fun, but one where children can enjoy a bit of learning too.

Bayou Phoenix Plans for the Site

  • Water Park
  • Amusement Park
  • STEM Center

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Moving Forward

Rebuilding and rebranding New Orleans’ Six Flags is exactly what communities like New Orleans need right now. With the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly coming to an end, projects like this are important for repairing the mental of health their communities. Yes, it will provide a fun escape from daily life, but more importantly, it will create jobs, bring in tourism, and help to stimulate the struggling local economies.

A brighter day for the site of New Orleans’ Six Flags isn’t too far ahead, and it will be able to move beyond being a reminder of the past. Hurricane Katrina and the damage caused by the Covid-19 virus will never be forgotten, but an unintentional monument to the past benefits no one. With Katrina 17 years behind us and Covid-19 on its last legs, it is time for positivity. This new park will become a positive asset able to contribute and lift the surrounding community.

It is time for Tourism, fun, and opportunity to return to New Orleans. Let the New Park, which will take over the site of what was formerly New Orleans’ Six Flags, be part of it.