India is a tourist magnet and offers a wonderful world of culture, cuisine, beautiful attractions, and stunning areas of natural beauty. But what many non-Indians around the globe don't know is this: the nation is a massive cultural conglomerate, and each region of its collective land is so unique to the next that every part is akin to an entirely new country in itself, with its own customs, languages and dialects, and overall individuality. Among these regions is India's most populous and popular: the vibrant city of Mumbai - formerly known as Bombay - located in the country's bustling financial center on India’s west coast. As India's largest metropolis, it's also one of its most recognizable with Mumbai Harbour waterfront and the imposing Gateway of India stone arch - a historic marvel built in 1924 by the British Raj.


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With a roster of fantastic modern and old-world attractions and entertaining activities that tickle the fancies of local and international tourists alike, Mumbai is set to be part of the 'it crowd' of travel destinations in 2023 thanks to the opening of several major attractions, welcoming visitors to appreciate the art, culture, and heritage of not just Mumbai but also India as a whole. Plus, given this exciting hive's three beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with its latest developments in entertainment and hospitality, Mumbai has more to offer its guests than ever before, and better yet, it's even more connected with the rest of the world than in the past. Add in that the city is also one of the most LGBTQ+-friendly places in India, and it's clear everyone is welcomed with open arms to discover Mumbai's charm, energy, and history that see this spectacular cocktail of fun, feeling, and flavor held high in the hearts of discerning jet-setters.

Discover The Newest Attraction In Mumbai

Covering 18.5 acres, the brand-new Jio World Centre is set to open in spring of 2023, and at a whopping 12 times larger than aFIFA football field and 10.3 times the size of New York's Empire State Building, it's going to be a particularly punchy patch and a popular feature in Mumbai. This gargantuan anchor of culture and commerce's inauguration next year will mark one of Mumbai's latest and exciting developments - a busy cumulate of activity in the Bandra Kurla Complex boasting an amassed array of shops, irresistible flavors at world-class restaurants, wonderful parks for all the family, a lit-up dancing musical water fountain, and an incredible cultural center, the latter being home to sensational and visually stunning music theaters, live performances, and venues for every kind of event imaginable, including state-of-the-art outdoor gardens and sprawling greens where massive live shows take place.

Big, bursting with entertainment, and impressively futuristic, the complex still maintains the beauty and significance of the Indian culture in sentimental ways that respect and reflect the country's flamboyant heritage - notably, through art, design, and architecture are seen beautifully installed throughout the entire property. Even down to the finer details, the building's interiors and exteriors capture India's personality and illustrious story; adorning each entrance are four characterful chandeliers inspired by Indian philosophy, incorporating the sacred elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Get the microscope out, and visitors to the Jio Centre can see India's defined character further embedded in its every fiber and nook and cranny; the complex's designers employed the fully bloomed lotus and other aesthetically breathtaking representations of the country's heritage to reference its heritage and history in visually gorgeous manner - from intricate jaalis that use the motifs to lotus-decorated facades and ceilings.

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The Jio Centre: An Innovation of Eco-Friendliness And Sustainability Paving The Way For Green In Mumbai

A wonder of architecture and a prodigy of entertainment in Mumbai this mighty dot on the map is set to become; however, look behind the red curtain of glitz, glamour, and fun, and visitors will see there's something else happening - something innovative that's setting an example for buildings and businesses in India's biggest city. The Jio Centre isn't just a shopping mall, a cultural spectacle of art, music, theater, cuisine, and Indian heritage; it's a functioning space of green innovation in Mumbai, where a proactive approach to reducing carbon emissions and pollution overall has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years.

Due to environmental issues and air quality questions surrounding several of India's main cities, it's no wonder the complex has been constructed with an eco-conscious foundation that has sustainability in mind. In fact, 20% of the building area has been landscaped with over 700 nature trees, 75% of its areas are lit by natural light instead of electricity, and if that wasn't quite enough 'green', get this: 98% of the Jio Centre's sewage is recycled. These environmentally friendly operations taking place in and around the property prove that more of Mumbai's forward-thinking corporations have their heads looking to the future, with this new complex of eco-minded innovation serving as a shining example of environmental consciousness and sustainability initiatives in Mumbai's architectural realm - and it does a heck of a job of it.

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Easy to say, the entirety of the Jio Centre is a wondrous representation of Indian culture and heritage thanks to its marvelous exteriors and beautifully decorated internal venues hosting everything from retail to restaurants and musical shows to theater productions. However, the building and its grounds exist as this representation in a wholly modern way unlike anywhere else the city has ever seen. With all this excellence, innovation, and entertainment under one roof - with plenty of the same sparkle and shine peppered across its sublime outdoor spaces - Jio World Centre and its superb attractions currently stand tall and proud above the rest.

