Wanna sleep with a kangaroo (in a purely platonic way)? Then the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Retreat might be your next getaway down under.

How do you get people to buy-in to wildlife conservation? You get them closer to the animals. And what better way to get close to animals than to sleep right next to them?

Well, not exactly next to them. You'll be in a modern, well-appointed, and luxurious suite right next to where the animals are staying. But you're never more than a hop, skip, or jump away from wildlife at the Taronga Zoo's Wildlife Retreat.


The Taronga Zoo is a non-profit organization that does exactly what you'd expect a world-class zoo to do: help with the conservation of animals. They do that through breeding programs, rehab for sick or injured critters, and preservation advertising for the Aussie Outback.

But all that is expensive, and entry fees alone aren't going to save the Australian environment. To get a new revenue stream, Taronga Zoo has decided to build their very own on-site hotel and give patrons a behind-the-scenes look at how the zoo operates.

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“For a zoo to remain relevant, it must constantly evolve," said Taronga Zoo CEO Cameron Kerr in an interview with Vogue Australia. "Through the Wildlife Retreat, we will foster genuine connections between people and Australia’s fascinating wildlife, and inspire them to care as passionately as we do about our most precious residents. Guests will leave not only rejuvenated but also with the knowledge that their stay has made a meaningful difference to wildlife and its conservation.”

Here's the deal: Taronga Zoo has 62 rooms and suites in an open-air animal sanctuary just next to the zoo proper. For $790 night, you get free zoo access during business hours and an included private tour of the zoo after-hours.

There are also walks of the grounds at dawn, a buffet breakfast, and an onsite restaurant with a spectacular view of Sydney Harbor.

Taronga Zoo Wildlife Retreat opens October 10th, but they’re taking reservations on their website now.

(via Vogue, Lonely Planet)

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