The travel market is becoming increasingly savvy to the importance of catering specifically to women... and now, Unearth has even launched a new range of feminist travel guides. According to some, nearly two-thirds of all travelers today are women, and many of those are solo travelers. A quick glance at Instagram will back this up, with a huge number of accounts devoted to the #solofemaletraveler, where influencers post stunning photos of themselves exploring the globe alone... and old-school safety advice be damned!


Some may be inspired by travel-memoirs like the hugely popular Eat, Pray, Love and Wild, while others are simply excited to explore, and increasingly are financially free enough (and still single and child-free, too) to be able to do it. Female-focused travel products are becoming increasingly popular, including apps and travel companies that cater specifically to women, and now there is a new range of travel guides that goes a step further - with a clear feminist bent.

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The guides have been created by Unearth Magazine, and cover major cities worldwide. The guides are designed to allow travelers to explore cities with women in mind, whether that is learning about local women's history or visiting cafes and shops that are owned and operated by women. Elise Fitzsimmons, co-founder, publisher, and head of operations at Unearth Women describes the guides as a way for women to connect more meaningfully to a place:

It’s about not just acknowledging a place for what it is. Instead, these guides allow people to really take a moment and read about the historical and cultural importance of the women who are in that place along with their current needs, desires, and concerns. And through this, travelers can hopefully interact with them in a way that is more meaningful.

Unearth Magazine (a travel magazine created by and for women), has so far published twenty of these guides on their website, with promises of plenty more to come.

While the guides are perfect for those travelers who want a specifically feminist experience, that's not the only reason to grab one. These guides will also provide some more unusual recommendations, which can make for a more interesting trip - and for discovering some more unique spots to visit, especially when it comes to eating out. These aren't the kind of guides that will point you in the same direction as every other guide out there, so even if the feminist angle doesn't appeal, the idea of doing things differently might.

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