The Best Attractions in Mumbai's Jio Centre

The Fountain of Joy

A fresh city landmark, this stimulating water fountain is a theatrical experience of music, colorful lights, fire, and mist all presented in a jaw-dropping symphony at the Dhirubhai Ambani square. This kaleidoscopic dancing musical fountain is a treat for the sense, featuring jets of water that soar 45 feet high into the sky while pulsating to the rhythm of its music. As a spectacular sight throughout the day and one that's even more mesmeric a night, it's set to become a key Mumbai feature - and best of all, it's open and free to the public to enjoy. Dedicated to Mumbaikars, the unforgettable, performance of bright lights, choreographed water streams, and music to one's ears was designed by WET - a company also behind the Rain Vortex in Singapore airport and the Bellagio Fountains.

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Jio World Drive

Stretching across 17.5 acres at Maker Maxity and located in the Bandra Kurla Complex, Jio World Drive is an all-new urban hangout hub that boasts an extensive retail promenade inspired by European promenades with cobbled streets and is simultaneously India's very first hospitality-geared shopping and entertainment avenue. Entailing a tempting blend of luxury retailers, flagship stores, 72 international and Indian brands - both famous and unknown - 27 global cuisine dining options, continuous open-air weekend community markets, and no lack of fantastic entertainment - such as stand-up shows - visitors can spend multiple days in this part of the complex and still not have sampled everything on offer. Additionally, this spot is home to Mumbai’s first rooftop drive-in movie theater, art installations, and even pet-friendly services, which guests can enjoy once they find time between getting lost in all the picturesque boutiques and quirky cafés encompassed by bright flowers and sprinkling fountains.

Jio World Garden

Next up, the lush green oasis of Jio World Garden is a top-of-the-line open-air turfed space also situated in the Bandra Kurla Complex. After all that shopping and entertainment buzzing through visitors' veins, they need a tranquil public space in which to unwind and gather their thoughts - and this spot's serene landscape, relaxing water fountains, soothing lotus ponds, energy-generating air trees are the perfect remedy. On the other hand, the Jio World Garden comes alive in a different light when the occasion calls, hosting community, sporting, cultural, and live music events, including concerts by world-famous artists like Ed Sheeran and Arijit Singh.

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Cultural Center

Also opening in spring 2023 will be the Jio Centre's epic of the arts and heritage; the cultural centre, an elegant, thoughtfully planned out section solely dedicated to the celebration of India's and international countries' artistic flair. Through immersive experiences, guests can relish their time here and tuck into a feast for the eyes and soul, where exhibitions displaying the extraordinary works of visionary Indian and international contemporary artists are enjoyed and special curation of Indian and international traveling shows take place. The ideal space to share such works, the center has public art concourses showcasing permanent art installations, each intended to celebrate India's heritage, which is bought to life in sentimental ways by iconic artists. It even contains the largest pichwai painting in its public art collection, further signaling the complex's commitment to reviving traditional Indian art forms while supporting the Indian artists that use these olden styles and techniques.

In terms of on-stage action, the cultural centre has also been optimally designed for chief exhibitions, traveling Broadway productions, and other major events, making this hive of art and culture undeniably one of India's best-equipped and most advanced attractions for all things performing arts. Housing majestic theaters, the first virtual acoustic-enabled auditorium, and India's biggest proscenium, visitors hoping to catch a live show in Mumbai need look no further than this grand palace of performances. The center's unbelievable theaters - The Grand Theatre, The Studio Theatre, and The Cube - were built to tell India's story through native and global music, dance, and live theater entertainment.

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Delving further into the arts, one step inside the center's theaters says it all - the commitment and almost fanaticism to the arts the designers strived to replicate in real form. In particular, it's the building's splendid Grant Theatre taking center stage with its bespoke Swarovski crystal ceiling custom-built in Austria; showing off 8,400 of these tiny drops of stardust all individually set, its lavish interiors exude an air of luxe grandeur and high class, which hopefully won't distract from the mind-boggling digital displays that take place.

What's more, there are senses for the tongue to be savored in the cultural centre, too; this spot in the massive complex provides hungry tummies with a delectable arts café, a full bar, and two high-end restaurants serving up global cuisines ranging from Pan-Asian to European delights. Given that dishes are lovingly (and beautifully) created by award-winning chefs using the freshest produce, there's as much art in the food as there is flavor - and to top it all off, sublime fountain views complement the sit-down meal experience in this exceptional part of the Jio World Centre.

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With such an incredible roster of attractions and experiences to take visitors' breaths away - ones that are as culturally enriching and educational as they are entertaining - its certain that the soon-to-be-opened Jio World Centre will be a freshly served favorite in Mumbai, and will undoubtedly become a magnet for tourism when it's unveiled in full next year. Of course, India has no shortage of amazing landmarks and must-sees, but this one is sure to rise to the top for those visiting its largest metropolis. Should magnificent Mumbai be on the bucket list after spring 2023, don't forget to check out this epicenter of shopping, culture, art, and fun, and scope out all the key aforementioned features - doing so will not be regrettable in the slightest.