Vegas is famous for luxurious hotels, and The Palms is upping the game with a new renovation that will include suites that boast bowling alleys, movie theaters, and so much more. While the majority of people who head to Vegas might be looking for great deals on a straightforward double room, there are plenty who come to the City of Sin to really live large - with expensive bottle service at clubs, big bets on the tables, and the swankiest hotels that they can find.

Of course, the Strip is happy to oblige, with dozens of massive hotel/casinos that offer huge suites fit for the richest of rock stars - and including all kinds of crazy extras. Many of these are nicer than the average big city apartment, with the added benefits of room service and housekeeping, and each casino seems determined to outdo the next in order to attract the high rollers. Now, The Palms is the latest to up the ante with a massive renovation that will add some seriously cool stuff to the hotel.


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The first phase of the renovations is about to debut, and will be the most expensive hotel renovation in Las Vegas history - with a $620 million price tag. The renovations began when the Palms was bought by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta in 2016, and as art collectors (as well as fight promoters), it shouldn't come as a surprise that a chunk of that budget was spent on modern art. Pieces in the new hotel include Damien Hirst's famous shark in the bar, which also boasts a $3 million Scotch inventory. However, it's the quirky additions to the suites that will appeal to visitors looking for something different from their Vegas experience.

 The Palms has six suites, all of which have been given new themes and amenities to appeal to guests; including a theater, a bowling alley, and a basketball court. The theater is part of the revamped Cinema Suite, which also comes with a theater-themed curated room service menu and a huge range of movie-style snacks and bar drinks. For those looking to get nostalgic, the Kingpin Suite (open in December) includes '70s themed decorative touches as well as two bowling lanes. However, the most impressive suite by far is the Hardwood Suite, which not only includes a basketball court, but a hidden whiskey bar behind the library (of course the suite has a library), pool tables, and multiple lounges.

Of course, none of these incredible suites are going to come cheap. The Hardwood is $20,000 per night, while even the cheaper options (like the Make Good Choices suite) clock in around $1,500 per night. However, for a once in a lifetime trip, that doesn't have to be beyond the budget... especially when the amenities are so much fun you barely have to leave the room!

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