The 9-to-5 of daily living can get tough, and sometimes we crave vacations to get away from it all. We dream of vacationing in Hawaii when we’re sitting in traffic, and think of a five-star meal in New York when eating leftovers after finishing a shift at work.

Life is busy, and vacations are our chance to get away from it all – though sometimes even that can stressful. You have to worry about initial prices, and where to go and what to see. We tend to book off work and look for weekday trips that would cost less and also see less tourists.


Though, weekend getaways sometimes have a way of offering their own set of deals, just as long as you’re looking in the right place.

After reading that, you probably think the “right place” is Expedia, or Flight Network. Or you might also be thinking of the Trivago Guy from all those repetitive commercials. Though the most recent and already acclaimed app is none of the above. It's a new tool called The Weekender.

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Operated by Airfarewatchdog, an app that analyzes more than 20,000 routes a day to find the best possible option for your trip, The Weekender is dedicated specifically to short weekend getaways and the occasional long weekend retreat.

Letting you plan up to a month in advance, the app gets you the top flight and hotel deals available across U.S. and Canada. It works like this: you enter your departure city and use their “anywhere” search to see what the top deals currently are. You can be spontaneous and choose the best deal wherever it is, or keep looking for the next couple of weeks for a deal on a specific destination.

The search can also be adjusted to only include flights or hotels, or to change the duration of the trip from two-day to four-day. The days of the trip usually begin with a departure on Thursday or Friday to a return flight on Sunday or Monday.

In terms of flights, the app scans short and non-stop routes that airlines might not have advertised during their flight sales.

For more information, click below to check out The Weekender’s official website.

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