There's a unique French-speaking island in the Pacific, home to one of the world's largest lagoons, palm-lined beaches, the second largest barrier reef, and some fresh croissants and tasty seafood. New Caledonia should be on every tourist's bucket list, particularly those beach and nature lovers who are looking for the most peaceful and splendid escape. There are many reasons why travelers prefer New Caledonia's islands over others in the pacific. For instance, the French territory is a much more exciting destination for adventure lovers than the South Pacific's Fiji.


New Caledonia is close to Australia and boasts spectacular natural scenery and a Unesco world heritage list registered lagoon. Moreover, the mesmerizing islands offer superb hospitality and unique landscapes to all who visit them. Here's why New Caledonia is a much better alternative to Fiji.

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Here's What To Know About New Caledonia's Beaches And Lagoon

People who visit New Caledonia expect to find sands wherever they go on the islands. This feature distinguishes the region from other parts of the South Pacific. Visitors can enjoy a true feeling of solitude in the incredible remote islands of New Caledonia, where they will be lying down alone with no one around them for several kilometers from each direction. Those looking for more convenient beach destinations can head to Nouméa's famous city beaches. Thus, whether one is traveling alone, with lovers and friends, or looking for a family-friendly swimming spot, they will find what they're looking for in New Caledonia.

  • Recommended: The city of Nouméa in New Caledonia is home to the large Anse Vata Beach, a great place to relax. People can also enjoy a picnic there or visit the many shops, restaurants, and bars around.

New Caledonia is also home to stunning islands which boast picturesque scenery and paradise beaches. A visit to New Caledonia is incomplete without witnessing the unique beauty of Duck Island, Amedee Island, Maitre Island, and others.

New Caledonia's lagoon's ecological diversity and natural beauty earned some parts of this iconic attraction, the UNESCO World Heritage. For instance, this lagoon is home to various unique ecosystems and houses the most extensive coral reefs globally.

  • What to see: When visiting the famous lagoon in New Caledonia, people expect to see a variety of threatened species, such as turtles, dugongs, whales, corals, and more.
  • What to do: The lagoon of New Caledonia is worth exploring through a boat tour or snorkeling adventure. People can also enjoy a diving experience and take the time to behold the beauty surrounding the archipelago.

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What To Know About New Caledonia's Delicious Food And Special Wine

Anyone who visits the South Pacific thinks about indulging in fresh seafood and mouthwatering tropical fruit. However, New Caledonia is much more than that when it comes to its iconic and one-of-its-kind cuisine. For instance, the island has the heritage of a French colony. This is why people who visit New Caledonia enjoy the unique taste of fluffy croissants, golden baguettes, and several other European treats. With common French delicacies found on New Caledonia's local menus mixed with the South Pacific flair, the island has developed a culinary experience not found anywhere else.

  • What to eat: People who visit New Caledonia are recommended to try traditional Kanak dishes. One example of these is the delicious bougna. It is also worth trying the island's yummy cheeses and unique French wines.

New Caledonia Is Much More Than Beaches And Food, Though

While it's true that New Caledonia's beaches are so unique and mesmerizing that anyone dreams of visiting them, and while the island is home to one of the world's largest lagoons, the region also features stunning coastal areas. Visitors to New Caledonia will enjoy the sights of captivating cities, rugged bushland, scenic mountain ranges, and much more. Thus, in addition to relaxing by the most beautiful beaches, one can also get active in the untouched wilderness of New Caledonia.

What's so unique about New Caledonia is that people can experience it at any budget. Whether looking for an affordable break, a mid-range accommodation, or an indulgent escape, one can achieve any of these objectives in New Caledonia. This is because the island is home to a wide variety of accommodations, dining places, and activity options.

  • Recommended: People visiting New Caledonia in large groups or with their big families are advised to book the archipelago's serviced apartments. However, if one has a relaxed budget, they can book New Caledonia's unique over-water bungalows or luxurious resorts.
  • Time to reach: New Caledonia can be reached in less than two hours from Brisbane and under three hours from Sydney. On the other hand, people heading to Fiji spend at least one extra hour when departing from the same Australian cities.

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