For its 50th anniversary celebrations, Walt Disney World has introduced a countless number of fantastic new rides, attractions, and nighttime spectaculars to all its parks. People will also have the chance to witness new Disney restaurants and plenty of entertainment. On top of that, WDW is having many other new items and specials never seen before, including clothes, food, and tech. The 50th celebrations started in October 2021 and will go on until Spring 2023, with many novelties expected to be revealed in the coming months. While some attractions and additions were set to be introduced earlier this year, the closure due to the pandemic resulted in these being delayed until the second half of 2022 or early 2023. Here is what to know about the latest new tech items at Walt Disney World, along with some insights about the park’s new clothes and delicacies.


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Try These Amazing New Tech Additions To Walt Disney World

Later this year, Disney will be introducing its amazing MagicBand+, which will allow visitors more interaction throughout the parks. While this new innovative technology will almost feature all of the characteristics of its predecessor, MagicBand, it will also provide haptic vibrations, color-changing lights, and gesture recognition. All of these features will be activated after entering theme parks at Disney. Guest will also be excited when they interact with the golden statues of the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection through their MagicBand+.

  • Recommended: People are advised to use their MagicBand+ to go on a scavenger hunt throughout Disney parks. They can also unlock exceptional achievements by pairing the Play Disney Parks app during the hunt. This is all part of the Disney Fab 50 Quest. Another fantastic benefit of MagicBand+ is that it allows visitors to become bounty hunters in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This is where they will be looking throughout the land for virtual bounties and testing their bounty hunting skills.
  • Information: The MagicBand+ comes with a power cord and is rechargeable. It also works with Amazon Alexa.
  • Cost: The MagicBand+ was released accidentally on 1 May 2022 and was priced at $29.99. However, Disney is yet to release its official pricing for this new tech item.

Another fascinating new tech addition for Disney’s 50th-anniversary celebrations is Hey Disney, the magical companion that will guarantee a more unforgettable stay at the park and its resorts. This unique voice assistant will help people wake up at the sound of Mickey Mouse, order more towels, find great places for lunch, listen to exciting jokes from Goofy, take them into the worlds of Disney and Star Wars, and much more. What’s unique about Hey Disney is that it diffuses its message from the park’s characters and helps make everyday stuff so special and unique.

  • Tip: Users of Hey Disney can set up an alarm with their voice assistant and wake up at a message from Mickey Mouse. They can also ask for the weather forecast, which will be funny and bright.

Guests at the parks also have the chance to ask Hey Disney for towels or pillows. This is when cast members will fulfill the request, making the stay more convenient and comfortable.

Additionally, if people have questions about the theme parks, resorts, and other places at Disney, the voice assistant will get them the answers. These include information about where to get lunch at EPCOT or when the next bus leaves for Magic Kingdom.

Hey Disney is not a simple, smart speaker. It is a smart, enchanting, and entertaining new experience on the Alexa platform.

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Here Are The Most Unique New Apparel And Yummy Food At Disney

Disney is introducing a unique apparel collection for its 50th-anniversary celebrations, including charming t-shirts, handbags, backpacks, crocs, souvenirs, and much more. People are advised to check the unique EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival collection, including the Mickey Home & Garden collection, to celebrate springtime with Mickey Mouse. The items are made from sustainable materials, such as beautiful pitchers and trays. The EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival collection also has a special favorite character, the Figment collection, with all items colored in purple. There’s also the Mickey & Minnie collection of t-shirts and other apparel, which is worth checking out.

For the 5th anniversary of The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, New Pandora introduced a new line of merchandise, including bags, t-shirts, and other apparel items. People can also choose various things that can be displayed on desks, such as candles. Special mirrors and umbrellas are also available. This is not to forget about other unique merchandise collections featuring Star Wars and other themes.

Unique food offerings are served at the Magic Kingdom during Disney’s 50th-anniversary celebrations. The yummy eats are inspired by various opening day attractions, such as the Haunted Mansion, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and more.

Some of the yummy and special treats include the Veranda Fried Rice, 50th Celebration Churro, The Sun Bonnet Trio Salad, Chilling Chamber Pops, 50th Celebration Hot Dog, and many more.

Disney World is continuing with its new stunning merchandise launching this year as part of its 50th-anniversary celebrations, and everyone must visit the parks to check out some of the most innovative new tech, amazing and unique apparel, and the tastiest new delicacies!